The guides make sure no one shoots an exotic animal accidentally with a stray bullet, and that no one takes aim at an off-limits creature. Such is the curious state of modern Texas ranching, that a giraffe among the oak and the mesquite is an everyday sort of thing. Zebra mares forage here near African impala antelopes, and it is easy to forget that downtown San Antonio is only two hours to the east. Brian Gilroy, the owner of exotic ranching business Wildlife Partners, feeds giraffes in Mountain Home, Texas, in fall 2018, when photographer Mélanie Wenger visited game ranches across Texas. To ensure a healthy herd, the Ox Ranch introduces fresh blood lines using animals bred on other ranches. She can walk around and graze off the trees as if she was in Africa.”. Late one evening, two hunters, Joan Schaan and her 15-year-old son, Daniel, rushed to get ready for a nighttime hunt, adjusting the SWAT-style night-vision goggles on their heads. “Buttercup will live out her days here, letting people take pictures of her. The ranch also has a shooting range built to resemble a Nazi-occupied French town. [CDATA[ */!function(t,e,r,n,c,a,p){try{t=document.currentScript||function(){for(t=document.getElementsByTagName('script'),e=t.length;e--;)if(t[e].getAttribute('data-cfhash'))return t[e]}();if(t&&(c=t.previousSibling)){p=t.parentNode;if(a=c.getAttribute('data-cfemail')){for(e='',r='0x'+a.substr(0,2)|0,n=2;a.length-n;n+=2)e+='%'+('0'+('0x'+a.substr(n,2)^r).toString(16)).slice(-2);p.replaceChild(document.createTextNode(decodeURIComponent(e)),c)}p.removeChild(t)}}catch(u){}}()/* ]]> */. Truly a bowhunters heaven! We didn’t see hundreds of deer on the Ox Ranch, we saw thousands of deer! I thought I had died and gone to bowhunting heaven. Those federal permits make it legal to hunt Eld’s deer and other threatened or endangered species at the Ox Ranch. For a moment, at least, he had all the power. The Fish and Wildlife Service allows ranches to hunt and kill certain animals that are federally designated as threatened or endangered species, if the ranches take certain steps, including donating 10 percent of their hunting proceeds to conservation programs. The animal was caked with dried mud, an aging male that lived away from the herd. Lawyers for conservation and animal-protection groups say that allowing endangered animals to be hunted undermines the Endangered Species Act, and that the ranches’ financial contributions fail to benefit wildlife conservation. Don’t forget to visit our website where you can register to win great outdoor gear and hunting trips.Keith currently hosts The High Road with Keith Warren and Keith Warren's Deer \u0026 Wildlife Stories, nationally broadcast on the Pursuit Channel. A survey by the state Parks and Wildlife Department in 1994 put the exotic population at more than 195,000 animals from 87 species, but the industry has grown explosively since then; one estimate by John T. Baccus, a retired Texas State University biologist, puts the current total at roughly 1.3 million. An Asiatic water buffalo blocked the road, unimpressed by the Jeep.

The ranch has about 30 bongo, the African antelopes with a trophy fee of $35,000. Hunters are not allowed to shoot the ranch’s giraffes. Ox Ranch offers a wide range of activities, Tank Driving, Machine Gun Shooting, Photo Safaris, and much more! A hunting blind stands among trees near a game feeder at the Ox Ranch. The buffalo took his time moving. Mr. Molitor said more government oversight was unnecessary and would drive ranchers out of the business. “It is absolutely absurd that you can go to a canned-hunt facility and kill an endangered or threatened species.”. I like to be free and that’s the feeling I get when I hunt at the Ox Ranch. It is a variety packed plains game adventure that you won’t want to miss.The High Road is brought to you by:Timber Creek Outdoors: NV: Research Center: Air/ Air Venturi: Safe: Ranch: Oil Outdoor Line: Hunter Blinds: Rack: Powersports: Outfitters: Inc.: Shop: Blade Knives: Taxidermy: you'd like to hunt with Keith Warren and The High Road team, visit the Texas Hidden Springs Ranch website! Part of the allure of exotic game-hunting is the so-called trophy at the end — the mounted and lifelike head of the animal that the hunter put down. Himalayan tahrs, wild goats with a bushy lion-style mane, are far cheaper. The trophy fee, or kill fee, to shoot one is $7,500. Ox Ranch is the most exciting Bed & Breakfast ranch in Texas. Along with our Award Winning Dining, OX Ranch offers Luxurious Antique Cabins for your stay! It’s freedom. But ranchers and wildlife experts said that Texas has more exotics than any other state. Viewer discretion is advised.Due to the policies of mainstream social media platforms not supporting our outdoor lifestyle, please subscribe to our website in the event that our accounts are removed. The price to kill a bongo at the Ox Ranch is $35,000. Keith Warren is that person for both aspiring and avid outdoorsmen alike. Keith has hunted everything from deer, bear, and hogs with air guns, pistols, rifles, and thermal gear. Joan Schaan takes a photo of her son Daniel Schaan, 15, as he prepares for a night boar hunt. Mr. Watson inspects an Axis buck shot the day before by an 8-year-old boy. Trophy carcasses are hung in a cooler room before being transported from the ranch. — On a ranch at the southwestern edge of the Texas Hill Country, a hunting guide spotted her cooling off in the shade: an African reticulated giraffe. Kudu, Giraffe, and Baboon Pursuit | The Adventure Concludes - … “My main business, of course, is white-tailed deer, but the exotics have kind of taken over,” said Browder Graves, the owner.