Artifacts I can’t wait forever for my darling child to get married and make me a bunch of grandkids!” replied his mother, her eyes twinkling.

As you can imagine back lane heroes won’t last for too long in the front.

Helios is a great damage dealer who goes well with Orion and Dorian but also she is a huge counter to all critical heroes because of her violet skill Flaming Retribution which will damage enemy heroes if they damage herself or any allied hero.

Martha saw her son, sitting at a desk with stacks of papers and scrolls piled up on it. “Young people these days, how ungrateful! The farther the projectile travels, the more health it will restore. On mobile version Andvari will protect all heroes behind him from knock-ups and displacements but on Facebook version he will protect himself and ally in front of him but if you use Andvari as a main tank he will protect 1 hero behind him. Surprisingly, the deep cut on his shoulder closed up at once, and the scrapes disappeared altogether, as though they had never been there. Besides that her active artifact gives armor to the whole team which makes Jhu’s life even bigger nightmare. B

W Red +1 Support, Healer

That is not a secret that game is designed in a way where each team and each hero has its own counter. Then it deals damage by these marks. Solar Skin In this article, I will be talking about specific hero counters.

“Meet your guests, Cornelius!” she cooed in an upbeat voice.

Kid just ran right off to give that demon what-for!” Andvari will prioritize to prevent knock-ups to ally who is in front of him otherwise ally behind him. Skins “Look at that, that’s Jhu himself!

Light CrystalDragon's HeartSoul CatcherSacred RosaryEnchanter's StaffProspero's Helmet Cleaver is a counter to back row enemies like Martha, Lars, Helios, Thea, etc Cleaver is extremely hard to get hero but if you are lucky enough to get him then you will be able to counter many teams just because of his hook ability. Increases all allies' speed for 6 seconds.

Blue Guarded by the Foremother, ancient forebear to all tortoises, the marvelous tea had been hidden from human sight until a young woman named Martha received its …

Attack Type The evening flew by, followed by a night’s sleep at Cornelius’ bachelor pad. “Look at that, Josephine! After all, they’re still young at heart! Yasmine is hard countered by Helios so make sure the enemy’s team hasn’t one!

That means Satori won’t be able to instantly kill 2 enemy heroes. “Come now, Cornelius!

We are investing a lot of time to make this website and ads are the only way how we can keep this project going. Cleaver’s Rusty hook will grab the furthest enemy and … Red His magic defense is almost 0... if someone is actually using him as the main tank just blast em with magic he'll fold like a cheap sack.

“Mom?” the scientist leaped up, surprised. Cornelius is a counter to mages like Celeste, Satori, and others. My satori is a bit behind other heroes.

Posted by 11 months ago. This time, we’re going to visit him ourselves!” Make sure you share the Hero Wars counter list with you guildmates! “Let’s go.”, “Did you see how well the Foremother's Oath just worked? Violet +1 Conjures a totem in front of the character that restores allies' health. Their actual targets were the orcs following the elderly ladies, shouting and jeering. “Uh oh, let’s go help the poor baby out, my friend!” 2.

Hero Wars Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. It’s been a while since you visited our woods!” she yelled excitedly, pointing her finger at the Guardian. Now, who’s going to inherit my ancient magic?’

Andavari is very vulnerable to Magic. It grants longevity and heals the most dangerous wounds. Hero Wars Counter list - How to beat meta heroes. Also Qing Mao will push all enemy team into Dorian’s aura so I don’t recommend using any of these heroes against Dorian especially when there is Keira on the enemy team. “Well of course, sonny. It turned out that the news about the two elderly women helping the Guardians in battle had reached Strongford before they did. Default SkinIntelligence Martha turned around to face the master of the boomerangs. There won’t be too many times when Jhu can kill Martha fast enough to be victorious in the battle and that’s because Martha is really tanky as a healer and her she has really strong healing power if there isn’t anything that can break Martha’s teapot. Cleaver’s Rusty hook will grab the furthest enemy and bring that enemy to the front line. “Let me brew some for us.” “Those old ladies have lost their minds.” whispered Jhu, barely opening his mouth. Could a demon really want to slay that cute little creature?” Martha was especially talkative on that day., Increases allies' speed by 250% (1 * Level + 120), One projectile can restore up to 200,178 (24% Health + 400 * Level) health, Health regen for each ally: 77,586 (60% Magic attack + 250 * Level + 5,000) for 8 seconds, Health regen per second: 134,611 (15% Health + 400 * Level + 6,000) for 8 seconds. White the totem is active, the ally with the least health now receives additional healing.

Solar SkinHealth

Four legs and a wrinkled head appeared from inside the shell. She has really good counter abilities against healers and also she can do some serious damage to enemies so spend some $ in the early game to get her in your arsenal. Cornelius is a good counter to mages but often can’t find his spot in most meta compositions so he gets left behind. Whose grandkids will I change diapers for?” A sly squint gave her away, but the scientist could only keep blushing and mumbling. Violet +3 Main Stat

A special type of tea grows in the woods of Zarakkar. Flaming HeartEnigma's ChroniclesTraitor's CrownRiversar's TiaraBook of PropheciesSphere of Power Glyphs

Yasmine is a counter to Keira, Kharh, Orion, Twins and almost all squishy damage dealers. Asklepius' StaffDragon's HeartAll-Seeing EyePiercing GazeDevourer of MagesCreator of Worlds Jhu leaped forward, landing between the women and the foes. His boomerangs shredded his enemies while the spirits of his ancestors healed his wounds. Default Skin I have to see my son!” spoke the old woman with gray hair, patting a large tortoise shell with her wrinkled hand.

Martha (Hero Wars) is worth downloading, although she is a new character in the game, she has already received the attention of experienced players. “Stop grumbling, Martha,” replied the tortoise, offering a space on her shell. He works well against enemies like Orion who really need the energy to activate his active skill and make him shine with that aoe damage. “Come now, Martha,” replied the tortoise in an unexpectedly warm voice. His aura will heal nearby allies based on their dealt damage that means you don’t want to use skills that will bring all enemy’s team closer together. Unfortunately for the demon, it was too preoccupied with its potential prey, while the prey (Heidi, that is) looked at the old women.

“Don’t you Mom me! “How about a cup of tea, Josephine?” Martha suddenly asked. His only real use is on attack against Khark and Cleaver. Andvari was made as a counter to Kharh teams because you needed not so popular teams to beat him. Traitor's CrownBook of PropheciesLion HelmetAlchemist's SetDiviner's OrbEnigma's Chronicles The official Reddit for Hero Wars Mobile ⚔️ Gather your army of mighty Heroes and Titans, upgrade them and battle against the Archdemon Army! She has good prospects in the game. Even tho Martha is considered as a bet healer in the game she has counters as well. White Please disable your adblocker or whitelist us! Would you look at that!” Green +1 And he was like: ‘Ugh, Mom, science matters most!’ Wooden ShieldSteel PauldronWooden ShieldLucky DiceTraveller's ShoesOil Lamp Bet he just left for the University to walk around without a hat on in cold weather!” Nothing would stop Martha from rambling.

Keira’s 3rd skill Dancing Blades makes Keira’s basic attacks to hit all enemies team that means each time Keira will use her attack she will be charmed for a while.

Orange +3 Blue +2 When the morning came, Martha and Josephine got ready to head back home.

Patronage BookTome of Arcane Knowledge (Magic attack, Health) “Grannies, you say!” grumbled Martha, unable to sit still atop the shell. Here we are, supporting them like this, and they...” Celeste is a must hero in your top 15. Otherwise he can one-shot high intelligence heroes like Satori. Red +2 Kiera is a big multiple hitter, she too can counter Martha by knocking over her pot.

Who am I going to bake pastries for? 75% Upvoted. Light CrystalDragon's HeartShining ArmorDark GrailSacred RosaryLion Armor

Jhu and Heidi discussed events with Ingvar, and offered to induct the ladies into the ranks of the legendary protectors. Celeste is a counter to all healers, Astroth, lifesteal heroes and Yasmine.

Whenever enemy hero damage Lian she will put that enemy to sleep for some time. Best counter to Andvari and Martha team.

“Thank you for your help, grannies. “Martha, get down!” exclaimed the tortoise, halting her movement with all four legs and dropping to her belly. 30

Several huge boomerangs made of bone flew right over their heads like a hurricane. But a deep, nasty cut he received weakened him, slowing his attacks. Generally good for all negative effects putting heroes.

WeaponZarakkari Teapot (Armor) Even if she doesn’t one-shot enemy hero poison most likely will finish the work.

Book of PropheciesAsklepius' StaffBook of FateSphere of PowerSphere of PowerEvil Genius Cuirass Orcish HammerCain's SealWizard's StaffEnchanter's StaffLost RingGuardian's Shield

Cookies help us deliver our Services. Andvari is a counter to Kharh, Twins and Cleaver (Twins and Cleaver only mobile version). Dark GrailFlaming HeartProspero's HelmetDiviner's OrbHand of MidasBook of Prophecies

Counter - fighter - Celeste, who with her 4 skills puts marks on the heroes who took energy from her team.

Besides, how would I walk on my own? Orange Blue +1 Martha “What if this is our last journey?

Magic HatHand of MidasDark GrailPastor's SealRaven King's CloakFlaming Heart

“We’ve been best friends since we were kids, Josephine, and you can’t just let me go on my own,” she continued lecturing someone as she clambered up the shell, hauling a pile of old clutter with her. Want to know how to beat Kharh, Twins, Satori, Keira, Yasmine, and others? It grants longevity and heals the most dangerous wounds.

“Why ever not, my friend!” replied the tortoise in the same polite manner.

A special type of tea grows in the woods of Zarakkar.

Violet Kharh is one of the strongest heroes in the game. “Ugh, Mo-o-om!” Cornelius blushed and took a step back.