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Wise old man told me once, the ONLY gun that will do you any good, is the one that nobody knows you have. Sometimes the more secure something looks, the more obvious it is for thieves. $174.99 "The Sacrifice" Concealment Flag.

We’ve built dozens of AR’s and we’ll cover all the best AR-15 upgrades such as handguards, triggers, BCGs, gas blocks, and more. As with most faux book concealment options, If you want to conceal long guns or shotgun under your bed and ensure quick access the, The aspects we really liked about this when it comes to firearm concealment is the fact it offers, It’s not silent (there’s an audible sound when unlocking and opening the unit) nor impossible to see depending on how you store it –, What makes this particular bookcase effective is that the shelf that acts as the, Considering it’s a full-fledged piece of gun concealment furniture it, End tables – like coffee tables – tend to be used in the living room, so concealing a gun in the Kennedy gives you, The compartment opens via a small access latch and hangs down from the underside of the unit. Its best to get gun concealment furniture that has a secret compartment to hide your guns and keep them safe. Given that this is a clock and not a piece of furniture the hidden compartment storage is probably best for standard pistols in the 4”-9” length range. Let’s dig into it.

They are small of course and don’t look fancy enough to be expensive. You can add magnets on the inside with the Tactical Walls magnet pack to make sure everything stays secure. PPT Logo Tee Buy Now PPT Retro Laser Gun Tee Buy Now Tactical Pen Buy Now.

REPLACEABLE DOUBLE LAYER PICK AND PLUCK FOAM: You are certain that your firearms are secured and scratch-free . You can even have multiple foam set ups that allow you to interchange what weapons you can store in your gun case on a moments notice. I mean, it’s a pretty basic probability that a house with ten hidden safes is more likely to have one found that a house with 1 hidden gun safe. It blends in seamlessly and is large enough to fit a long gun, handguns, extra ammo, even a soft armor vest. It blends in perfectly and is really difficult to spot if you’ve never seen one before. It also offers a digital keypad and physical key with multiple entry mechanisms. Picture Frame.

Palmetto State Armory: 36" Single Gun Case and 7 30-round AR-15 D&H Mags - $120 See All Deals. The Castlecreek gun concealment bookcase is one of the more effective concealed options we tested. Plus, it’s small enough that you can mount it in a bedroom or hallway location that’s easy to get to in a moment’s notice – all while concealing your personal protection piece. We’re also testing this one made by Liberty Home Concealment. Is your clock handgun safe actually set and on display? You use an RFID key in front of the table and it opens without issue, giving you immediate access to your arsenal. Buy it once and you're set for life .

Liberty Home Concealment also has their own version of the mirror safe. But the trade-off is pretty good. $164.99 "Heroes" Concealment Flag. Does the supposedly hidden safe stand out? This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Check out our beginners guns video course. Secret Gun Mirror. A safe built into the wall behind a mirror? So while the hidden gun guitar case isn’t a traditional gun safe, used correctly it be an excellent option for storing and hiding your weapons. In some situations, a large and capable safe may not be possible. It’s the most affordable option on this list, and also the smallest. Plus, by ensuring that safes are well hidden or disguised one can minimize the chance of a safe being found, and by ensuring safes are plenty secure one can minimize the risk posed if one is discovered. They’re also available in a horizontal option. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. We took a look at a wide variety of hidden gun storage options – furniture, accessories, and the like – and put a few to the test, testing for handguns, mag storage, loose ammo and ease of use, and have compiled our recommendations below across as many categories that are practical for most people. You can also get it unfinished and paint it yourself! Hidden gun safes are great, they are a clever way to secure your firearms and have them ready at a moment’s notice. Thieves may look at the items on the shelf - but even the most determined burglar is not going to check the actual shelf of a bookcase. The features are great, but let’s ask the real question: does it work? Floating Shelf. You come home from work or perhaps … Another plus is it’s one of the less expensive options on this list, so if you’re comfortable with the dimensions and want some desk-friendly hidden gun storage this might just fit the bill. Being discrete means being smart. With decades of experience, our craftsmen have created superior, Texan made gun storage. Many, What are the best ways to preserve your guns? Hidden gun safes range from built-in wall units to plain looking furniture, and more traditional safes designed to be stored in hard to see areas. If you have the funds and the will you could be in arm’s reach of a firearm, ready for home invaders, zombies, or SPECTRE. Book Case.

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It’s really engineered like a gun safe – and it will also work as an RV or truck gunlocker provided you have space. Each of these hidden gun storage options best met the requirements of the role they were designed for and met the criteria. Each of these hidden gun storage options best met the requirements of the role they were designed for and met the criteria for any storage option we’d recommend if concealment is the top priority. Besides helping keep your weapons secure and to prevent them from moving around, the 4-layer foam is also resistant to moisture, rips, tears, solvent deterioration, oil stains, and more, so in almost any condition your weapons are being kept pristine.

This is something to keep in mind, and probably means you should have some form of insurance on your guns. Hidden Gun Nightstand. Most of these hidden gun safes are not fireproof. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google We’ve got a dedicated section for the AR-15 here. If the thief is smashing and grabbing and happens to break your desk, a clock, or a coffee table holding a gun that gun is gone. Workin' On Our Night Moves Night Shooting Helmet Setup Overview. Consider these things. Top Shooting Drills and Zeroing Targets worth $47 FREE - Limited Period Offer, Brownells: Ruger Wrangler .22LR - $199 (normally $218), Palmetto State Armory: Springfield Armory XDS Mod 2 OSP 9mm w/ CT Red Dot - $550 (normally $600), Brownells: Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8x Gen 2 AND Vortex Sport Cantilever Mount - $430 (normally $490), Brownells: BRN-10 Retro Rifle .308/7.62x51 NATO - $1,200 w/ code "VTH" (normally $1,710). MICHAEL CRITES is el jefe around here. Stealth Defense’s Under-Bed Safe has got you covered. What we liked most about this ordinary-looking wall shelf is the fact it’s both utilitarian. However, you also, What should you do about gun security when you’re on the move? Some people have crafted solutions for better chain mounts and magnets to get around the shortcomings of the piece, but for an easy and relatively attractive concealment shelf, it’s a decent concealed option. A few books or pictures really help you camouflage those hidden guns. The SpeedVault has a built-in courtesy light so that even in the dark you can see and draw your gun. . If you want to keep your jewelry safe from the cleaner or the ran Now let’s go through our favorites….

Looking at the drawer from the side you can see the seam, which kind of defeats the purpose of the product. They regulate a safes internal humidity levels. Most importantly, I chose them for their ability to actually hide something and the concept they use to hide your firearms. With this gun case, no one will bat an eye or give even a 2nd glance — because at the end of the day to the average person it’s just a boring (yet beautiful) gun case. Floating Shelf. This keeps everything in place instead of sending it spiraling out when opened. Dehumidifiers are the perfect accessory for a gun safe. The Concealment Coffee Table is a large option that makes stashing guns simple. There’s no locking system but for the price you get a pair of shelves – one non-concealment shelf and one with a pull-out hidden compartment – so the fact you have a pair makes decoration easier and improves the concealment factor. Rather, it’s a simple safe designed to be hidden under a desk, table, etc.

Pretty simple, right? LATEST STORIES VIEW ALL - 29 December 2015 by willa-admin, in Uncategorized Gun Safety 101. I get overwhelmed looking at options for safes and this article makes me think outside of the box for options.

If you want to conceal long guns or shotgun under your bed and ensure quick access the Hornady RAPiD Gunlocker is a great option.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'americanfirearms_org-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_1',139,'0','0'])); The Hornady offers touch-free entry with an RFID wristband, key fob, or sticker that prompts the locker to pop open instantly via the spring-assisted opening. The SpeedVault is filled with foam that protects your weapon and keeps it from being scratched, dinged, and abused. Each concealed gun guitar case comes with customizable and replaceable 4 layer foam, which beyond keeping your expensive guns safe and secure, it also allows you to customize exactly what you can hold and store. He writes about guns and gear. The one downside to these concealment products is they often don’t have great safety features – like locks or fire protection – so they work best for concealing quick-access firearms either in a home without children or in a place that kids aren’t going to get into. Storing your guns safely is arguably the primary responsibility of any gun owner. Dollars to donuts, someone looking to steal your weapons will almost certainly try to find a gun safe. We’re testing this out right now and so far it seems solid. Travis Pike is a Marine infantry veteran, firearms enthusiast, and NRA certified instructor. It also has a load limit of 20 pounds so you can also stack some stuff on top without worry. It’s got lots of room, with the main compartment being 14’’W x 40”Hx3.5” D the smaller being 14″W x 10″H x 3.5″D. The internals is 13.5 inches long by 8 inches wide and a 1.75 inches deep.