The median age was 41 years. Thomas Doolittle was an early postmaster, his commission bearing date 1823. first teacher. such meager records as are extant, that the pioneers of this region were at a disadvantage, and at the time their The town of Canadice is the southwest corner town of Ontario county and is township No. In 1882, the church bell was procured and put in place, for which thanks are due Harrison D. Nutt, who started the move ment and circulated a subscription for that purpose. Benoni Hogans (1812), James Hyde, Amos Thornton (1813), Shadrach Ward, James Bemis, Henry Armstrong, John Kelley The town was first established in 1829 from the Town of Richmond, but was not fully organized until the next year. NEW YORK Ira Kimball, before mentioned, had ten children. Settlement began around 1795 near the shore of Honeoye Lake. An effort was made in 1882 by Davenport Alger of Springwater, who built a summer hotel, called the Port House, at the head of Hemlock lake, to run a drinking place. An appeal was taken to the County court with like results. Henry J. Wemett was elected and served a term as school commissioner, soon after his return from the war of the 60s.

Peabody, Asa Bushnell, Abram McKee,

John Shank, Orrin Anderson, Humphrey Bump, and John Winch. A. Smith. 1830-32; John Winch, 1833; Andrew Ward, 1834; John Shank, 1835-36; Hiram Colegrove, 1837-40; Robert Armstrong, note the fluctuations of population from that until the present time.

Clerk's Office) This organization was perfected in 1796, and in April, 1806, the name was changed to "Honeoye." store of R. R. Crooks and two or three small shops. H. Hickok, 1882; D. Willard Beam, 1883; Albert H. Tibbals, 1884-85; B. H. Burch, 1886-87; Thomas Eldridge, 1888-89; google_ad_slot = "9815447669"; of the first town officers would only be a repetition of names already mentioned. The society was Isaac Sergeant.

of school property in the town is $4,800.

settlers in 1808, or about that year. Military.- The martial spirit of the people of Canadice was clearly shown during the War of 1812-15, in As the statutory boundary of the west side of the town along the iake shore was somewhat ambiguous, he construed it to suit his purpose and contended that the boundary line was at the water line. - Cortland - Erie - Essex Following this time, settlement became more rapid and within a few years the most desirable lands of the town were all occupied. Z. C. Andrus, 1851; Nathaniel G. Austin, 1855; Jonas C. Putnam, 1856; Walling Armstrong, 1857-62; Alanson W. Austin, settled by guess, but if not on the right location they were not afterward disturbed in their possession, but were The east town line is partly defined by Honeoye Lake, the west town line by Hemlock Lake, and Canadice Lake is entirely within the town, both minor Finger Lakes. It gradually declined. John At that time it was an appointment on a four weeks' circuit, including Lima and Livonia within its bounds. Early in the fall of 1804. three men from Vermont, Gideon and John Walker and Josiah Jackman, set out on foot, carrying provisions for the journey, to prospect in Ontario county for homes. It is well to state, however, that the early settlement of this town was made when The median income for a household in the town was $44,893, and the median income for a family was $52,596. Clare, Jacob Cannon, Thos.

Another change was made in April, 1815, and the town then became known as "Richmond."

here freely for personal use only. Honeoye lake lies on its eastern boundary for half its length and Hemlock lake bounds seven-eights of its western limits. _uacct = "UA-2646025-2";

Clerk's Office), Names - Town - Term Expires, 31st Dec. After learning that the people of Canadice would not tolerate the traffic, he built a pier out in the lake with a cabin at the end and took out a license from the adjoining town of Conesus, in Livingston county, and began selling there. One, Betsey, married N. G. Chesebro, of ,Canandaigua, mentioned as connected with the abduction of William Morgan. The school population is 222, and employment is given to sixteen teachers.

and costs, $18.40. and became permanent settlers at the foot of Canadice Lake. Walter Dynes. comprises the town of Canadice. The city of Rochester has acquired rights to both of these lakes, and not content with the use of the waters therefrom, is closing them round with city ownership of all contiguous territory and causing all cottages to be removed and beginning a return to primeval days by reforesting. Ezekiel and Frederick Wilson and their families came to town in 1807 and located in Canadice Hollow.

CHAPTER XXX The temperance question in Canadice was decided for no license, over forty years ago, and so remains. and Samuel Knapp, James Seeley, Jedediah Howland, Eli Darling, Dr. Williams, John Reeves, Jabez Hicks, James Bennett, In the early days, country taverns, with their whiskey bars, were plenty. During the early history of the locality the county seat than any other of the towns.

Brown, Albert Finch, Luther Gould, Captain Grandy, J ustus Grout, Laban Howland, Cornelius Johnson, James and John the many have undoubtedly been lost. Judg ment was rendered against the defendant for one penalty, $50. [Source: A History of Ontario County, New York and Its People, Charles F. Milliken, Vol. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 0.92% of the population. During the early history of the town, the people worshiped in the old time school houses, having then no regular organization, but their gatherings were none the less sacred and worthy.

Phillips was also an early settler in the same locality.

almost without interruption, and many of the militia men from the town did duty on the frontier. The surface consists of a high, broken upland, separated into two ridges by Canadice Lake.

Dr. Williams, John Reeves, Jabez Hicks, James Bennett, Charles Hyde, Amos Jones, John Bourn, Rufus Gary, Alden Wheelock, Benjamin Jersey, Andrew Wemett, and the next year (1815) there came Benjamin, Philip and Peter Snyder, Jonathan Waters, and Captain Granby. Hendricks, Rutheford, Fancher, Haines, Rice, Stearns, Newell, Chambers, Welton, Morehouse, Lamont and Hebard.

Of the soldiers of the war of 1812, who went from this town or later made their homes here, were Albert Finch, Luther Gould, Captain Granby, Justus Grout, Laban Howland, Cornelius Johnson, James Kelly, Tohn Kelly, Ira Kimball, Joseph King, Morris North, Daniel Norton, Jonas Quick. Canadice (p. v.,) is a hamlet, and forms the business centre of the town. At the foot of Canadice lake, they built a log house on what was later the Henry McCrossen farm and partly built two others near by. The population density was 61.5 people per square mile (23.7/km2). 1870, 905; 1880, 895; and 1890, 730. - Ontario - Orange - Orleans Early carpenters of the town were Asa, Pliny, William, and Zachariah Ackley and David Tibbals. Ward near Canadice Corners. at that time. Bros., where are made barrels, staves and lumber.

If the reader will turn to another portion of this work, there will be found many personal and Amasa T. Winch was supervisor of the town in 1870-76 and member of the State Legislature in 1877-78. Twenty-eighth N. Y. V. Infantry - Henry S. Struble, Charles M. Struble. Livonia became a separate township in 1808 and Canadice in 1829. Canadice Inlet and Outlet and Honeoye Outlet are the principal streams. Spicer (1812), Reuben Cole, John Cole, David Tibbals (1818), Hezekiah Cole, Wm. On December 16, 1833, the members met pursuant to notice for the purpose of legal incorporation, preparatory to building a house of worship. From 1830 to 1835 the class enjoyed an almost constant revival. Town Organization.- Canadice was set off from Richmond in 1829, and the first town meeting was held April His son, Alanson W. Austin, was superintendent of schools, supervisor in 1863-65, and later served as school commissioner. Thomas Doolittle was an early postmaster, his commis sion bearing date 1823. Within the boundaries of this town, under its various early names, and down to 1829, was included all that now comprises the town of Canadice. Since the first board of trustees above named, the following have been elected and served in that capacity, many of them for several terms, viz: Freman Warrick, Thomas Doolittle, Henry Hoagland, Erastus Eggleston, E. A. Shaw, James H. Gay, John Brown, George I. It is said that, for more than three hundred years afterwards, the sainted form of the once beautiful Onnolee could be seen to rise from its watery grave and either vanish in upper air or return again to the bosom of the deep. Farrar, James and Henry Hewitt, James Hampton, and others whose nathes are equally worthy of mention, but among For every 100 females, there were 103.1 males. The first settlement was made by --- Kimball, in 1807, but soon after John Wilson settled at the head of Canadice Lake, and John Richardson, John Wheeler, Samuel Spencer and And. of early settlers may be recorded, and we mention Alvin Anderson, John Ray, Elisha Prior, E. Weed, Rev.

During the last current year the total school tax of the town was $857.97, These pages may be linked to but not used on another web site. Israel D. Trembly.

One Hundred Forty-seventh N. Y. V. Infantry - John Burch, Jr., Lafayette White, Lewis C. Crossen, Albert H. Tibbals. New York One Hundred Fourth N. Y. V. Infantry - Jotham Coykendall, Harvey R. Coykendall. About the same time came Moses Hartwell, Samuel Wilson, Bartlett Clark, Timothy Parker, Nathan Beers, Darius Finch, Tobias Finch, Robert Wilson, S. B. Spencer, William Gould, C. Bailey, John Darling, Harry Armstrong, Homer Blake, John Edgett, and Harry Jones. The first school on Kimball Hill was built in 1812, and the earliest teachers were Belinda Jackson, Eliza first teacher. New York State Route 15A is a north-south highway in the town.

In some material respects this town differs from the others of the county. According to the United States Census Bureau, the town has a total area of 32.5 square miles (84 km2), of which, 30.0 square miles (78 km2) of it is land and 2.4 square miles (6.2 km2) of it (7.43%) is water. Ezra Davis was a pioneer of 1808 a cabinet maker, and also Simon Stevens came from Vermont in 1811 with ox team and sled. The west ridge, known as Bald Hill, is bordered by steep declivities, and the east by more gradual slopes. Also Elder Ketchumperformed some church services and preached in the log school house on the Nutt farm. family sketches of the people, some of them descendants of pioneer stock, who have been and still are residents - Franklin - Fulton - Genesee (Copied from the Records in the Co. UNDER the act of January 27, 1789, a large district of territory in Ontario county was given an organization East hill, or Kimball hill, the ridge of land between Canadice and Honeoye lakes, makes up the balance of the township territory, all gradually lessening in altitude toward the north. In the same year a school house was built in the northeast part of the town and Abigail Root was the. We also have a link to the Hemlock Fair Homepage, History of St. Michael's Mission Post Offices and Postmasters in Ontario County, Post Office - Post Master