Furthermore, the energy consumption of the Zeta building has been lower than that of the Alpha building every year since its construction. "Of the two leading real estate firms in our town — Adams Realty and Fitch Realty — Adams Realty is clearly superior. Write a response in which you examine the stated and/or unstated assumptions of the argument. Because of these trends, we can safely predict that this region will experience an increased demand for heating oil during the next five years.".

A response that does not fully address the task may not receive a 5 or 6. "In an effort to improve our employees' productivity, we should implement electronic monitoring of employees' Internet use from their workstations. Instead, we should adopt a news-and-talk format, a form of radio that is increasingly popular in our area.

But they seem to have limited interest in music: several local stores selling recorded music have recently closed. A study reports that in nearby East Meria, where fish consumption is very high, people visit the doctor only once or twice per year for the treatment of colds. You’ve read through top tips from experts on how to ace the GRE Argument task. Such data, plus the fact that Alpha has a stable workforce with little employee turnover, indicate that we should use Alpha rather than Zeta for our contemplated new building project. Thus, all colleges and universities should adopt honor codes similar to Groveton's in order to decrease cheating among students. ", "Ten years ago our company had two new office buildings constructed as regional headquarters for two different regions. Did you back up your stance with specific examples?

During the past two years, tourism in Ocean View has increased, new businesses have opened there, and Ocean View's tax revenues have risen by 30 percent. In the past two years, however, there has been only a small increase in the number of visitors to Central Plaza, and litter and vandalism are still problematic. ", "In a controlled laboratory study of liquid hand soaps, a concentrated solution of extra strength UltraClean hand soap produced a 40 percent greater reduction in harmful bacteria than did the liquid hand soaps currently used in our hospitals. The local health club, which nearly closed five years ago due to lack of business, has more members than ever, and the weight-training and aerobics classes are always full. Thus, ski resorts should ban snowboarding on their mountains to reduce the number of ski injuries. Thus, to reduce the number of serious injuries from bicycle accidents, the government should concentrate more on educating people about bicycle safety and less on encouraging or requiring bicyclists to wear helmets.". Except for a few complaints about low water pressure, no problems with showers have been reported since the adjustment. Arctic deer live on islands in Canada's arctic regions. Many area residents are keen bicyclists. Therefore, the total demand for electricity in our area will not increase — and may decline slightly. Because of these trends, we predict an increased demand for heating oil and recommend investment in Consolidated Industries, one of whose major business operations is the retail sale of home heating oil.". A better alternative is to add a bicycle lane to Blue Highway. Two years ago, radio station WCQP in Rockville decided to increase the number of call-in advice programs that it broadcast; since that time, its share of the radio audience in the Rockville listening area has increased significantly. When you take the GRE Verbal test, one of the essay questions will ask you to analyze an argument. The council of Maple County, concerned about the county's becoming overdeveloped, is debating a proposed measure that would prevent the development of existing farmland in the county. Several recent studies have shown a link between health and stair usage. It is true that the symphony struggled financially for many years, but last year private contributions to the symphony increased by 200 percent and attendance at the symphony's concerts-in-the-park series doubled. The following essay is one possible response to the argument.

The following practice question is similar to what you will find on the test. "We recommend that Grove College preserve its century-old tradition of all-female education rather than admit men into its programs. Yet there are no currently operating city restaurants whose specialty is seafood.

Therefore, to prevent serious patient infections, we should supply UltraClean at all hand-washing stations throughout our hospital system.". Moreover, Adams' revenue last year was twice as high as that of Fitch and included home sales that averaged $168,000, compared to Fitch's $144,000. Be sure to state what specific information would need to be included to bolster the argument. "When XYZ lays off employees, it pays Delany Personnel Firm to offer those employees assistance in creating résumés and developing interviewing skills, if they so desire. Grilldon is in a region of the nation in which the hobby business has increased by 300 percent during the past decade. The following practice question is similar to what you will find on the test. The following is part of a memorandum from the president of Humana University. GRE Argument Essay Samples. Moreover, Easy Read would cost Acme only $500 per employee — a small price to pay when you consider the benefits.

Lookout for assumptions, in how writer moves from evidence to conclusion. that the logic of the argument falls apart or is invalid or is unsound, that the state and city are spending their funds unnecessarily.

"For many years the city of Grandview has provided annual funding for the Grandview Symphony. Experts believe that a significant contributing factor in many accidents is fatigue caused by sleep deprivation among workers. This difference in pest damage is best explained by the negligence of Fly-Away. This is a “time valve” paragraph–that is, only write it if you have plenty of time to spare. Furthermore, several doctor's offices are reporting that residents of stairs-only buildings scored higher than average on questionnaires administered to new patients, in which the patients were asked to rate several aspects of their own health (e.g., fitness, sleep quality, susceptibility to injury, etc.).

A second study shows that elderly residents of buildings with elevators make, on average, twice as many visits to doctors each year as do residents of buildings without elevators. Each Argument topic consists of a passage that presents an argument followed by specific task instructions that tell you how to analyze the argument.

At the same time, we can reduce funding for athletic playing fields and other recreational facilities. Employees who use the Internet from their workstations need to be identified and punished if we are to reduce the number of work hours spent on personal or recreational activities, such as shopping or playing games. Nature's Way, a chain of stores selling health food and other health-related products, is opening its next franchise in the town of Plainsville. Furthermore, researchers have uncovered simple tools, such as stone knives, that could be used for hunting. However, at some of our recent meetings we failed to make important decisions because of the foolish objections raised by committee members who are not even residents of Oak City. Finally, continuous news stations in neighboring cities have been very successful. Laid-off employees have benefited greatly from Delany's services: last year those who used Delany found jobs much more quickly than did those who did not.