Notes: Because of the rules surrounding light vehicle modifications in Queensland, increases are heavily restricted. If your question or comment has gone, please feel free to repost it. For SSM we use this as the manufacturer and they retain compliance issues. AEV 3.5 inch kit with Bilstein 5160 shocks. Unless noted by the approving engineering signatory, the BTC remains unchanged, meaning the notional GCM increases in line with any GVM increase. For the purposes of this section though, if you increase your GVM usually your towing capacity has to reduce in order to maintain the original GCM. These are fantastic, but one has to wonder how much is too much? The decision was not retrospective – meaning it didn’t affect vehicles previously issued with GCM approved upgrades. – GCM=7000kg (minus ball weight of towed apparatus), CPA 47037 Mazda BT50 4×2 Hi-Rider to 3500kg. Buy tyres online and save up to 50% off RRP. Yes. Call 13 23 80 to find an "Approved Person" to certify modifications. For example, many dual cab utes have around a 1000kg payload, but if you drop that in the tray all the weight is sitting on the rear axle, and you’ll be over the rear axle rating, and thus illegal. If the engineers make no mention of a BTC downgrade then the vehicle can operate at the new GVM plus the manufactures BTC. Engineered and signed off by vic roads (2018) including the 37 inch tyres, lift and an 2950kg GVM upgrade. You'll find it on your registration papers. 4WD vehicles are designed for a certain job, and many will do it comfortably, and even beyond what they were designed for to a certain extent. (Original GVM is 3200kg). : to 3685kg). This means that the Lovells GVM/BTC upgrades for the LandCruiser 200 are still valid, and can still be sold on new and existing vehicles. This means that if, for example, you had a GVM upgrade assessed and approved by a NSW engineering signatory for registration in that state, that the NT Motor Registry would accept that report for transferring registration to the NT, and you would not need to have the vehicle re-assessed. No. Must be inspected, tested and approved by an Engineering Signatory. Also if you transfer registration of the vehicle to another state, it will require re-inspection and re-approval in the new state. Heavy Duty coil springs. None of the 4WD wagons ('Cruiser, Patrol, Prado etc) or the popular mid-size 4WD utes (Hilux, Navara, Ranger etc) have sufficient 'room' between their tare weight and their GVM to cope with the addition of typical accessories plus passengers, luggage and towball weight. Attend a testing track for brake and handling tests. This will be assessed by the DOT. Must be inspected/approved by a Chartered Professional Engineer, then vehicle inspected at an approved inspection station. The engineer will determine what testing is required. -GVM upgrade 3.76 ton - Duel long range fuel tanks - v8 turbo diesel - Snorkel - Side steps - Driver airbag - Limited slip diff (LSD) - Passenger airbag - Power steering - LED light bar - Seat Covers, Toyota dual-cab Landcruiser 2019.

GVM Upgrade using other suspension? JU Design can provide ATM upgrades to your caravan based on the major components of the vehicle.

Too high a ball weight could damage your tow bar, while too low a ball weight is also dangerous, as it is a major cause of instability and trailer sway. In the case of the 'Cruiser (pre-2016 facelift), no GCM was specified anywhere, so it was theoretically 6800/6850kg depending on the year. Under modification code LS11, You are essentially limited to fitting SSM upgrade kits, other than for small (10%) increases. upgrade(preregistration). It's important to understand the terms used in this article, so read these definitions in case you're unsure: Tare The tare weight is the standard unladen weight of your vehicle (or trailer) as specified by the manufacturer, with all oils and 10L of fuel in the tank.

GVM Upgrade using other suspension? 2011 Toyota Landcruiser Workmate (4x4) 5 Sp Manual C/chas, 2011 Model, 227,000km in excellent condition. Notes: "To upgrade the GVM of your vehicle you would need employ the services of a Chartered Professional Engineer. It is included when calculating the GVM of the tow vehicle. This would be subject to them reviewing the engineer's report, and there having been no changes to the vehicle since the original report was written. Yes.

The Lovells GVM upgrade suspension kits undergo a rigorous testing and government compliance process before being approved for sale and fitting by an authorised fitter such as Alderley Automotive. We are accredited and authorised fitters of Lovells GVM upgrade kits which provide a solution for a wide array of vehicles. Only increases if using SSM kits that already include an approved "GCM" increase. Yes. Lovells 2inch lift and GVM susp. Removable Aluminium Canopy: DC/DC charger, solar panel, USB ports, deep cycle battery, outboard motor slide, opening hat, Reliable 2011 Landcruiser workmate serviced regularly, not due again until 237km. The Northern Territory and Tasmania have restricted approval for some elements of weight changes for registered vehicles since the June Federal announcement. This may include testing of brakes and handling. GVM Upgrade using an SSM kit (post 1st rego)?

Tasmania no longer recognise Towing Capacity Upgrades over Original Equipment, however they do recognise a revised GCM. My engineer did not change the BTC, meaning the notional GCM increased along with the GVM, to 7300kg. 1 online truck marketplace. Must be inspected by Approved Vehicle Certifier. NSW, SA and VIC recognise a revised GCM and Towing Capacity Upgrade if endorsed by the inspecting engineering signatory. All major modifications have been installed by professionals. You can get GVM upgrades that give you 500kg extra, and that’s a huge amount especially on a dual cab ute where you already have a lot of weight behind the rear axles. Including geometry brackets and Hi steer kit. (Original GVM is 3200kg). Renew, update or cancel my vehicle registration; Get a driver licence; Buy, sell, or transfer a vehicle; Get updates on road projects and planning; Work on a state highway ; Traffic delays at Midway Point in October. Engineered and signed off by vic roads(2018) including the 37 inch tyres, lift and an 2950kg GVM upgrade. The Northern Territory will not permit GCM or towing upgrades, while Tasmania will not approve towing capacity upgrades (but will accept GCM upgrades). (Original GVM is 3400kg)- GCM=7700kg(minus ball weight of towed apparatus), CPA 25742, Toyota Landcruiser LC79 Cab Chassis 4dr Dual Cab MY18 to 4200kg. And it's likely that every engineer will also have slightly different requirements. The vehicle was loaded to the proposed GVM (3800kg) using weights and sand bags. GCM=7000kg (minus ball weight of towed apparatus), CPA 47037 Mazda BT50 4×4 to 3500kg. Some differences are major, some are minor.

In the case of fitting an exact SSM-approved kit, this may mean you don't even need to have the vehicle inspected by an engineering signatory. You cannot exceed this (although many do) without having an unroadworthy vehicle, and essentially voiding your insurance, warranty and potentially putting you in a very risky legal position if someone is injured in relation to your vehicle. Genuine 14,300 kilometres. Do you know what your 4WD weighs? If you are looking at getting a GVM upgrade, think very carefully about how far your manufacturers design is going to stretch, before something lets go! Lots of highway driving around Tasmania.

If you have the kit professionally installed, this certification is usually part of the installation process. This is the maximum weight of your trailer (including the ball weight), as specified by the trailer manufacturer. Our crew are skilled technicians and can provide the correct advice on upgrading your vehicle to achieve maximum GVM, pre or post registration. So you'd think that by installing a similarly rated suspension kit from any manufacturer, the engineering approval process would be relatively simple. Yes. These are most of them as listed. You see, every 4WD is designed to a certain level, and while many of the better quality units will go beyond their original design intention there comes a point where the likelyhood of failure is greatly increased. In many cases (ours included) this is just a set of new springs and shock absorbers, as part of a nationally recognised kit. Australia's No.1 place to buy, sell or research a boat, and read all the latest news and reviews. The operator would not connect me to the Vehicle Standards section. Enter the world of GVM upgrades; a common modification for all different types of 4WD vehicles. Driving style plays a huge role in ensuring your vehicle lasts, and even more so if you have a heavy 4WD. (minus ball weight of towed apparatus), CPA 25742-8 Toyota Landcruiser LC76 Series 4 door Wagon to 3660kg.

In-use vehicles registered in NSW, Victoria, SA and WA can also continue to have their GVM, GCM and towing upgrades approved at state level. New Battery, 2010 Toyota LandCruiser WORKMATE Manual Ute, Reliable 2010 Landcruiser workmate serviced regularly, not due again until 260km, brakes and tyres were done in March. Yes. Must be inspected and approved by an Engineering Signatory. You can buy relatively inexpensive scales to measure the ball weight of your trailer, and I strongly recommend buying a set. Yes. GVM Upgrade using an SSM kit (post 1st rego)? The testing consisted of: Present certificate to RMS for update of registration details. Yes. (Original GVM is 3200kg).

Automatic nationwide approval and no arguments over GCM. Look at the following example using a LandCruiser 200 GXL: Depending on timing and your location, there are a few different options available to increase the legal GVM of your vehicle: Some suspension manufacturers produce kits with federal approval for an increase in GVM. GCM stands for Gross Combination Mass. The Northern Territory and Tasmania have restricted approval for some elements of weight changes for registered vehicles since the June Federal announcement. Effect on BTC / "GCM"? Notes: The NT will also generally accept the report of an engineering signatory who is approved with an interstate registration authority. Some GVM upgrades change more than suspension, but its not normally the case. GVM Upgrade using an SSM kit (post 1st rego)? It’s a fair chunk, but its not a massive amount and it stays within the axle ratings of the OEM. How much weight in addition to the factory GVM is too much? Yes. Australia's No.1 place to buy, sell or research a car, and read all the latest news and reviews. Understanding the theory behind GVM upgrades is essential for road safety and compliance with all relevant regulations. If you wish to install an SSM GVM upgrade kit, Complete list of ACT engineering signatories, John Wilson, from AKZ Vehicle Engineering, Complete list of engineering signatories (PDF), Transport QLD vehicle modification information, Dept Planning, Transport & Infrastructure, State Growth - Vehicle Registration and Standards, Provide the engineer with details of all vehicle modifications, Obtain a weighbridge ticket showing current Tare weight, Have vehicle inspected by the engineer to check modifications, lighting and general compliance with ADRs. Lots of highway driving around Tasmania. What's the issue with the LandCruiser 200's GVM? Australia’s No.1 place to buy, sell and research new and used farm machinery and livestock. GVM upgrades are a bit more straightforward on unregistered vehicles but can be done on registered vehicles through the process of consulting an engineer who is approved to assess and certify vehicle modifications, as mentioned above. Second stage manufacturers are not permitted to increase the towing capacity as part of an SSM IPA that results in GVM upgrade,” it stated in Section 10.6, of the 0-4-6 circular issued in June. Must be inspected by an Approved Person. The most likely requirement will be to have the vehicle inspected and tested by an engineering signatory.