© Copyright 2020 Kirkus Media LLC. I did still really enjoy the romance, even though Rafe was agitating at times.

He is such a complex, well rounded character. ‧

Yes, I give this 5 stars, but the story isn't perfect. Albie and Toby are also back in this book, which made me so happy. Does anyone know when this book will be released? There's his mother, whose quiet unhappiness Ben is noticing for the first time. You rejected us. Well, at … As it turned out, the highlight of his soccer career was at Camp Greylock in 1978, when he was chosen for the Camp's "D" team. So this book deals with a lot of topics, sexuality, family dynamic, friendships, relationships, school and the stress that comes with that, privilege, sexism and poverty. 4 stars for the narrator. Every character from Han’s adored previous novel is back, with new dimensions given to nearly every one of them.

By clicking "Notify Me" you consent to receiving electronic marketing communications from Audiobooks.co.uk. Ben Carver is back to normal. Lara Jean's romantic entanglements complicate themselves further. I wanna know if I'm wasting my time hoping for an LGBT+ couple here. Ben is the quiet, history nerd who just wants to play baseball, get good grades and make his family proud. But they aren’t perfect, both are dealing with issues they’re trying to figure out. Just $12 for 3 months or

Ben has spent the winter break at… I love the characters but I was kinda hurt as a bisexual person at the way the book treated bisexuality. And finally, I am SO tired of bisexual people in books, and ONLY bisexual people, refusing to be "labeled", in a way that ultimately means they reject actually claiming a bi identity. I felt like Ben didn’t really know what he wanted, which he admits, but because of that he makes some unwise choices. This is who I am.’ ‘Talk normal. There’s Hannah, a gorgeous girl who attracts him and distracts him. I believe most of them are better expressed within the full context of reading the book. “About my dad.

whats gonna happen with his scholarship?

Pre-publication book reviews and features keeping readers and industry HONESTLY BEN. Equal parts serious and funny as it addresses homophobia, hazing rituals, and cheating while also delighting readers with a slice-of-life tale set at a private academy." “Okay, you see, most people in the world take paths that are expected. An emotionally engaging closer that fumbles in its final moments. School is harder, the pressure higher, the scholarship almost slipping away. Title: Honestly Ben Series: Openly Straight, #2 Author: Bill Konigsberg Publication date: 2017 Date started: 22/10/2019 Date finished: 26/10/2019 First sentence: “According to the swim instructor at the Gilford gym, I had the worst buoyancy of any human he’d ever seen.” Last sentence: “I realized: I saved myself. But I am really disappointed Ben didn't end up being bisexual as I am not really the biggest fan of 'gay for you'. When college acceptance letters roll in, Peter and Lara Jean discover they’re heading in different directions.

Lara Jean prepares for college and a wedding. But things don’t stay simple for long.

Honestly Ben ~ Book Review. ( Log Out /  I loved Ben’s perspective he felt so true. He’s getting all As in his classes at the Natick School. Not just because you need to know the events and context, but because each of the novels is written in a single POV. Please pleeeease let them end up together pleeeease pleeeease . Which is awesome.

He describes the novel as "Twilight-like, only without vampires and wolves and angsty teenage girls. Not only is Ben fully fleshed with an honest, admirable set of emotions and principles, he's also 6 feet 2 inches and muscled—exactly the kind of protagonist that readers will be drooling over. Young Adult Genre- 330 pages Published in 2017 by Arthur A. Levine Books Goodreads Summary: Ben Carver is back to normal. ( Log Out /  TEEN SOCIAL THEMES, by All rights reserved.

Jenny Han His editor asked him to change the title so that it would appeal to people other than "football players who read." Also, set in an all-boys boarding school in Massachusetts. More Information |

All around I recommend this book to everyone, after of course reading the first book, Openly Straight.

| I wished, in fact, that this had been alternating POV, with Rafe a bit more onstage.

We'll send you an email as soon as it is available! It’s free and takes less than 10 seconds! Definitely one of my favorite books this year.

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Han further develops her cast, pushing them to new maturity and leaving few stones unturned. by ‧ His parents figured he'd be a great soccer player, based on his spirited kicking from inside the womb.

This was the first serious conversation I’d ever had with Toby. Expectations were high from birth - at least in terms of athletics. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. He slept on the couch for a week after making that call.He wrote a novel called Audibles at Arizona State, and sold that novel to Penguin in 2007.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I found Bens POV a lot more interesting than Rafes.

. I read the author isn't going to make a sequel to this, which is kind of disappointing seeing as we never learned what is going to happen to Ben.

He's working steadily in … summary and reviews of honestly ben by bill konigsberg. He’s getting all As in his classes at the Natick School. Loved this sequel to "Openly Straight" even more than the first book. Ben Carver is back to normal. ( Log Out /  and maybe the real normal that Ben needs. You will be able to unsubscribe at any time. They are the lasting impression of the book; most of the time. (Like his teammates, Ben is white; unlike them, he’s not “exceedingly wealthy.”) He's a huge history buff; he's kind. Jenny Han Reader Reviews. As the summary suggests, Ben meets and subsequently falls for Hannah from the neighboring school. that the reviews shown do not properly reflect the range of media opinion now available, Although I never changed my ship from #Rafe&Ben I appreciate who Hannah is and the time Mr. Konigsberg took into making her so real and likable. Ben is such an interesting character, and it was so great to get a novel from his perspective where his family relationships could be explored.

There was a start and an end. Some people fall in love. You won’t regret it. has successfully been added to your shopping cart. As much as I loved Rafe and the original drama between the two of them, the developments here were even more interesting to read as now things have been taken to a whole new level and Ben has to decide what it is he really wants. And there’s Rafe, funny, kind, dating someone else…and maybe the real normal that Ben needs. With all these characters bouncing around, Han occasionally struggles to keep a steady hand on the novel's primary thrust: Lara Jean’s emotional development. Han gets the job done in the end, but this overeventful sequel pales to the original where structure is concerned.

I found Bens POV a lot more interesting than Rafes. Rafe is so lucky to have them as friends, they’re just cool guys. Not just because you need to know the events and context, but because each of the novels is written in a single POV.

Honestly Ben Honestly Ben by Bill Konigsberg. And there’s Rafe, funny, kind, dating someone else . I'm not bisexual so I can't really speak on whether or not it's harmful, but a bisexual person did tell me that while it does make them feel weird they don't want to invalidate other people's experiences, as this is a thing that does happen. Every other character is rendered in the same thoughtful way—even the douchebags have hearts. There’s Hannah, the gorgeous girl from the neighboring school, who attracts him and distracts him. Every month our team sorts... Ben Carver is back to normal. He thinks because he's only been seriously attracted to one boy and only had fleeting thoughts about others, and is still mostly attracted to girls, that means he can't be bisexual. In the first book, Ben was an enjoyable, intellectual jock who’d you’d want to spend hours talking about WWII history with. He just got elected captain of the baseball team. ( Log Out /  And some people fall in love with books about falling in love. He’s getting all As in his classes at the Natick School. Start by marking “Honestly Ben (Openly Straight, #2)” as Want to Read: Error rating book. Search String: Summary | Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account.

Don't tell me how or anything beyond a yes or no answer. This is a really great sequel and it didn't totally disappoint. He is such a complex, well rounded character. Ben goes through some rough moments, and Rafe's reactions, while perhaps realistic-teen, are not always endearing. I just wanted to be his friend!

Ben goes through s. This is the third book in the series (if you count the free short story as second) and I strongly advise reading them in order. I absolutely fell in love with the first book, and while I enjoyed getting Bens POV in the novella, I don’t really think his perspective was suited to a full length story. Packed with literary references, pranks, heady conversations, humor, honesty, and tribulation, this is one that will be remembered. So with Ben dealing with the pain of a broken heart after Rafe, I felt even more connected to him as a character because he had grown up in such a different environment than that of Rafe and many of his classmates. There were only four levels. He’s even won a … 4 Book-to-Screen Adaptations To Watch in February. A fresh, insightful, inspiring take on what it means to come out. There's Hannah, the gorgeous girl from the neighboring school, who attracts him and distracts him.