Despite his control over the body, Matt's personality constantly hampers Sylar from reaching his body, including letting Sylar be arrested and "withholding" Sylar's ability to use Matt's telepathy. However, she is actually working with Noah Bennet to get Sylar to reveal the method behind transferring powers from one person to another. Enter the URL for the tweet you want to embed.

Staying over at Peter Petrelli's apartment, the brothers are surprised by Angela, who springs a Thanksgiving dinner on them. They had also been trying to keep him away from Claire so he couldn't absorb her ability to heal, thus making him indestructible. He seemingly did this to elude capture (, Sylar introduces himself to the trucker as "Drew O'Grady", apparently taking the alias from two headlines in a newspaper he had seen shortly before meeting the trucker. Though, he has been shown to wear a suit in some of the seasons.

He is convinced to join Arthur and throws Peter out a window but reduces his fall so he wouldn't die. After Mohinder arrives, Sylar poses as Zane, and convinces Mohinder to take him to help convince other people with special abilities that Mohinder's research is real. Here, Nathan and Peter discover the real Nathan's preserved body, which 'Nathan' touches and sees Sylar and Matt Parkman. Resolving to only kill those who do not deserve their powers, he visits his adoptive mother seeking reassurance. He instead inherits Glen's power of "explosive diarrhea," remarking that "every once in a while, this power backfires".

"Gray" is a unit of absorbed radiation dose.

SureshIsaac MendezNathan PetrelliSpecial Agent Andrew HansonRebel In volume four Peter Petrelli ended up saving him. Then he goes with Noah to capture another Level 5 prisoner and has a confrontation with Claire. After a brief struggle with the remnants of Nathan's consciousness, Sylar regains full control of his body. Faced with an ultimatum, Parkman attempts to commit suicide by cop. Serial homicideStealing abilities

They arrive at Mohinder's apartment and Sylar reveals his true nature. VS Battles Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community.

At the end of how to stop an exploding man does Sylar die or not...we can see a trail of blood at the end where he might have wandered off?! So far, Sylar has replicated the following powers from his victims: After being cured from the Shanti Virus, he has lost all of the abilities he acquired except for telekinesis and gained the following powers soon afterwards. Sylar realizes that Peter won't let go of his anger out of fear of losing the last remnant of Nathan, and points out to Peter that he has truly changed. At the end of volume 4 he was brainwashed by another superhuman, Matt Parkman, into believing he was Nathan Petrelli, who he had recently killed. To test this theory, Arthur places Sylar in a dark room with Elle, who is restrained to the floor and still suffers from her uncontrolled ability. Here, Sylar's killer instinct begins to take hold, but Sylar stops himself just in time for Edgar to cut the man into pieces.

Sylar tries to take the power of Claire Bennet but is prevented from doing so and is gravely injured in the attempt, allowing him to be captured and experimented on for some time by the Company. After undergoing eight surgeries, he eventually awakes and realizes that he cannot use his powers.

Chandra Suresh came to him, identified him as "Patient Zero" in his research and revealed the existence of evolved humans to him. She tells him that he can be anything, including the president, causing him to demonstrate his powers and accidentally injure her. Sylar refuses, wanting to change.

Sylar's original, inherent ability is the power to innately understand exactly how things work, an intuitive aptitude for understanding the workings of things. Sylar gets to Rebel (Micah Sanders) before Danko's agents do and prepares to kill him and take his power. I am trying.". In the second episode of the first season, "Don't Look Back", his voice is heard in a recorded phone conversation on Chandra Suresh's answering machine, spoken by voice actor Maurice LaMarche. Then after an intense encounter, Sylar kills Alejandro with a knife. After various experiments, Sylar manages to escape, but he is again repelled from an attempt to obtain Claire's power. Further examining the shapeshifting ability, Sylar realizes he is actually absorbing different DNA sequences into his body, causing him to permanently change a little each time he shifts. What is the rising action of faith love and dr lazaro? As Angela deals with her youngest son, Bennet arrives to take Sylar along to capture another Level 5 inmate. Steal Claire Bennet's healing factor ability. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply.

Five years in an alternate future, Sylar is blamed by President Nathan Petrelli for an explosion that destroyed New York.

She allows him to kill Bridget Bailey, a woman who can see the history of an object by touching it, in order to feed his hunger for power. They track the escapee, Stephen Canfield, to an empty house, unaware that Claire is already there dealing with Canfield herself. He then proceeds to torture Mary.

Nathan Petrelli

The unconscious Sylar had his mind manipulated by Matt, forcing him to believe that he was Nathan Petrelli. You're like me!" "Sylar" is a German surname that literally means "ropemaker". Despite the strength of this hunger, two episodes have shown that it can be resisted or satiated: in the alternate future of "Five Years Gone", Sylar has taken on so many abilities that he simply desires to get rid of all of his potential "competition" (other superhumans, to be exact); in the future of "I Am Become Death", he has resumed his identity as Gabriel Gray and denies his hunger for the sake of his son. Sylar is the overall main antagonist of the TV show Heroes.

The next scene shows him floating outside of Claire Bennet's dorm room window, and his tattoo is a picture of her.

A parody of Sylar appears in a sketch on the comedy program Robot Chicken. Instead, he allows the real Sylar to take Martin's ability (without removing the skullcap) in order to not only make hunting superpowered humans easier for them, but to fake Sylar's death and keep people such as Noah Bennett from trying to track Sylar down. Matt is unable to, although he does let them leave. Powers/Skills Sylar has a slim figure and the build of an average man. He then killed Trevor and took his power. As Sylar continues to shapeshift, he finds it is harder and harder to regain his form without side effects, including left over body parts like teeth. He then remembers exactly what happened at that place: His father took money from Virginia and Martin, then left to his car.

When the corpse continues to bleed out and does not heal, Danko orders his men to capture Noah, who Danko claims has gone insane. Sylar's base power, as described by Chandra Suresh, is "intuitive aptitude", the ability to innately understand and manipulate patterns within complex systems, which initially manifests as a talent for repairing timepieces. He is greatly injured and is captured by Eden McCain and the Haitian to be experimented on.