They took control of the Asian spice trade. Which of the following was included in Napoleon's Grand Empire? Which of the following contributed to the low agricultural productivity of African workers?

Which of the following led William I to call on Otto von Bismarck to lead the Prussian government? Which of the following was used for currency in West African trade centers? • How did Michel de Montaigne react to the idea of European superiority in his essay "On Cannibals"? Virginity at marriage was not important, and divorce was acceptable. By deserting their towns and relocating to northern cities. What allowed commodities such as tea, sugar, coffee, and tobacco to become dietary staples of all classes in the eighteenth century? The elites of Mali and Benin imported thousands of Slavic slave women from the Balkans and Caucasus regions. Wealthy African merchants or African states. Who financed Christopher Columbus's 1492 voyage? With what other Asian power did the Manchus negotiate treaties in 1689 and 1727 that settled borders and regulated trade? He was born on February 28th, 1533 on his family’s estate near Bordeaux, France. It resulted in a government that was shared by the monarch and Parliament. He promoted learning and improved the Prussian legal system. What important territorial gains did the British reap as a result of the Peace of Utrecht? Representation in Parliament for the new industrial areas.

Under which system did Ottoman agents take Christian youths from the provinces and have them raised for service to the empire? A theory suggesting that wages will always sink to subsistence level as a result of population growth, How did the industrial growth of France differ from that of Germany and the United States.

Christianity had become associated with rebellion. Between 1551 and 1575, the Portuguese delivered more African slaves than would ever reach British North America to what colonial territory? Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. The scientific emphasis on natural processes increasingly left little room for divine intervention or human will. Which of the following was a cause of the outbreak of revolution in France in 1789? Which of the following regions was the most important to world trade in the late Middle Ages? Where did the French philosophes and their followers gather to discuss the ideas of the Enlightenment? In the early 1500s, Muslim shipping in the Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea came under the control of what state? What did Friedrich List believe about the promotion of industry? dare to know — "Have the courage to use your own understanding". Which of the following characterizes the purpose for which the Committee of Public Safety was formed?

He issued the Edict of Nantes, which allowed Protestants some freedoms. What commodity did China most seek from Europe in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries?

How did Gottfried Leibniz seek to reconcile Enlightenment philosophy with religious faith?

Why did women in Southeast Asia enjoy higher status than their counterparts in China and Europe? Regardless of their style of government, all European powers of the seventeenth century sought to assert central control over which of the following?

The growing number of factory owners and workers that resulted from industrial development contributed to many people developing a distinct sense of what?

Tropical soils responded poorly to plowing, so labor-intensive hoeing was required for the cultivation of crops.

What challenge did James II pose to his country when he became king in 1685? What was the practice of fencing off common land to create individually owned fields called? What important political and economic goal did the Dutch achieve by the 1660s? Mercantilism is supposed to help create a middle class, something that France lacked.

Virtually all of Europe except Great Britain and Russia.

Where did most of the slaves brought into the Cape Colony on the southern tip of Africa come from? What did the Treaty of Tordesillas of 1494 accomplish? What did missionaries teach Native American peoples in addition to trying to convert them to Catholicism? They took control of a large portion of France's North American claims. "Without children you are naked" is a proverb of which West African people?

Because of the good conditions available to them there, many Jews moved to which of the following empires in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries? In the "June Days" of 1848, the French Republican army clashed with what group?

Charles commissioned Magellan to find a western route to Southeast Asian spices.

The Kongo monarchy was undermined by Portugal's constant need for slaves. Which of the following best describes the typical Senegambian community? What was the central argument of Thomas Malthus's Essay on the Principle of Population?

The Enlightenment understood racial difference as physical and innate. • What serious production imbalance inhibited the growth of the British textile industry until the 1780s? Which of the following describes the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the latter half of the nineteenth century? Why did seventeenth-century Japanese rulers expel or torture Christian missionaries? Reviving the tribute system of earlier dynasties. What colonial territory did France remain in possession of after the 1763 Treaty of Paris was signed? What was the purpose of Nurhaci's banner system. How did Louis XIV use architecture to consolidate his power?

Marriages were increasingly based upon sentiment, mutual emotional ties, and sexual attraction. What action did Russia take that aided the colonists during the American Revolution? France's industrial production developed gradually, without any detectable burst or acceleration, while Germany and the United States saw a spectacular rise in industry after 1860.

What was the primary focus of the voyages undertaken by the Ming explorer Zheng He. They disrupted communications and limited the spread of technological innovations. Women lost many of the gains they made in the 1790s and were regarded as dependents of their fathers or their husbands.

What were two particularly important carbohydrate-rich crops taken from the Americas to Europe?

The leader of the Hungarian nobility's rebellion against the Habsburgs. The forces of nationalism progressively weakened the empire. Which of the following is true of the trans-Saharan slave trade? The Mongols converted to Tibetan Buddhism. Proper social organization that forced "parasites" such as aristocrats, lawyers, and clergymen to give way to doers such as scientists, engineers, and industrialists. He believed that good and evil were relative values in a deterministic universe. There were few political opportunities for them at home. Which of the following was characteristic of realist writers? The amount of time the average worker was on the job increased substantially. What did Baruch Spinoza, a Jewish philosopher and one of the most original thinkers of the Enlightenment, believe about good and evil?