3. you can increas max like 850 rpm.

so a 2003 HONDA Fit Aria , model LA-GD8 and Engine Size 1490 does have a cvt gearbox so how do we get the required oil in zimbabwe help us please i recently bought one from japan its on its way, Honda Centre in Harare has this gear box oil selling for $183.00 for a 4ltr bottle and they charge $30.00 for draining and replacing the gear box oil it is called cvtf gear box oil, Hello did you manage to get the CVTF OIL bought mine at TRANSERVE GRANITESIDE Harare for $45.00usd for 5 ltrs and you only use 4Ltrs for your HONDA FIT plus Extreme Oil additive for the best results, Hi george Nyangani, where do i get the additive oil. The other two mounts remain intact. hi, rayazmuthalif | could you please tell me , what is the normal oil change interval if i am in colombo and monthly i used to travel 1200-1500 colomobo and 600-800km out. Likely the CVT oil grade, use Original oil and observe if the jerking problem go away? I would assume since the vehicle is a 2005 model that this would have been imported prior to the tax changes, since the earliest you can legally import based on the 3.5 year limit is a 2007 model. Again aftermarket (VIC) sold all over Sri Lanka is not good enough, so get the original. And some crazy Honda engineer in Japan designed the wheel bearings with the race bearing integral with the hub. When dropping gear, sometimes resolution drops & sometimes roll forward, like a push. New Hyundai and Kia cars, they are very competitively priced, and the cars are now more than a match for any Japanese car, and the designs i think in some cases are better than the Honda/Toyota designs!. Would recommend. pls reply NOTICE. However in Thailand and Singapore honda sells the Jazz with a manual-auto gearbox, an electronic implementation of the manual. I took my 2003 Honda Hybrid in because the CVT transmission had the notorious shudder/judder when taking off from a stop.

Once they fixed it has it brought any issues?? ( i am not much familiar with technical things) just simply clarify me what should i do if i am gng to buy this car.. The technology implementation is very similar. Hi, I’m a Jazz user in Malaysia. The Civic hybrid is also decent but has the same issue as the insight that its slow.

I have the same problem with our 2002 Jazz. Currently due to the Toyota madness the prices of Toyota cars are ridiculously high, however the Honda’s are lower and if you are fine with the Fit/Jazz its make it an awesome buy. The GD6 by the way is the sedan version, though if you are interested in a Vitz that means you are okay with hatchbacks. Sir where can contact you..I would like to enquire about more problems and ..I think honda doesnt service surplus honda fit? However the agent’s don’t do this replacement (not sure why, as i know they do it for the Honda HRV CVT and the Honda Accord CF4 CVT over here). My Honda Civic EK3 CVT problem is wont engage any gear during cool start, If hit a gas it will be a big bang engage the gear. cheers, they simply said to replace the gear box. However for many the first solution is to check the left engine mount. what do u think… I would say you go back to the guy who did the tune up and see. How did you get it sorted? HARARE 00263774083217, well im not a mechanic bhudi bt u dont use atf pa fit strictly cvt. kindly advise, is it posible to replaced GD 1 engine with GE6…? Since we are now in a digital age, its very easy for them to take the original auction report and edit it and show you fake information. However i can’t substantiate this since i have not driven this car or owned this car. even my car used to have these jerks and vibrations then it was sorted out by my mechanic adjusting the idle speed control sensor. Btw CVT oil is selling like hot cakes! I have changed the CVT oil as recommended by Honda but the problem still persists, both on the Fit and Airwave. Hi Ed, Looks like you do around 2-2500km a month, which means in 6 months you are close 12000 km. I have had the gearbox oil replaced three times but the problem is now so bad on pull away I am having to consider replacing the gearbox. The CVT issue is real, and the use of the additive has been the only solution.

– Space both cars are similar, though the Honda Fit rear legroom should be a bit better thanks to its design

My problem is this. Even so, the car is able to move at pretty high speeds, only that it is not as powerful as expected. However before you go changing the oil, did you check the engine mounts, as the Honda Fit left side mount fails at short intervals, and also causes a judder / jerky feeling. I don’t think so, as the GE6 is a complete new car, totally different engine, several new gearbox types, suspension, chassis. Thanks for your info it was helpful in taking the correct decision. Sadly i have not been able to test drive this car as its only available in minute quantities, and none of my friends have it either . 3 Stars, 2 product ratings 2. Paul, kindly give the contact of the the mech who repaired your gearbox and kindly advice if you buy original Honda CVT or the multi use CVT..it will really assist people in Nairobi, Hi iav Honda aria 2008 it has a speed problem u can’t drive more than 40km/hr speed I can see red light flashing what could be the problem, Heather (Australia) So if you got 2.4 to spend, don’t buy registered cars, get an unreg one from japan! Shutdown engine 1L of Cvt around 2000-2500 place to place X 4 or 5 as per your gear box capasity. I would just like to inquire on the following based on this article and the comments posted: 1.) Suzuki Swift (new shape) thanks a million. Got a 2007 Jazz CVT with 32k from a Honda dealer in May which started with the dreaded Judder nothing in the service history to say it has ever been changed. pls, help, Hi Susantha, So take the car to a good garage or the agent and check if your left side engine mount has to be replaced. My friends who also have Fits (and Jazz) who drive from out of colombo city and come to work report mileages of over 11-12km/l. I got a honda fit (GD1) 2002 model. Are you looking at a registered car or unregistered.

Depending on how bad the vibration is will depend on how fast the vibration will disappear.

Assuming you have not sorted your problem already.

If you do find GD6 or GD8 Honda Fit Aria its a good buy as the local market value on which the taxation is done is very low (even lower than a Honda fit by 200K YEN!). The surprise was that the fuel economy got worse (7-8kmpl) after the treatment, and then agent then reset the computer, but then informed me that in some cars the cleaning is so effective that like a new car the fuel economy drops and it takes time before the fuel economy comes back to normal as the injectors have to get a bit of dirt it seems, wierd. ?hw about this CVT gear box problem?what should i do to overcome any future issues? Because i have no more money. However they have mentioned to change the gear box oil and will call when the new stocks arrive. There are exceptions to this rule, but it’s a rather slim one. Initially i thought it was a filters issue, and scheduled to take it for repair. – Belta suspension copes better with the choppy roads, though the HOnda is now much better with the new model, but still not as smooth

So maybe the engineering and testing forgot the conditions like those faced in SL, Singapore, etc. Could u please give the name of additive used for the transmission. I changed the trans fluid with the recommended CVT fluid at 65,000km. How did you solve yours? Shocking they actually indicated that it would be a good idea to use it, so there maybe some truth in it.

Specially if the car is a 2003 model, its quite surprising that it has only done 50K, as if you read my articles, cars brought down in the past had their odometers turned prior to sale. So word of warning, don’t bother with the injector cleaning unless you really think it needs one. i am planning to buy a Honda Fit 2008/03. Just would like to know if you can mention who is your mechanic for cvt repairs? The CVT failures is partly due to the technology where the belt does wear out, and though the City/Fit/Jazz is harped as a city car, the wear and tear in heavy traffic has caused the belt to fail in far shorter intervals than what Honda seems to have planned for. this is a common issue for Fit Arias which came with CVT boxes. One more issue: Electronic Power Steering unit!

i can’t drive off sometimes, it also flashes D light when im driving that may lead to a stop. It does about 1000-1500km per month in and around Colombo and Kandy. So i would say its your decision, just given you an unbiased opinion. 1.

7. Found your read very interesting. I’m going tomorrow to the one who overhauled my transmission, he’s from Honda btw.

This same gearbox is also used in the 1.5L version in Japan. I should put the gear to neutral(N) then drive(D) again in able to run in normal speed. Also check the engine mountings especially the one below the battery compartment. I just wanna ask, I got the same problem like cyprian. Hi George, i need to confirm what lubricant type i need for a HONDA Civic Hatchback 2001 Model Number LA-EU 1 and where on the car can i check what type of gearbox i actually have in there? Felt it was not smooth. Reply, I am sure Honda Upul must be knowing a lot more than us, however please ask him what is his assurance with the repair for the Honda Civic.

I am in Kenya. Now today, while driving, the Drive light on my dashboard started flashing, and the next thing the car was no longer changing gears. Get the work done by a proper Honda centre. you apply the revs. While running and the the gear is in drive(D) position as i always checked, i should put the gear to neutral then drive again in able to run in normal speed in the highway. What seems to be the problem?

Please let me know out of Toyota VIOS and Honda FIT Aria what is the best car in terms of fuel consumption & maintenance. Many there use the normal ATF oil (Honda code – ATF-Z1) for the gearbox which results in the breakdown. 15K or can I wait a bit longer? Not a bad thing since you end up with a car that is good:). I suggest you change the cvt oil again and put in at least 4.5 litres.