Guinea pigs can produce an odor, however it’s usually a result of a dirty cage, poor guinea pig care, or an illness & not the guinea pig itself. In guinea pigs with an active grease gland, they may begin to have a build up of this waxy material that can lead to a stench if it’s not addressed. can try to litter-train your guinea pig at any stage of their life. Now you can cover the paper with bedding of your choice. to start as soon as you get your guinea pig, for the best luck. Once the bedding is gone, you will want confine them to a room, and make sure that they use the litter box. Firstly, remove any uneaten fresh vegetables, fruits, or treats lying around the cage. foods, help them to groom if necessary, keep their bedding and cage clean, and Their personal hygiene is your responsibility and you’ll need to provide the correct living conditions and diet to reduce an unwanted smell coming from your Guinea Pig. The story of how guinea pigs became one of the worlds... At Pets Get Started we’re committed to helping beginner pet owners, like you, find the answers to your pet questions. Potatoes, for instance, contain far too Guinea pigs are no exception. But it wasn't always this way. (Avoid Unsafe IdeasMale vs Female Guinea Pig: Which guinea pig gender is better? And, if you want to have guests over, it is always a good idea to try to keep their noses happy. particularly fresh-smelling environment either, as you can imagine. Pea Flakes are great for bonding and training guinea pigs. Guinea pigs themselves do not smell, but are often blamed for the odor coming from the buildup of waste in their cage or other contributing factors that can result in a lingering smell. I like to use an old newspaper on the base of the cage. However, as they age, any milk products will start giving them digestive issues. You can also use a store-bought cleaning spray to wash the cage if that's what you prefer.

Our site intends to provide you with the most accurate and updated information about guinea pigs. This location might be either the play area of your Guinea pig, a small temporary cage, or any open-top box-like container which can hold them for a while. Not all bedding is created equal.

But, this is much like asking if people smell or stink. If your guinea pig's ears smell bad or are red, schedule an exam with your veterinarian; they may have an ear infection. The main ones are inadequate cage maintenance, certain illnesses, and improper care. Also, sweep the bottom of the enclosure using a brush to scrub off any litter remaining. to give the cage a good spray-down. like. Glad you asked. You see, fiber is the main thing that In fact, more often To most of us, our furry friends are family, and we accept them for what they are. Get an adequate size cage for your guinea pig; This shall reduce the mess you need to deal with every day. Guinea pigs are prone to diarrhea, scurvy, respiratory issues, infections, and infestations of fungus, mites, or lice. Most of the time, what you are smelling is not your guinea pig itself. Some long hair guinea pigs have a hard time keeping themselves clean due to their long grown hairs, which might also be a reason for the foul smell. Our site doesn’t provide you with any medical advice for your guinea pigs. But this looser stool also is stinkier, and makes your guinea pig smell as well. One sign your guinea pig is ill is a change in stool consistency.

(Signs+Treatment), Why Does My Guinea Pig Have Eye Boogers? As we've said, the odor from your pet's cage can be a result of various reasons. I have made a list of reasons your guinea pig might smell, and how to remove the bad odor. Do Guinea Pigs Blink | Have you seen them do it? Yes, Sometimes the males do smell worse than a female does. Wheek wheek!