It was announced in October of 2020 that his debut album, Psychoactive, would be the first release in a […], Illnickell, aka Dr. Cervix, is an emcee from Albuquerque, NM. Let us know what you think of the website. 28th October 2020. Credit: Getty. REDD. From his earliest beginnings in his previous group "2 Krazy Devils" which consisted of Blaze himself…, Get Scared consists of Nick Matthews, Johnny B, and Bradley Lloyd. When you think about some of rap’s greatest storytellers, names like The Notorious B.I.G., Slick Rick and Ghostface Killah come to mind. Proof, yeah. His debut mixtape […], Dokta Butcha is a long time 3SE associate. Its origins derived from certain hardcore hip hop and gangsta rap artists, such as the Geto Boys, which began to incorporate supernatural, occult, or psychological horror themes into their lyrics. ‘Favorite Scary Movie’ hears the Memphis crew, led by DJ Paul and Juicy J, rapidly trade verses over a slab of unsettling production that samples Wes Craven’s slasher classic Scream. The most recent track on this list, ’Death 2’ opens with an excerpt from a 1987 interview with Charles Manson. Flatbush Zombies have been incorporating horror themes into their music for years, but this unnerving short is one of the most daunting. A prequel to 1997’s ‘’97 Bonnie & Clyde’, the Led Zeppelin-sampled track hears Slim Shady indulge in a fantasy where he murders his wife Kim Scott, her boyfriend and a child the pair share. *All information presented on this site has been collected from various other websites or has been provided by the artists themselves. Browse the top horrorcore rap artists to find new music. Killer lines: “You and your husband have a fight, one of you tries to grab a knife / And during the struggle he accidentally gets his Adam’s apple sliced”. Icepick Willie is an emcee from Anderson, IN. Scrobble songs to get recommendations on tracks you'll love. What followed would be a lengthy run of hellish tales blended with both metal and electro beats, immersed in controversy, including the stomach-churning ‘Nine Dead Bodies’. While the exact origins of horrorcore have never been determined, Detroit is often cited as one of its earliest homes. From Layton, UT, the band came together in winter of 2008, writing, recording,…, 1) Mr. Hyde, the New Yorker rapper, is well-known for his ultimately violent, attacking, raw lyrics and extremely energetic flow. He calls his style of rock-influenced rap "acid…, Blaze has been in the game for many years now. 6 artists that blew our minds at Noise Pop Festival 2020 Discover Albums of 2020: the latest and loved, and the ones to look out for Our Photo Recap of VOODOO Music & Arts Experience 2019

Following on the heels of gangsta rap, hip-hop sub-genre horrorcore arrived towards the end of ’80s. He is a former member of the Slaughtercore Entertainment roster and owner of Ill Format […], Dayton Family founder Bootleg not only made a name for himself in the Midwest hardcore rap underground as a member of the infamous Flint, MI, […], Will Gates is an independent recording artist from Northern Michigan with a diverse soundscape hoping to one day sign with Psychopathic Records. However, one of the most underrated teller of tales in hip-hop – likely due to his violently controversial topics – is Brooklyn rapper Necro. Killer lines: “Still suicidal I am / I’m Wolf, Tyler put this fucking knife in my hand/  I’m Wolf, Ace gon’ put that fucking hole in my head”.

The duo formed during their time with Butchered Beat Productionz, releasing various tracks […], Kryptik is a horrorcore duo consisting of emcees Komatose (from Omaha, NE) and Rukus (from Long Island, NY). Originally made as a joke to mock New York hip-hop beats, the jarring second single from Tyler’s debut album ‘Goblin’ was never intended to garner the attention it did. His rhymes are…, We live in a society where music has become a disposable commodity. Who knew listening to murderous tales and Ouija chants could be so enjoyable? Killer lines: “For those that don’t know what to do after ya foes are killed / Shit could get messy when the blood flow spills”. The motor city has bred its fair share of horror-loving MCs, but none have been as influential as Esham. With one of the most extensive catalogues in music, much of their early work was dominated by schizophrenic, lo-fi beats which saw them pioneer a syrupy new wave laced with paranoia, Satanic rituals and murderous tendencies. is a death rap project formed in August 2008 by Wojciech Kosuń.He is a former member of the hardcore band…, Boondox is a southern rap artist from Covington, Georgia. Artists are built up to sell a few records and a shit load of collector's cups.…, Insane Poetry is an American hip hop group from Los Angeles, California. Rhyme Asylum. Fat Phrank 0. Killer lines: “I crack your fucking skull and use it as a bowl for cereal / I’m so serial, Ted Bundy give me money”. Big Que. Following on the heels of gangsta rap, hip-hop sub-genre horrorcore arrived towards the end of ’80s. “They show mad love for me.

I appreciate the call, man”. Leaving no stone unturned, the devil is literally in the details for the King of Death Rap, whose step-by-step guide on how to dispose of a dead body plays out like a film written by Quentin Tarantino and Rob Zombie.

1 – 50 of 176 . Boondox is the first rapper on the infamous Psychopathic Records label not to hail from…, Esham (born Esham Attica Smith on September 20, 1973) is a hardcore rapper from Detroit, Michigan. According to the Odd Future rapper, he made the beat in just eight minutes and the lyrics, which touch upon blasphemy, suicidal tendencies and references to high school shootings, are taken from random verses he had laying around.

by Damien Quinn] 08.

Bigga & Betta Thangs Playa Posse. The track also touches on sex and the supernatural, as well as the rejecting of religion in favour of a more theatrical Satanic belief. I cry / As the blood drips inside of my eye refusing to die/ Visions of Hell tormented my faith/ So I chewed my fucking arm off and made an escape”. Geto Boys were controversial from the outset but delightfully stepped things up a level un Prowadzi…, Brotha Lynch Hung (born Kevin Mann) is an MC and producer from Sacramento, CA who began rapping at 13.

Prev; Next Post-Mortem are known for extremely violent lyrics, horror-flavoured…, Alright you dirty scum bags the most anticipated album of the year is done “AUGUST UNDERGROUND” Yeah it’s gonna be some shit now; get your…, A Jezusowi Kazali Spać (A.J.K.S.) That’s what hip-hop is, it’s a blood-sport, it’s competitive. Coming from the darkness… SixtySix Killz are bringing you the darkest, most murderous music in the underground.