All other statistical information on the demographics of the migrant Chateau Amboise: Death and Intrigue in Loire Valley, Discover Canberra’s Hidden Sculpture Garden. By telling us your country of residence we are able to provide you with the most relevant travel insurance information. Before I travel I always try to learn two phrases (beyond please and thank you); “coffee with milk” and “where is the bathroom?”. Whether you’re trekking in from Kalaw, or hiring a wooden boat to float around the lake, Inle has a whole lot going on. It’s polite to address a person based on their seniority and age in Myanmar. What’s your name? There is something to take note. It's just good manners! Basic Myanmar Greetings and Travel Phrases. Myanmar is a multi-ethnic nation with around 100 ethnic groups. Local Worlds: Speaking and Getting Around, Basic Myanmar Greetings and Travel Phrases, Best Burmese Phrasebooks and Dictionaries. Please provide your email to receive your eBook download and receipt. The name of Burmese currency used in Myanmar is the Kyat (K) ကျပ်, pronounced “chat” as in a conversation, not as in the French word for cat. This is a better way to learning. If you’ve enjoyed my Burmese phrases travel blog, share it with your friends now.

Hi, I’m Monique. Always hand over money with your right hand, and put your left hand on your elbow to show respect. To stay up-to-date on all things WanderTours, follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our blog via email or RSS. My Name is _____: (Male) Ja nor na meh ____ ba/ (Female) Ja ma nau na meh ____ ba. Post navigation Previous Post Education System in Myanmar Next Post Myanmar Decides to Import Timber to Save its Forests Click on my ultimate itinerary for one, two or three days in the largest archaeological site in the world: For another spectacular and must-see Asian temple, see the world’s largest Buddhist temple, Borobodur. So here is a simple guide to useful Burmese language phrases you can use on your next trip to Myanmar. Visiting Bagan? See you soon for more videos about Burmese language. Guide to travel, doing business, and studying in Myanmar - culture, greetings, gestures, etiquette, taboos, negotiations, gift-giving, and more.

Greetings & Wishes in BURMESE. Such a practical and useful post. Basic Conversational Burmese with Script in PDF format and Audio in Zip file. : Nah meh be lou kor d’le? Contact us for full details. They don’t kill meat and there are always vegetarian dishes around.

I’m a cultural anthropologist and I have lived all over the world. Burmese Phrases.

I also try and learn ‘gin and tonic’! This second part addresses common English words and how to say those in Burmese. I created Trip Anthropologist for curious and intelligent travelers like you who want to be more than just tourists. I always try to learn a bit of the language in the country I am visiting , I wish I’d had this when I visited Burma 6 about 5 years ago! May I take a photograph? 28/02/2020 Admin Tag a friend, Tag facebook friends, Tag fb friends, Tag your friends. ကော်ဖီ ရှိသလား, Paiq-san shin-meh          ပိုက်ဆံ ရှင်းမယ်, Beh-lauq ca-dhaleh          ဘယ်လောက် ကျသလဲ, Lap’eq-ye-zain                လက်ဖက်ရည်ဆိုင်, Gyin-hnin-louq-thu-mya   ဂျင်နှင့်လုပ်သူများ, Se-youn thwa-ya-deh            ဆေးရုံ  သွားရတယ်, Se-zain beh-hma-leh          ဆေးဆိုင်  ဘယ်မှာလဲ. linguistic, religious and ethnic demographics are based on unless otherwise stated. Congratulations In BURMESE: How to say hello Hi in Burmese language: Get well soon in Burmese language: Good morning in Burmese language: Good Night in Burmese …

To greet monks, place your hands together in prayer position, hold them at face level and bow deeply. The latest version of PDF file including Lesson 2a, 2b, and 2c is available for download.. For lists of phrases, try Wikitravel or Omniglot. 1   (၁)          tit                      တစ်, 2  (၂)          hnit                   နှစ်, 4  (၄)          lei                    လေး, 7    (၇)        kunnit             ခုနှစ်, 8  (၈)         shit                  ရှစ်, 9    (၉)       ko                     ကိုး, 100  (၁၀၀)    ta-ya                 တစ်ရာ, 1000  (၁၀၀၀)   ta-daun            တစ်ထောင်, 10,000  (၁၀၀၀၀)    ta-thaun       တစ်သောင်း. A great idea. We were there for 3 weeks a few years back and it remains one of the highlights of all our travels.