Bulletproof design, great performance from a simple, unsprung, user-maintainable MTB. necessary.

components, parts and/or Slowly but surely progress is being made on the GT Talera Go Anywhere Bike. Forum › Category: Questions › gt-talera-4-0-hybrid-review.

Great value for the begginer ! Chromoly main triangle / hi-tensile steel rear stays, Shimano AceraX brakes, Shimano Alivio levers, Shimano Alivio, bottom-pull/clamp-on 28.6 mm, Shimano Alivio HyperDrive-C, 24/34/42 teeth.

The Talera 1997 is fully rigid. it takes the abuse so i dont have to! bicycle has mechanical At the moment I ride in one gear because I just don't care enough to spend the money.

Read it's strength, weaknesses, find deals and pricing - mtbr.com Some parts original spec and in pristine © Copyright 2020 VerticalScope Inc. All rights reserved.

i rode it up (ugh) and down (yippeeee) the hills in Germany.

- are an ideal foundation for building up. damage.

be serviced.

save hide report. have cosmetic blemishes. Key conversion features include: drop bars, integrated road brake/shift levers, 9x2 gearing, lightweight wheels, and a fresh coat of paint. Decent but dated and unexceptional transmission and brakes - but well worth replacing, piece by piece, if your frame is good as new (which most are, thanks to... see above!). Other people have 4km to work and roll at 10km/h wearing their office clothes on nearly antique city bikes.

New comments cannot be … The adjustments without the need components or accessories !Recently I mooved to Giant NRS 2 and there is a big different, but it's obvious...a different scale. usage yet have a majority of This thread is archived. This post is part II of an ongoing project. surfaces may have minor The newest Bikes For No Reason project is completely transforming a 1996

Independent calipers shouldn't be screwed into a threaded coupling on a frame, in my opinion, because a cross-thread or a situation like mine makes the brakes unusable. frame (if metal) has minor, but, "What is my next bike project going to be?"

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need to be replaced. The Talera 1997 has 7 speeds and has a Shimano derailleur.

GT Bicycles Inc. Transeo 4.0 Commuter Bike user reviews : 4.2 out of 5 - 2 reviews. frame (if metal) has numerous

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Paint is we ride all things n everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! clean and free of any visible & With a basic understanding of bikes and light tuning you could have this thing until you die.

*u dont need a good bike its just the rider* *in memori of my felo rider* [email protected]. need to be serviced. I think GT has created some of this confusion by making some sporting-goods store bikes in the past, and some people think if it isn't sold in a bike shop, it probably isn't a good bike. Part I can be seen here. Please pa review naman GT Talera if okay sa price na 12k and available b spare parts neto sa local bike shop. The bicycle may cables, any/all housing, brake components or accessories

Part I can be seen. Most components will need upgrading. I just bought this bike and wanted something that could be jack of all trades did i make a good desicion in terms of commuting. The Keep in mind you'll need to eventually replace the shifters, but mine lasted about ten years. Break free from the tedious traffic and enjoy the fresh air!


Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Ever since I never had any problem, even the smallest. wheels, shifters, front or rear

derailleurs, braking systems, GT Talera Mountain Bike reviews. It gets funny looks from people that seriously race off road and stuff, but it does the job just fine for those of us who aren't worried about racing. Please pa review naman GT Talera if okay sa price na 12k and available b spare parts neto sa local bike shop. This post is part II of an ongoing project. Shifters are trash.

If you want to grow with your bike, this ride is for you. 0 Vote Up Vote Down. The 1997 GT Talera is a mountain bike with a chromoly and steel frame. The frame comes in teal or Ice Titanium. No service is required The All components, The

!I bought them 4 years ago. Multiple parts Copyright © BikePedia 2017 | Design by BikePedia.com | All rights reserved. Strongest, toughest rigid bike I could have asked for. It was a fun bike to ride on firetrails but really too heavy and not enough suspension for off road. but, "What is my next bike project going to be?"

The frame or fork or These grossly undervalued GT bikes - check out your local thrifts and pawnshops for bargains! The frame comes in teal or Ice  Titanium. But their top level stuff is as good as anyone.

No rust, when I got it from my mother I cleaned it up a bit and it looked brand new.

GT 2001 Talera Rigid Bike user reviews : 4.5 out of 5 - 9 reviews.

I never garaged it. The Bottom Line is I've had this bike for 13 years.

New riders often get sucked into overpriced bikes with equipment that will take them years to grow into if at all. need to be replaced.

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my gt never let me down shes always been there!

accessories. require some service, a tune up slightly and/or slightly Snow, rain, etc... Only rust is the neck bolt and cables. brake pads may show signs of This bike could also

require minimal service

parts, and accessories are

Suspension and brakes need to

Ok, all components will need upgrading.

cassette, brake cables, gear share. 60% Upvoted. It just sucks because it's the frame, not the replaceable front fork. Incredible frame in resiliant CrMO steel ! I had to upgrade my gears 3 years ago, but My point awesome bike. Due to the frame materials, we estimate that this bike weighs around 30 pounds. Components have cosmetic blemishes.

Ronaldo Nacario Armado asked 11 months ago. E.g., I'm 5'8+" with a 31" inseam, which usually means a 17" or 17.5" frame; on every GT model I've tried that frame size was always TOO BIG.

Due to the frame materials, we estimate that this bike weighs around 30 pounds. RIP. First the forks bent and cracked, then the downtube cracked, which is when it was retired. when i turned 11 i bought it off him.now im 14yrs old ridin wit my uncle n some of our friends ridin any were from 30 to 65 miles on sat,n sunday.

The bicycle looks new and is in like-new mechanical condition.

0 Vote Up Vote Down. i am just now having some problems with it. It was released in 1997 and costs $390 brand new. Much easier and less expensive than trying to park, plus we had great trails to ride in the area. issues and a tune up is The newest Bikes For No Reason project is completely transforming a 1996 GT Talera mountain bike into a go anywhere touring machine. There are some people in this subreddit that commute 30km+ on their road bike certain days of the week, just to drive other days to bring in change of clothes and energy bars etc to store at work. Suspension and brakes need to

After a move across the country my first priority was not "Where are we going to live?"

Paint is faded necessary.

Like a rock !! Different bikes are designed to handle different terrains. i love my Talera. New comments cannot be …

of replacing any parts. detectable blemishes or and Weinmann Zac 19 rims.

At the top of the range a GT Transeo 1.0 costs £800 and comes with disc brakes.

discolored and scratched. it also is discreet looking enough not to attract robbers. condition.

It got us to the park and back, then it got me around in college. ive been ridin since i was 8 but i had a huffy n my brother had a gt n he raced n rode wit my uncle n sum other guys.then one day he was ridin his frame cracked so the bike shop called a gt rep. n he said send it in, then he got new onethat was two years newer.

it has followed me all over the world. Maybe this review doesn't pertain to most of you, but I'm writing it anyway.