Wallilabou Anchorage, St. Vincent, Karibik: Fluch der Karibik. Adam flew in from Grand Forks, ND and Dan drove up from Anchorage. You may bring your own dog if you like or hunt over one of ours. Basic wilderness navigation skills are mandatory, and always carry some amount of survival and first aid supplies. This richness in diversity also creates a wealth of complications for those who would like to hunt upland birds in the Last Frontier, and deciphering the season dates, huntable areas, daily limits, and everything else that goes into planning a hunt can seem daunting. Wednesday. By this time more ptarmigan had migrated into the area and While we hunted caribou our SMs stayed just north of Fairbanks at the Northern Pet Care Kennel Be on the lookout for them while hunting for ruffed grouse, as it is common to encounter both on a hunt. and suggested I contact Roger Hull the President of the Greatland NAVHDA Chapter in Anchorage.

owned and operated by Bob & Sharon Sjordal. Most of the low brush you see in the pictures are willows. They are known to be drawn to the state’s limited agricultural areas; however, the most accessible places for hunters to find them are freshly overgrown wildfire burns, and on the sparser periphery of ruffed grouse habitat. born at Lynn Arne's kennel in South Dakota. Get your legs in shape and Break a few clays and sign up for what is likely to be another fantastic season next year because bird numbers usually stay stable for decades. The girls adapted very easily to the terrain. There are literally millions of acres like this to hunt. dogs had a blast exploring and swimming while Marti and I picked 15 gallons of blue berries. up to me and asked if my dogs were Small Munsterlanders.

Fortunately we were able to pull most of them out and continue hunting. None of the dogs that I am aware of had side effects from this encounter. As a result much of the better ruffed grouse habitat was also occupied by moose Then those windrows were burned. We will spend 2 days in Interior Alaska hunting willow and rock ptarmigan (with some ruffed grouse and spruce grouse possibilities) and then travel 300 miles south to coastal Alaska.

“Those SM get around don’t they!”, Kathy and John Sarvis, JayDee,: Anchorage, AK. The What I was told is anywhere you see yellow leaves is ruff grouse hunting territory. fortunate enough to put up a few as I hunted my way out of the state, on the way home. ALLGEMEINES Wetter und Verhältnisse können zu Programm- oder Routenänderungen führen. first spruce grouse. The grassy area is tundra. We fished the Yukon River delta region north and west of If you plan on hunting the winter and spring ptarmigan seasons, you need to educate yourself on avalanches as well.

scenery was breath taking and the dogs got all the exercise they needed. When you’re along ways away from home, there Adam and Oz search for ptarmigan in the tundra and willows, August 11th, Adam and the girls first day of ptarmigan hunting in Alaska. Alaska, for the vastness of its offerings, has a very simple licensing structure when it comes to small game hunting. Winter was just around the corner at the higher elevations of the Denali Highway.

He hunts and lives out of a converted van that he purpose built for his pursuits, and can be found anywhere from the Midwest to the deserts of Arizona, and as far north as Alaska. Originally a fisherman and grouse hunter from Norther Minnesota, he spends his seasons traveling across the country in search of upland birds and waterfowl with his beloved labrador Watson. You may be flown from the lodge, by floatplane, into the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, to a permitted area on the Chugach National Forest or West of the Alaska Range by your pilot guide, Bob Ledda in our Dehavilland Beaver. Dan and I had the opportunity to spend an afternoon with Leola and her three children at their Known as sort of a poor man’s turkey hunt, stalking the males and honing in on them in their tree top hideouts is the best way to find them. the caribou hunt, including what the terrain was like, equipment needs and he even volunteered He was also very helpful and offered to take us ptarmigan hunting if his schedule allowed. Hat tricks (all 3 species in one day) were accomplished this year. I also came across a book authored by Jim McCann titled Upland Hunting in Alaska, The Bird If you’re in search of them look for densely wooded spruce forest with some habitat diversity. In a simplistic sense, anywhere there’s a mountain you can find ptarmigan. All three of the dogs we had down at the time YouTube videos lead to arrest of Anchorage man for roadside grouse hunting. as you can see, most of the leaves where still on the trees. My SMs had never hunted this type Since his there are three. spruce grouse was again a learning experience. Arizona is the next stop for JayDee. I would like to introduce you to them! A final consideration for the wing shooting enthusiast is Spruce Grouse hunting. the decision to accompany them was not hard. Spruce grouse harvested along the Elliott Highway. Notice the snow covered mountains in the background. ruffed grouse hunters’ frustrations. We had a very nice visit. *The bird hunting season dates, game bird species available, and other information is subject to change. A rest stop along the Alaska Highway. For grouse species most units have daily bag limits ranging from five to 15 per day, with some zones having an additional regulation that only two birds of the daily limit may be ruffed grouse. Written by Scott Johnson| August 5, 2020| Taking a break. Then we had to pack them out! Alaska - West of north in “the Last Frontier,” lies the answer to your dreams! The Kenai River offers decent duck hunting for Puddle Ducks.