Anonymous. Richey was her manager throughout much of the 1980s.

[20] While the kidnapping's events remained ambiguous, Wynette's children later sued Richey, along with Care Solutions of Nashville and Wynette's doctor, for their mother's wrongful death; however, they subsequently dismissed the suit against Richey, a court dismissed Care Solutions, and they reached a confidential settlement with the doctor.[21]. During the late 1960s and early 1970s, Wynette charted 20 number-one songs on the Billboard Country Chart. Daly says her mother told her she had been beaten by Richey and concocted the abduction/beating story to explain the bruises. During the early 1970s, Wynette, along with singer Loretta Lynn, ruled the country charts and was one of the most successful female vocalists of the genre. People magazine reported that she told her skeptical classmates her dream of becoming a country music singer; one later remembered, "She was lousy then. Despite her persistent illnesses, she continued to perform until shortly before her death and had other performances scheduled. The autopsy proved that traces of the drugs Versed and Phenergan were still in her body, although no exact cause of death could be determined, other than the expected finding of heart failure.

1 on the U.S. country singles charts, and No. [27] A new autopsy was conducted on her a week after three of her daughters filed a wrongful death lawsuit against her doctor and her husband/manager, George Richey, claiming they were responsible for her death 12 months earlier.

Tammy Wynette was born Virginia Wynette Pugh on her family's cotton farm in Itawamba County, Mississippi in 1942, per AllMusic.Her father died of a brain tumor when she was less than a year old and her mother moved to Birmingham, Alabama to find work, leaving Pugh in the care of her grandparents. You can put her records on and listen and learn so much." According to local reports, the Wynette clan wants to know how their superstar mom "really" died.

It stirred up controversy and was criticized initially, and it became a lightning rod for feminists. The time of death — Wynette was 55 — was never established, and no autopsy was performed.

The house formerly belonged to country music legend Hank Williams. Wynette was called the "First Lady of Country Music", and her best-known song, "Stand by Your Man", is one of the best-selling hit singles by a woman in the history of country music.

Never determined. Daly writes that after the veins in Wynette's arms collapsed, she resorted to shooting the drugs between her toes and ultimately had a permanent catheter inserted into her side, into which a needle could be inserted for shooting the drugs directly into her bloodstream. "[19] Clinton then called to apologize after she saw the large negative reaction she received, and asked Wynette to perform at a fundraiser. The body remained there for hours as friends and relatives came and went and everyone waited for her private physician to fly in on a chartered plane from Pittsburgh to determine the cause of death. Later, Wynette's daughter Jackie Daly wrote in her memoir that "Wynette had confessed to her the kidnapping was faked to cover up a beating that her fifth husband, George Richey, had inflicted," according to Rolling Stone. 48 on RIAA's 1997 list of Songs of the Century, which consisted of the 300 of their considered-to-be greatest and best-known songs of the 20th century. She developed a chronic inflammation of the bile duct and was intermittently hospitalized, from 1970 until her death on April 6, 1998.

How did Tammy Wynette die? Around the same time, Wynette developed an obstruction in her bile ducts that damaged her gallbladder and caused further abdominal pain. Wynette was reported to be kidnapped at gunpoint at a Nashville shopping mall on October 4, 1978. [2], The Russell home had no indoor toilets or running water.

A month before graduation, several months before her 18th birthday, she wed her first husband, Euple Byrd. Georgette Jones has, in recent years, become a successful country music artist who frequently pays tribute to her mother at her shows.[12].

What was the cause of death? They were married for six years, residing in south Lakeland, Florida, until their divorce, which was finalized on March 21, 1975.

All rights reserved. Star hooked on painkillers, Jackie Daly writes.