Both happen to be spies, though neither spouse is aware of the others occupation. Does that answer your question? Muse B is Muse A’s ex spouse who tends to find themselves in trouble without even trying. #just a bunch of youths hunting ghouls and ghosts, #but really all they've got is each other, #I want this and I'm not a fan of any in the tags tbh, #idk if anyone even looks in that tag but !!! i wanted to put some general ideas out into the rp world to help out my fam with older muses! ❤️. *Numbers are subject to change depending on the interest. A Whole New World: Muse A is royalty but they are tired of the constant rules and they feel suffocated.

* - [Codename: Up To Player], _______ Parker - FC Options: Dylan O'Brien, Nolan Gerard Funk, Gregg Sulkin, Grant Gustin, Colton Haynes - [Codename: Up To Player], _______ Barnes-Rogers - FC Options: Lucas Till, Mason Dye, Brett Davern, Hunter Parrish, Sam Clafin  - [Codename: Up To Player], _______ Munroe - FC Options: Micheal B. Jordan, Sinqua Walls, Jacob Artist, Tristan Wilde, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett. Maybe some of them know each other from childhood, maybe some of them have just been thrown together by circumstance. wanting their relationship to work, muse a tries and has tried everything there is but, muse b makes it clear they could careless of the effort. I’ve been meaning to present my idea to you guys and I finally had enough courage. (played by ___), The Vampire:  is called ____ portrayed by ____ and they could be best described as a  _____. Not all members will be active at all times, and all are essentially affilliated-but-independent blogs.

In this roleplay, we offer a safe and enjoyable community for those who want to develop characters, play their plots and explore their characters. is anyone interested in f/f ships on discord where we have channels for worldbuilding, a channel for aesthetics, character building channels… and have threads with replies that are one or two paragraphs? - [Codename: Up To Player], _______ Munroe - FC Options: Normani Kordei, Jessica Kennedy Parker, Keke Palmer, Zoe Kravitz, Kat Graham. like the whole ‘look at us trying to tackle the world but fails lol let’s grab a beer’ vibe?? It’s not really formed right now so this is more just to see if anyone is interested. All updates can be found in the Cherryvale Updates tag on my blog, and applications can be sent here. And will Muse A find out Muse B was using them? Can write smut but I’m feeling fluff mostly. member input will heavily influence plots & events as i’d like to make sure it’s an enjoyable experience for everyone. Muse A goes to sleep on Christmas Eve after a long night of work. Muse A has kidnapped Muse B, not out of vengeance or for ransom, but because they think they love Muse B. Muse A is delusional and believes that the only way that they can be together is if they keep Muse B locked up in their home, unable to escape or call for help.