By NCAA rules colleges weren't able to contact him until September 1 of his Junior year which was only a few days ago. Hitters with high exit velocity readings have the ability to hit the ball harder, and possibly farther, than those with lower numbers. In the day and age of showcases, numbers matter. Can hit for power, when he connects, which isn’t often enough to win the position. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. It is said that. My 2021 grandson is 6'3"/195 very athletic with +Skills across the board, and while he’s only gone to a couple of Showcases he’s been told he is getting noticed. At the same time, don’t swing a bat way too light, because while swing speeds may be very fast, the essential mass will not be there to output enough force for a high exit velocity reading. You still have to play the game but it is these skills tests that tell you which level a kid is best suited for. He's got good size, speed, +Arm, and ++Power, so hopefully his dreams will turn into offers by the end of his Junior year. The popularity of internet hitting videos that are readily available has been a blessing and a curse for hitters. Compare a hitter’s body to the horsepower output in a car’s engine. If the bat is traveling at any angle besides directly towards the radar gun at contact with the ball, power is being wasted and exit velocity is not at its peak potential. There are plenty of HS players with 95 mph tee exit velos who will never play college or pro ball. It seems like they had an option of 32" or 33". Having a good vertical jump does not make someone a good football player, but it is a great measure of how much power the athlete’s body can produce. Once you reach that point and you still want a faster car then we have to build a bigger engine. It does not matter if they have a leg kick, toe tap or any other load style as long as they get their weight to their back leg.. That usually happens prior to or concurrent with pro scouts taking notice. A ball hit in another plane is wasted velocity. Does he play for a travel team that assists with recruiting?

Swinging down is the biggest detriment to exit velocity readings. The main purpose for measuring exit velocity is to determine a player’s potential for hitting with power. However, come showcase day for high school or college players, metal bats will outperform woods bats in exit velocity tests due to the increased trampoline effect and larger sweet spot. (He’s a pitcher in the Padres organization…). A hitter can have the strongest lower body in the world, but lack of core strength equals little force transfer from lower body to bat. Set the Tee for YOUR Optimal Contact Point. He swings a bat with an Axe handle. That coupled with a 400'+HR over the Center field fence Verified he was worth being put on scouts follow list.

It's just a normal Marucci wood bat. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. They did skills tests for Exit Velocity (Tee), Raw Throwing Velocity and the 60 yd Dash. Offering a scholarship and verbally committing are a component of finally getting to the National Letter of Intent, but you won’t get to sign that NLI without an offer and a verbal commitment prior to that. I can answer your question by saying my Grandson is a truly focused athlete that never gives up. The hitter’s hands must be in a strong position to do so. Ball exit velocity will be greatest when the player hits the ball straight up the middle (where the radar gun sits), but the tee can be moved around in the player’s stance to match their optimal contact point. I see how a pitcher throws. To properly load the hands, the hitter can imagine a catcher behind them and angle the knob of the bat towards the imaginary catcher’s mask. He’s working really hard and hopefully his dreams can com true. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Yeah it is like fastball velo, doesn't mean you can throw strikes if you can hit 95 but if you throw 75 it doesn't matter if you can throw strikes for higher levels. 15U, 16U, 17U, 18U TRYOUTS for Summer 2021 Select Baseball, Tryouts for 15U, 16U, 17U, 18U Summer 2021 teams. However, this has also lead to over-analyzing swings which result in robotic and unnatural movements. We are hoping that his hard work will lead to some scholarship offers. While, Some batting tees create more drag on the ball and bat than others. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Thanks for your input. Others get on plane easier with a low pitch so they lower the tee to maximize their swing path. My son hasn’t picked up a bat during summer or showcases since before  sophomore year but these were his showcase stats last time he did...he’s now a PO. As baseball continues to become more analytical and data driven, newer metrics, such as this one, are being measured and used for a variety of reasons. HELP WANTED: Players / Teams / Coaches / Tourneys, California Collegiate League vs. Northwoods, McKinney Marshals 15U, 16U, 17U, 18U tryouts November 14. Two players might have the same swing speed, but one will show a higher exit velocity if the bat is traveling on a level plane at contact. It seems if you're 6'2"/6'3" 180/200 can run <6.8, Raw Throw 92+, Exit Velocity 95+ you will get a great deal of interest. However, if they are still accelerating or even decelerating at contact, ball exit velocity will decrease. He is just starting his Junior year and hopefully he'll continue to improve, but a lot can happen in 2 years so who knows. They did skills tests for Exit Velocity (Tee), .......Are we playing tee ball in high school now???

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Radar guns give the most accurate reading if the ball is hit/thrown in the direct line of the gun. To be explosive forward, the hitter must first load their weight into a strong back leg. He has been contacted by 6 different colleges. Make sure he or she is at a safe distance and will not be hit by your bat on your follow through. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Scouts and coaches use exit velocity as a measure how much force a player can transfer from the body through the bat and into the ball. I go to a game I see a player hit the ball I see how the ball comes off the bat. I’m curious as we are looking at doing a PG showcase this year. How to Increase Exit Velocity When Hitting: 5 Quick Tips, Here are the top rated USA Baseball Bats for 2018,, NCAA College Baseball Recruiting Tips For Parents & Athletes, When my son participated in a showcase last year they had certain bats that they had to use in the cage off of a tee for the EV, but could use any wood bat in the games. Having a high exit velocity does not directly translate to being a good hitter, there are valid reasons why exit velocity is important to coaches. You want to find the perfect mix of bat weight and swing speed. If the core is weak or not in a strong position, some or all of the force from the lower body will not be transferred through the kinetic chain and into the bat. Biomechanical researchers found that a ball leaving the bat at 90 MPH traveled about 300 feet, 95 MPH 326 feet, 100 MPH 350 Feet and 105 MPH 375 feet. 3. Loose muscles are efficient muscles so having a rhythm and flow to the swing will produce a higher exit velocity than a tight and robotic swing. But what is exit velocity?

I know PG uses wood, but do they have you use a standard bat (since they collect the Diamond Kinetics metrics) off the tee? In an exit velocity test, there is no standard for where the tee must be placed or what height the tee must be set to. My 2021 grandson attended the Baseball Factory/Under Armour Southwest Championship Showcase this summer. Also, if his game is how you describe, you are going to want offers to the strongest programs possible to use as leverage for any potential signing bonus negotiations. There is often confusion as to the exact meaning of the term.

Peach, if your grandson is raking like that, as a 2021, and isn’t committed already I would say something isn’t adding up. As I mentioned previously, the exit velocity test is a measure of how much force the player can transfer from their body through the bat and into the ball. I figure if he has to use a bat with a standard handle for any testing, he should get a few swings off the tee in the yard to prep.

Finally, you'll never receive email notifications about content they create or likes they designate for your content. He has been contacted by 6 different colleges. Also do they offer muliple lengths for different sized players? Working hard to have a great Junior year Baseball season.

It didn't really change what he normally gets. The exit velocities that you are seeing when you watch a Major League game are off of a pitched ball. If he is a pro prospect, I’m a little surprised there isn’t an offer already. Recording exit velocity off of a pitched ball will add approximately 5-15 mph to the reading. Be sure to check the screen for any holes before you hit into the screen with your helper behind it! At a recent showcase, a sophomore BRX athlete stepped up to the mound and proceeded to throw 87-89 MPH, five MPH up from the last time he completed a showcase from this particular scouting service. Swing and hit the ball as hard as you can. This gets the wrists into an optimal position for force production without over-wrapping the bat behind the hitter’s head. What you will need: Pro-style batting tee; High quality baseball; Radar gun; Your bat; Friend or helper; Some variables to consider: The exit velocities that you are seeing when you watch a Major League game are off of a pitched ball. Recording exit velocity off of a pitched ball will add approximately 5-15 mph to the reading. A prime example of a guy with a motor of a Ferrari showing his rotational power hitting 101. You must be signed in to continue.

If you are hitting into a net or screen, your helper can also choose to position their self behind the screen, and facing you, so that you are hitting directly toward them.