Meanwhile, Jazmine wants Ella to teach her how to bake. decides to run himself. and Janine, and Calvin and Miranda, swiftly changes locations to the hospital. Miranda turns to Ella for advice, and Calvin introduces his new girlfriend Laura to his parents. C.J.

The men offer him advice and buy him condoms. Kiki's brother Darnell tries to put his drug-dealer life behind him; he stands tall to protect his sister when her ex-flame stirs up trouble. Library.

But a big fund-raising talent show could save the firehouse and the firemen's jobs. Malik gets ready for college. C.J. reveals that he's upset about how Lisa has taken over the house. Meanwhile, Calvin gets out of jail and Miranda has the baby. Meanwhile, Miranda goes on a grooming strike. 's department enjoys the softball team until a horrible Janine wants to join. Malik goes off to college; Miranda is overwhelmed when Calvin Jr. visits. And otherwise the community of 290.000 members can assist you.

We're on the red carpet, backstage and behind the scenes talking to the biggest athletes and stars, and bringing it all to you. is offered a promotion making him Janine and Roland's boss. C.J. They meet Ella's erstwhile trainer, Francois. CJ sexes up the reunion between him and Janine. A music producer wants to sign Jazmine. Note: This episode marks the last appearance of C.J. Miranda is having second thoughts about her and Calvin's divorce.

Elsewhere, Ella inches closer to the charmer (Michael Genet) she met at the mall. Calvin runs into an ex-flame and her newborn--Calvin Jr.--just as Miranda discovers that she's pregnant. Deshawn gets a lesson in the negro baseball league. In the ending moments, the baby seems to be fine. Looking for new series? C.J. Meanwhile, Miranda's mom pays a visit. Meanwhile, CJ sets his sights on a new job that may take him and the family to Chicago. After slipshod repairs on their house leave them homeless, Curtis, Ella and Malik must relocate to Calvin and Miranda's abode. urges Calvin to have a much-needed conversation with Ella.

Malik forms a friendship with a fellow student who is HIV positive---and who is a target of classroom abuse. Malik's buddy Kevin (Kyre Batiste-Loftin) gets intimate with a promiscuous girl who happens to be the source of a syphilis outbreak. As C.J. to lose his cool, and when Curtis is left alone with a vape pen, he decides to see what all the fuss is about. C.J. Jazmine lands herself in some serious trouble for talking during class time. Curtis becomes a contestant on Paynefully Fit, while Deshawn get advice about girls. Jazmine prays to pass a test and no longer wants to apply herself.

Miranda frets over her unemployment; C.J. Ella fails a test she needed to graduate and she snaps on the family. September 2, 2020. The Paynes have dinner at the Hernandez home; at the barbershop, Dana's falsehoods catch up with her, when her parents pay her a visit. House of Payne Season 5 Episode 25: Surprise! Malik subsequently seeks counsel from CJ, leading to a misunderstanding. Calvin takes Miranda's money and goes to a strip club. During her time alone, she happens upon a woman---but there may be more to the lady than meets the eye. They go on a journey to find a hobby the two of them can share. Tyler Perry's House of Payne is a series that is currently running and has 8 seasons (269 episodes).

Tyler Perry's House of Payne is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. It stars Keshia Knight Pulliam as Miranda, Cassi Davis as Ella Payne, LaVan Davis as Curtis Payne, Allen Payne as CJ Payne, Lance Gross as Calvin Payne, Demetria McKinney as Janine Payne, and Larramie "Doc" Shaw as Malik Payne. Note: This was the final episode to feature the barbershop. takes action when technology takes over the family. Calvin and Miranda move into their new digs, but Miranda's shadowy con-artist past insists on threatening to ruin the present. C.J.

is after a new job that would take him and the family to Chicago, but Malik isn't thrilled. 24 videos Updated 2 years ago. Calvin is invited back to work, then decides he isn't ready and doesn't show. Guest star: Aloma Wright as Eunice Williams. Select the sources you want displayed in the episode guide. House Of Payne Season 9 Episode 2 - Delicious - Dailymotion Calvin's behavior at work gets him suspended. shows up with a woman. DeShawn is placed in a gifted-students program to avoid being expelled from school; Calvin and Miranda hire a contractor to repair their condo. Search. Alexandra discloses that Consuela needs her citizenship and enlists Malik for help. Curtis revisits old habits while Laura and Calvin explore their new romance. At the barbershop, Dana's falsehoods come back to haunt her. A depressed Calvin admits to Ella that he think he would have been better off dead. House of Payne Season 4 Full Episodes. The Paynes relish their annual tailgating shindig, but Miranda falls ill after hearing of Calvin and Mercedes' "date."

The Payne home foundation urgently needs repairs, but Curtis' cost-cutting approach backfires; Ella inches closer to the charmer (Michael Genet) she met at the mall. With their respective marriages on the rocks, Curtis and Calvin move in at the barbershop, creating hair-raising havoc in the process. Choose per series where you want be kept informed of. The eldest Hernandez son returns home from Iraq; Floyd's extensive casino time brings him trouble. When Kiki's ex-flame stirs up trouble, Darnell stands tall to protect his younger sister. As Claretha secretly deals with the possibilty of losing her home, the family participates in a talent show. C.J. and Calvin to help plan a surprise birthday party for Ella, and Janine discovers a vape pen and weed mints in Jazmine's pockets. Meanwhile, Floyd's beautiful daughter arrives at the barbershop, creating some hair-raising drama in the process. Miranda fumes over Calvin's escapades with Mercedes and his decision to allow his family to stay with them. give Janine a bad evaluation. Calvin and Miranda try to find a place to stay. After the death of a young firefighter, Ella decides it's time for Curtis and Ella to do a will. You're blocking our ads. After his divorce, Calvin decides to date again. Malik takes a class on evolution and doesn't know if he believes in God. CJ interviews for a fire-chief post in New Jersey.

Jazmine's insolent new boyfriend causes C.J. When Miranda and Calvin have trouble conceiving, they consult a doctor, whose orders leave Calvin overly fatigued. Ella is preparing to open a battered women's home in the church's unused classrooms, but it is shutdown. Meanwhile, Miranda pressures Calvin to be more thoughtful toward her in their married life. Actress China Anne McClain is not a cast member this season and Denise Burse leaves the show after the fourth episode "Casa De Payne". CJ and Janine deal with marriage issues after CJ kisses her friend, Monica. Malik's best friend Kevin gets intimate with a promiscuous girl who happens to be the source of a syphilis outbreak at their school. Jayden may have autism. Here you will find all the episodes of the seriesTyler Perry's House of Payne. DeShawn bullies a classmate and gets into trouble; Miranda and Janine fight over petty things. If you don't want our ads please become a Premium user. Guest stars: Anne-Marie Johnson as Liz Shelton and Dorian Harewood as Larry Shelton. Note: Malik makes his final beginning with this episode.

Calvin battles for his life at the hospital. Malik and Alexandra agree to go on a date; when their parents insist that they need supervision, Calvin and Mercedes are enlisted as their chaperones. Meanwhile, Malik's romantic interest in his neighbor advances to the next level when they go out on a date. Malik befriends an HIV-positive classmate who is a target of classroom abuse; Consuela oversees the boutique when Rosie calls in sick. Conclusion. Malik and Summer have their marriage annulled. Curtis must deal with resentment after he is called back to work. © 2020 BET Interactive, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Black Entertainment Television LLC. Calvin has nightmares about being shot and is uncomfortable at home with Miranda who is overwhelmed with caring for an ailing husband, two kids, a career and home. Malik finds out his friend is gay.

When Ella's demanding mother arrives, the elder exhibits a lapse of memory, causing Ella to worry that she has Alzheimer's disease. To be continued... Calvin mediates a meeting involving Miranda, Tracie and Mercedes; Janine and the twins prepare to relocate to Chicago, where Malik would need to repeat his freshman year. It's a culture clash and a culinary conflict when the Paynes have dinner at the Hernandez home. Peanut discloses that he's illiterate. But when their parents insist that they need supervision, Calvin and Mercedes are enlisted as their chaperons. Meanwhile, Malik is hired to run errands at the barbershop, but he settles on cutting a customer's hair. House Of Payne. Meanwhile, an increasingly agitated Diego starts all kinds of fights. This elates Curtis, but only because the younger Paynes might finally move out of the house. Curtis is overly canind with the newspapers and causes a PR scandal for C.J. Calvin asks Curtis to babysit and Curtis ends up babysitting Christian and Floyd.

(Pilot) Take It or Leave It - The Invasion Part 2, (Pilot) I Got the Hook Up - Home Alone Part 2. Ella and Curtis are worried that Calvin isn't receiving proper care and wants him to move in with them. List of Tyler Perry's House of Payne episodes,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Samantha Knowles Draws Attention to Black Hair Discrimination, Fans Will Not Be Happy About This Male R&B Singer Calling Out Beyoncé, SZA And Cardi B, Hip-Hop Reacts To The Tragic Death Of Leah LaBelle, Michelle Obama Hilariously Breaks Down Why Melania Trump's Inauguration Gift Exchange Appeared So Awkward, This 13-Year-Old Cheerleader Serving Some Serious Sassy Face Is Taking Over Twitter As Everyone's New Favorite Meme, Man Films Racist Old Navy Encounter Where Store Managers Accused Him Of Stealing The Jacket He Wore To The Store, Why Kobe Bryant’s Daughters Were Appointed New Guardians, After Joseline Hernandez Breaks Down Over Losing Custody, Stevie J Issues Petty Response, Pregnant Ciara And Her Family Crush 'Something New' Choreography In Adorable Tik Tok Video, Get Exclusive Tyler Perry Content and More With BET+, It's a Woman's World in American Gangster: Trap Queens, Saving Our Selves: A BET COVID-19 Relief Effort Special.