I didn’t change the WOT air/fuel ratio too much – yet. Check out the photos as we hit the high points of converting this car from a carburetor to Super Sniper 1250 EFI. If you have to tweak it a bit, that's easily done. CDXX, I saw your MSD box is mounted in the engine compartment, I did the same on mine and after a few years the heat soak on shut down killedthe box.

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#2.Holley Black Sniper EFI Fuel Injection System.

The new Super Snipers are designed for high-horsepower naturally-aspirated, supercharged, and turbocharged applications. I just purchased a Sniper EFI, and was worried about the location of the O2 sensor. Not the picture of efficiency when new.

I can’t say whether or not I made any major improvements in that area, but I didn’t hurt it either.

Just think where OEM’s mount their ECU’s.

Remember, this is not a later model Vortech engine with better cylinder heads. Where did you install the oxygen sensor? The Super Sniper can do it.

Holley Tech warned against sampling only one cylinder and having the sensor so close to the port but, I haven't had any issues with the installation in over 3,000 miles, except for the ECU taking a dump at about 650 miles. I started out at 13.1. I then pulled over and enriched the fuel mixture (lower numbers). The A-body housed a (stock!) As a refresher, the Sniper EFI kit I installed is rated for engines developing up to 650 horsepower. That’s 10 weeks that I’ve been driving the Cheyenne since the install. It’s not something that a lot of automotive writers are adept at doing. This is one area that too much really is a bad thing.

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I learned my lesson as I had to figure out how to rewire the box with the body installed, that was a real pain as I did all my wiring with the body off and didn’t think about some day replacing this item. Holley's Sniper EFI line of throttle body electronic fuel injection systems are designed to be budget-minded carburetor replacement solutions.

Thanks - I’m glad to hear about this. I … Though a Holley Dominator EFI was already on board to control the ignition and automatic transmission, an MSD 6LS ignition would fit the average enthusiast's ignition needs nicely.

The basic config files are close to get you started. His passion for performance got him noticed by many locals, and he began helping them modify their vehicles.

The initial settings I chose were a happy medium between rich and lean, and as I said, initial mileage and drivability improved.

A few months have passed, and I am certain you would like to know if it is actually delivering any substantial benefits.

The words "budget," "easy" and "900 horsepower" usually don't go together. It's been running w/o issue for. You can save money going this route by not buying the Holley Sniper Master kit as the fuel … After installing the Sniper and running for a few weeks with the initial air/fuel settings as mentioned, I saw roughly 1 ½ to two-miles per gallon increase. Let’s face it, I had no previous experience before this.

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