“The Jager Pro™ system is designed to allow a landowner to trap large numbers of hogs at one time.

I probably caught 90 percent of the bass I weighed in during the week flipping soft plastics and 10 percent on the Compact spinner bait. More and more national forests are paving hiking trails, so that people with manual wheelchairs can hike with their families. We may not have a special processing building with a walk-in freezer, but with a little foresight and preparation, we can do it all on our own.

We will put several together and have caught close to two dozen at a time! Here’s some more detail on building a great “permanent” hog trap using a hog trap front. His presentation was where we first heard the term “total sounder removal.”. Solo Hunting: 7 Safety Tips for Hunting Alone, Bill Lowen Fishes Various Lures at Santee Cooper Bassmaster Tournament, 5 Tips for a Successful Public Duck Opener, GameKeepers: Farming for Wildlife Magazine. When you take your kids hunting for the first time, the focus shifts from the prey to make it a positive and safe environment for your children. You can also prop a larger stick and then use a trip-wire about 6 inches off the ground within the trap to pull the stick out. I’ve learned that when I fish my style of bassing, I usually can place in the money in a tournament. I have one trap that has caught 19 times in just over 9 months. The part I enjoy the most is that you can build several different styles.

The other sounders were still using the farm but had not zeroed in on the site. Hogs are attracted to the improvements we make for native wildlife and the best way to combat them is to build a better hog trap! Barry Estes, owner of Alabama Hog Control, is an authorized Jager Pro™ dealer in our area.

There are several different types of traps and the designs vary widely.

Animals that are not captured may become wary of such traps in the future. Tes and I came to that conclusion after a decade of trying to control feral hogs on our land. One expert said we were on the right track, the other said we were doing it all wrong. The design of the door is such that other hogs can enter the trap after it has been tripped from the inside. Alot of trappers weld a small piece of expanded metal across the bottom so the hogs cannot get their nose into it and lift it for the others to get out. They damage crops, destroy property, root-up woods and roads and compete with deer and turkeys for food.

The best design for your management efforts depends upon available time, the number of hogs present, the degree of labor required, and material cost. The rooting door rests against the bottom of the trap, or the ground when it is in the “tripped” position. Kenny, I like to prop a stick of about 8-10 inches in length to keep the door open. The Jager Pro app allows you to make a conscious decision on when to close the trap gate. Learn how to prevent feral hog damage to your mineral sites from Mossy Oak. This will only allow hogs of a certain size to enter the trap. How do you set the door up to close when the hogs are in the trap. If you own land and plan to manage for the native wildlife we all love, feral hogs have no place in that plan.

This type of panel is preferred over standard mesh “cattle panels” because it will not allow smaller pigs to fit through the mesh. The extra height also ensures that larger hogs are unable to climb out of the trap.

A big hog will open the door enough so that is closed behind.

In fact, we were probably ahead of the curve.

Do we still have hogs? Many people made the assumption that if you had some type of disability that being in the outdoors and participating in outdoor sports were off limits for you. Always make traps as strong as possible. I think anyone who understands just how destructive these animals are would feel the same. Either way, both types of hog traps work very well. We were putting in the effort but accomplishing very little. Each was built to exacting standards that Pinkston insisted be met. A game camera can help identify the number of hogs … Set the feeder to go off once daily, preferably 30 minutes before dark to eliminate some competition for food from daylight active critters. At that time we did not realize just how wrong our approach to dealing with hogs had been. The best type of panel would be a 4″ x 4″ panel, so that smaller pigs do not get away.