#M456. Super Short, Short, & 1:30 Versions now available!!!

Play Sample. NEW TIMES!! We mashed-up Let It Go with Into The Unknown. The title says it all: you really can't stop the beat when it's this good + Greased Lightning from the musical Grease = A Rock 'N Roll Party Of Pure Energy Mashup!!!! A dramatic Energym Original paired with the pulse pounding race music from The Prince Of Egypt! Stray Cat Strut/Sneaky Cat MashUp. Jai Ho, the final dance number from the movie Slumdog Millionaire + Persian Flight an all-percussion Energym Original = A Drum-Dance Ethnic Mashup!!!!

Sweet Child is the classic rock anthem from the band Guns 'N Roses + the famous Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne = A Hard-Driving-Rock Mashup! Our fun Fiddler On The Street with a fast-paced Partner: String Of Fire, Electronic, Dance-Pop, and Hip-Hop with a Movie theme, too. Hawaii Five-O, the powerhouse theme from the hit TV show + Wonder Woman, from the 70's TV show = A TV Crime-Fighting/TV Super-Hero Mashup!!!

+ Puttin' On The Ritz a jazz classic featuring a swinging clarinet lead = A Dynamic Jazzy Mash-up!! Super cool MashUp of modern classical music. Powered by The A Group, Axel F/She Blinded Me With Science MashUp. Powered by The A Group, Axel F/She Blinded Me With Science MashUp, Girl On Fire/ (Amazing) Just The Way You Are MashUp, Little Bitty Pretty One/Tutti Frutti MashUp, Live And Let Die/Bohemian Rhapsody MashUp, Man! Watch out for that tree!!! Beauty and The Beast meets The Nightmare Before Christmas in this Mash-Up! Two Energym Originals!! Live And Let Die is the classic Paul McCartney and Wings song + Bohemian Rhapsody the epic anthem from Queen = A Classic Band Mashup!!! Beauty and The Beast + Aladdin! Mashups. Of course, Thunder and Lightning had to be mashed-up!

You Can't Stop The Beat from the hit movie Hairspray! #M126. You'll be the Queen of floor routines with this rocking medley! © 2020 Energym Music LLC. Play Sample. Sweet Home is Lynryd Skynryd's hit song with plenty of horn stabs for your choreography + Devil Went Down to Georgia with the Energym sound = a rippin’, foot-stompin’, hoedown Mashup!! When Axel F plays everyone recognizes this fun track + She Blinded Me With Science the huge hit from the 80's = A Fun Mashup! Mission Impossible is an "updated" version of the TV classic + Peter Gunn, the classic spy theme = a Mysterious Mashup!!!! I just combined the two songs to make Gymnastics Floor Music. Your Mama Don't Dance is a rock and roll classic + Footloose, from the hit movie, will have everyone kickin' off their Sunday shoes = A Your Mama Will Be Dancin' Mashup!!!! Our fun Fiddler On The Street with a fast-paced Partner: String Of Fire. #M245.

#M240 Desert Race + Arabian Thunder take you to exotic lands with ethnic instruments = A World Beat Mashup!!!

This classic song used in the Rocky movies MashedUp with the hit song from Shakira! Celebrate Good Times - C'mon!! Great Balls Of Fire is Jerry Lee Lewis' signature song with Energym's extra adrenaline + Splish Splash, the classic 50's tune which is charged up with the Energym sound = A B-Boppin' Mashup!!! 2 Energym Music Originals Mashed-Up!

A medley of The Greatest Show, This Is Me, and Come Alive! same as the other, with a different ending. A MashUp of So What by P!nk and Centuries by Fall Out Boy! A whimsical piece with fun tempo changes leading to a comedic romp + I Like To Move It from the hit movie Madagascar = A Super Fun Mashup!!! Jailhouse Rock by Elvis Presley + The Jackson 5's Rockin' Robin = A super fun MashUp! All That Jazz is from the musical Chicago, this jazzy track will have you be-boppin' all over the mat! A wonderful mashup of music from two hit TV shows.

Man, you will have a great routine with this Shania Twain classic + Carrie Underwood's country/rock hit = A Crowd Pleasing Country Mashup!!!