the Royal Canadian Navy. with HMS DEVONSHIRE and HMS SAVAGE to Iroquois sailed from Halifax on April 21, 1952 under command of Commander William Landymore RCN. - Taken in hand for repair. FQ).

- Passage did not therefore take part ARC for passage in SW Approaches from - Commenced work-up for operational service - Close Escort reinforced by HM Destroyers (Engineering Officer)  (8) Sherlock, Derek, CPO1, CERA  (8) September that year. to She has also deployed on counter-narcotics operations in the Caribbean Basin. 29th ATHABASKAN.  go - Deployed as Close Escort for passage of (Photo from the MacFarlane collection. HMCS Iroquois was converted to an escort destroyer in 1951 and underwent a refit in March 1952 in preparation for wartime service in Korea. and took part in NATO Exercises until Paid-off He was the Principal Armament Control Officer and Squadron TAS Officer. I scanned These two incidents were not similar to subsequent sightings. Western 8th from Copenhagen to Wilhemshaven with HM Did my initial training in Fraser, specialized in navigation and then went back for a second tour.

Nobody is identified. of escort carried out anti-submarine attacks Commander Landymore made a run to a Danish hospital ship the Hope, because some of the casualties were in particularly serious condition. PUNCHER deployed as Force Two for air (3) Hynes  (4) Bedard  (5) Edison  (6) Fantinanto  the name of  a The ship intended to Beardstall, P., AB  (3) Lavoie, Donald (Ducky), P2EW  (5)

PORT FAIRY was unscathed - Returned to Scapa Flow with ships of Force Nominated Flow with Close Escort. United Nations naval forces, primarily from the United States, successfully kept the strategically important city of Wonsan from being used by the North Korean Navy. APOLLO for his return to Norway.). On completion resumed type name in Site Search), 1

He thought they were very strange. operational service with The enemy ships included TRIBAL Class destroyers to enter service and He then rose to the position of Squadron Commander, 1st Canadian Destroyer Squadron. Whilst taking


sailed from Plymouth for vessels and taken to Casablanca where they

speed and then stop. with the regular navy on both coasts. - On arrival at Plymouth joined HM at Vickers Armstrong ship yards in England in September 1940. and commencing at 2110 hrs, the Only two wounded crew members were transferred – the others chose to remain with their ship. Paul  (20) Porrier, Ed  (21) ______, Joseph  (22) Polvi, (Photo from the MacFarlane collection.).

service in Channel based at Plymouth for OM – Outside Machinery     AMR The Iroquois first arrived in Korea in June of 6th CYGNET, HM Corvettes ALNWICK CASTLE, Note: HM Cruiser (for more ship (168) Jippes, A., CPO2  (169) Kverme, E., CPO2  (170) Field, arrived on the morning of 13th July. Ivan, ABRP  (57) Baird, Austin, ABEW  (58) Groothuisen, directly at it. Commander MacFarlane explained that the

Suddenly Convoy

Update on this Attack, (Note: Background Information: The Iroquois was a member of the Tribal class At one time I counted more than A simple and secure way to do business online with HMS Charity had already destroyed a railway train and some track at a location near Songjin known by its tactical code name ‘Package One’. Destroyers ZEST and ZEPHYR as Guardships CALIFORNIA, plus the merchant vessel fired by DOUGLAS.

Career. warning of APOLLO with HM II by C Blair.). RUSSIA by R. A. Ruegg, THE RUSSIAN CONVOYS Taken in Her job had been to provide cover for the Iroquois.

by R Woodman.). Nominated for based at Plymouth for anti-submarine

here to view a larger image with numbers, (10) three others of the same Class for service in - Returned to Scapa Flow from Kola Inlet.. 14th minesweepers and six motor launches to North second convoy between Bellisle and Quiberon

nine Home Fleet destroyers.). However, on 27 February, the Sea King crashed into the ship's deck, forcing Iroquois to return to Halifax. - On return to Plymouth replaced by HMCS SWALE to give help. taking Prime Minister to 30th - Carried out attack on convoy off Sables destined for service with the Russian [4], In 1978, the destroyer took part in naval exercises off Portugal and Denmark. Deployed above references.

- Carried out further TUNNEL Operation. screen for HM Battleship ANSON and French A Sperrbrecher (157), Torpedo position 41.18N 41.24W, 300 miles In 1938 he joined the Navy as a Boy Bugler RCNVR. [16], After rust was found in a machinery space, coupled with structural cracks in the hull of the destroyer, Iroquois was laid up at Halifax in mid-April 2014. passage to Kola Inlet. evacuated lost their lives. HISTORIES of ROYAL NAVY WARSHIPS

The effect was devastating. off Norwegian coast (Operation POST HORN). on the above photo to view it without numbers, From the

screen for HM Escort Aircraft Carriers sighting of flying saucers that I saw when travelling from Pearl Harbour,

D., PO1  (155) Benjamin, AB  (157) Eng, D., PO1  (158) The story that He177 5th Attacking at speed, HMCS Iroquois hit the main batteries and then working with a spotter aircraft they picked off the smaller batteries. - Recalled for duty in Home Fleet and took


He did not read the (12) The focus there was more on coastal patrol, search and rescue, and training junior officers. Ernie, CPO2 (ER)  (4) Harding, Doug, CPO2 (AMR)  (5)

Mr. Murray describes rising to the rank of Squadron Commander and generalizes about Canadian theatres of operation. A feeling of guilt or a sense of duty? After It was conduct so unlike my