Are you comfortable with a raid fight and only get downed when the raid wipes?

If you buy them from Bloodstone Fen, the backpack, ring and amulet can all be reset for a cost of 100 unbound magic, so even if you end up swapping to a full zerk in the end, you would only need to replace 2 trinkets and 1 ring. I don't know why people are so scared, you have 1-2 dedicated healers and then theres barrier scourge many times. In other words, Berserker.

but i've found that the DPS loss from marauder is minimal compared to the immense survivability gain from the extra 5-6k vitality.

Welcome to /r/GuildWars2 where we strive to be a place where you can share your Guild Wars 2 experiences and partake in discussions with players from around the world. Marauders or valk,etc are highly looked down upon by many raiders. On my Guard i use marauders, or svaards(the ascended version) and no one cares, then again i don't pug it. I went for Marauder armour on my (power) reaper, since shroud life gains 69% of your vitality stat, and being able to take more damage while in shroud lets me stay in it longer, increasing my dps overall - maths not included.

However, Marauder does also fill this role to some degree. Welcome to /r/GuildWars2 where we strive to be a place where you can share your Guild Wars 2 experiences and partake in discussions with players from around the world.

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Rune. I also took out any damage traits above 90% health and replaced them with traits that increase damage when target is below 50%. The only real application for Ascended Marauder gear is WvW.

So you can't do much wrong with Berserker overall. Berserker is for pve (fracs, raids...) Marauder is for pvp (wvw, guild arena...).

For Vale guardian, I'm a backup lightning runner due to the mobility.

Ascended armour is a massive gold sink for very little return in stats - it's simply not worth it imo. You may even be comfortable enough with Berserker by this time that you won't need or want Marauder anymore, even as an elementalist. Do you often die, resulting in you and some of your teammates losing precious dps time to raise you? I would never suggest anyone to make ascended armor for something like Marauders unless they're playing WvW. Suddenly the game is fun. Comparing a berserk/2 assassin accessory using currybutter+stone and full berserker using currybutter+furious oil.

If you PvE but don't care for Raids or Fractals Marauder is perfectly fine and for many players pretty optimal given their play skill. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Soldier's vs Berserker's vs Marauders gear [Question] I currently run a full zerker geared warrior which I use as a frontliner in wvw. As someone who literally spend hours searching for the perfect stat prefixes to have "decent HP" and keep a huge overall damage. So unless gaining additional Precision is something very valueable, for some classes Assassin gear was preferred over Berserker, Marauder is not worth getting. If your intention is mostly open world pve content, marauder armor with zerker trinkets and weapons is an excellent combo. Welcome to /r/GuildWars2 where we strive to be a place where you can share your Guild Wars 2 experiences and partake in discussions with players from around the world. Unless that's all the person ever wants to do in the game and they don't want to spend their gold or mats on anything else, I guess. Also, for your reading pleasure: For newer players and people still learning how to dodge/place or just with bad ISPs a full set of marauders armor at exotic is usually enough of a buffer to survive missed dodges from almost every non-boss in the game. Consider subbing in some marauder so you can take that hit. So craft the armor in Berserker, then if you feel you need more defensive options, get Marauder trinkets. Trait choices, elite specialization, and utility skills are far more important to open world survivability with a power build than any alternative stat combinations, and since these are free to swap around, you should look into that long before considering getting an open world gear set. Craft exotic berserker for raids and use marauder ascended in fractals if you must change your armour.

I also switched out scholar runes for Daredevil runes.

Marauder/Valkyrie is my personal favorite. Oh, I'm mostly doing pve content (open world, story so far, world bosses). Also I'm playing guardian (learning firebrand build atm). In my case, as a main guardian I hate to my heart roots seeing only 11,6k HP as core health.

Even if you primarily play WvW and you only do fractals once a month and only have one set of ascended - use exotic armour for WvW and save your ascended for fractals - it's the only part of the game where ascended armour is noticeably valuable.

By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I also have a healer that keeps me topped off. The lighting strike is self took 1/2 of her health already, seeker also hit for 3k and crit for 8k and don't forget boss aura dmg that took 1.5k from your health bar every 2 second. Corpse running banging my head against the wall boom instant dead again. Another thing to consider is that classes with low healthpool benefit greatly from vitality since it gives a flat bonus to hp. From what I see, I would basically be trading ~7% critical damage for ~2k extra health. Not particularly true. Yet in raids, you preferably don't use any of these defensives other than dodges. When adding crit chance increases, just multiply by 21 and use them in the bonus Precision cell.

Go Berserker.

cheaper option. The mild damage loss isn't really a problem on a mathematical level (none of the raids are that sensitive of a DPS check), the bigger issue is that you may have trouble finding a raid group that'll take you with a build that's not totally optimal. You still die, game is big damage enough to kill you regardless. But you aspire to raid or get into fractals, get berserker. Short answer, try going full glass, if you struggle, then add some HP. I have a set of both ascended berserker and marauder, sometimes it's just easier to use marauder for non-boss fights or in PvE blobs since in the latter it's often impossible to see anything anyways and you're more of a nuisance to be downed from stray hits.

Viper/Bers is the best in slot. And the +1 power backpack straps. Currently I have over 14k hp while still hitting 36k on golem.So, my recommendation is, if you want to be tankier but still have dmg, go for all zerker gear but maybe add one or two piece of Valkyrie (Power, Vit, Ferocity). Multiplicative bonuses like Scholar 6 are omitted because they don't affect the final DPS% difference. You see, when you use marauder you probably want to run something else instead of scholar (because if you are using the extra life you are not getting the scholar bonus).

Edit: Of course, make sure you don't exceed 100% crit with your party comp, and in a raid you'll need to account for your healer as well. I see that you plan to go toward fractals and so on, so your first ascended set should be gear that you can take to fractals. I am kind of baffled by the amount of people saying they didn't notice their 6%dmg loss at all but those +4k hp, 'I am immortal now' Not like you get oneshotted anywhere in daily fracs anymore, and when you do get oneshotted, adding some hp over a good dodge is kind of a bad decision imo. No time to look because I'm dead. Full berserker + currybutter+furious oil will result in a 0.78% dps increase over berserker/2 assassin accessory + currybutter+stone. Here's a spreadsheet comparing Berserker vs. Marauder. Honestly running with 12k HP is fine in PvE, just dodge. It's not like marauders will enable to to play completely without thinking. Stick with berserker. If you do not make a serious positionning error during a raid encounter and your raid healer is decent, 11k is going to be enough.

I am also running zerker weapons, so is it neccessary to swap them to assassins since I don't have the motivation for the assassin accessories? If most groups have a choice between a full Zerk Guard that says, "Yeah I'm fine in glass," or a half-Marauders Guard that says, "This helps me stay alive," they're probably going with the first guy. Very good advice for a thief main like me that is getting sad with the class I fell in love with., You'll start with Berserkers regardless because it's cheaper to craft but you don't really need the ascended armor until fractal 60~ iirc.