Are there just not a lot of purple keycaps or can you guys list a few more options for me? I still have not tried enjoy PBT caps, but there is little interest based off my past pbt experiences. Cheap ABS might be the worst. These are limited run key caps that people buy in advance and wait months before they receive it. If only someone could do the same thing as GMK is doing but with PBT (which is a challenge on it's own). Because I wanted to clean my fingertips on my pants every 5 minutes. 24.4k. I purchased two pbt sets and quickly sold them. So GMK keycaps are the original cherry profile. save hide report. I know of GMK mitolet, first love, vaporwave and hyperfuse origins. PBT isn't always better than ABS, there are trade offs/personal preference for both. View entire discussion ( 12 comments) More posts from the MechanicalKeyboards community. Press J to jump to the feed.

Do you have an example image for that? GMK Bento will open for GB on Monday. I see a lot of hype behind these keycaps and a price tag to match it. I also hated the thought of ruining my keycaps while gaming (which would give an uneven shine on the left side). share. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, With more recent technology and like 80$ of budget you will really get a decent PBT set that's not affected by any of these issues. Where can I find these keycaps 1. Originative has quite a few you can buy now. At a decent price. They are beautiful and make me happy when I look at them. ABS is few and far inbetween. It's nice on a light typing board. But that's not always a bad thing, some people even dig a good consistence shine all over there boards.

The goal of this subreddit is to provide daily links to interesting mechanical keyboard content. I think enjoyPBT should be on the par with GMK in terms of quality, but maybe not with the coloring or customization. But I absolutely hated the abs feeling and ultra smooth texture. Again no offense but I think these issue you mentioned are generally only present with really cheap or vintage PBT sets. GMK Keycaps are usually group buys from my experience, some on massdrop and various other mechanical keyboard sites.

Like people have said, outside of buying aftermarket, you usually have to join a groupbuy.

Cherry sold their original doubleshot keycap molds to GMK. Hi, it appears you may be new to this subreddit! 21.4k comments. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. When you search up "purple GMK keycaps" into reddit, not a lot of variation comes up., and you can check reddit, massdrop, or geekhack for new sets in GB. I have a set of enjoyPBT blanks that are really nice to type on, and even the 30 dollar TaiHao keycaps don't really have any warping on the spacebar (although the textures on TaiHao feels horrible). New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the MechanicalKeyboards community, Continue browsing in r/MechanicalKeyboards. I know right! Other GBs that are currently still open for purchasing off the top of my head include GMK DMG and GMK TA 90, although they will be priced higher due to the actual GB period being over. edited 1 year ago. Like most people already said: it's about the quality and consistency. Just joined both subreddits, thanks for the info. EDIT: GMK Shoko is still open for orders. 1) they r never instock they r a grp buy item .unless u buy off a user on r/mechmarket 2) grpp buy price is around 130 bucks for base kit if u dont get them in grp buy then there is mark up. Then kbdfans announced epbt 9009 and after a lot of hesitation I bought that.

I would still buy a GMK set if it was a sweet colorway, GMK Olivia I would have loved to have for example.

If that is the case your going to have to look at the after market like r/mechmarket. Wide range of colors with deep saturation (not possible with PBT), Perfectly straight spacebars (no warping frequently present in PBT), 1.5mm thick caps (similar to ePBT and much thicker than Tai Hao), Also no warping of any sort, which is always present on PBT. I've heard they're great quality but can never find them anywhere to buy for retail.

because people will spend too much money on "limited run" type shit. Keyboard lovers Clicking and Clacking in a content rich, friendly place. And yes if you put them through daily use they will shine rather quickly. I finally had some peace of mind now that I wasn't ruining my expensive keycaps with skin oils. Thanks I made a geek hack about a year ago and just got back on there yesterday. Epbt is just a perfect price/performance ratio. I saw a stepped-capslock keycap from GMK First Love that was melted and warped. Dye sub legends fading away? How would I know ahead of time if a GMK set is being released, and where are they usually sold?