Select Character. The top ability is awesome for helping us get the most from all our Retaliates. The only card you have which generates Wind is Leaping Cleave, so you’ll need that card in your hand too.

We have other moves though so we can live without it.

This heal for 5 would actually be pretty helpful.

Make sure you’re the closest ally to the monsters and they can’t resist going for you! Our movement isn’t amazing, so we need some help with it. A useful Move 3 with Jump with is really helpful to navigate through monsters that will be crowding around you. It’s at the top of a card though, which doesn’t sit hugely well with me.

Mainly, I discarded all retaliate cards – they are very situational and you never know when you play them, if they will have good usage – I prefer simply attacking then waiting to be hit That is why Eye for Eye and Wall of Doom are quickly put aside. Use Balanced Measure after a high movement ability boosted by the Boots of Striding for some epic damage. The move 4 here without a loss is awesome. you effectively loses 4 rounds in the scenario: On the other hand, if you play the same lost card near the end of the scenario, level 2 Following this keep adding enemy buff cards to disarm, muddle and stun. We are a tank. Thank you! Brute Level 7 – click to enlarge. Its top ability includes an attack 2 and it isn’t a cool card as it may seem initially. Take “ignore negative items effect” because the armour is essential for your character which is then followed by the shield.

But adding a Curse card to the monster modifier deck equals zero damage at whatever level you are. We need this card in our hand. It’s not worth it. Overall, the low initiative and top ability make it a decent card. Maximize your Trample move with the Boost of Striding for +2 movement, giving you 6 movement. That was fun, a lot of fun but now it is time to try more subtle play-style – this time Angry Face. So put yourself in the way. A top ability to immobilize 2 enemies and no card loss sounds good but you can get only 4 damage. Because we’re going for a tank build we don’t have a huge amount of damage-dealing abilities. Great ability for a damage-dealing Brute build. Like any Gloomhaven class, it makes sense to spend your upgrades on the cards that are going to be around for a long time to get the best return on your investment. It doesn’t do anything super fancy but Grab and Go gives a useful loot and a Move 4.

A pile of negative modifiers is something you really don’t want in combination to the low attack value. A handy multi-target ability on the top and a really useful Wind generating move on the bottom.