Complete 10 user-made levels (Master) Jump 15000 times in Lite. Trash Notice. Like the Google Chrome Ball XD And Doritos cube! Take advantage of special portals to change …

UFO 9 and later releases have smaller domes compared to those released prior.

However, they are still a reasonably large part of Geometry Dash and I think that it would be a good idea to provide information on them. Trail07.png|(Available in World) Buy in the Secret Shop for 4000 Mana Orbs, Geometry Dash 2.1 TP DESCARGA! So if you download the .RAR file there's a password. ), Collect 80 Secret Coins (The Golden Rule), Collect 100 Secret Coins (The King's Vault), Complete 50 demon difficulty levels (Grim Reaper), Collect 120 Secret Coins (Leave some for the rest of us!

Credits are for: ToshDeluxe (Are your icons)

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Geometry Dash - TEXTURE PACK 2.011 - GuitarHeroStyles. Permits . Trashing Admin. This Skin Category has been trashed! Trail04.png|(Available in World) Type "gandalfpotter" into the Vault (Very Clever...) Texture Packs Skin Mods for Geometry Dash Geometry Dash / Skins. Amazing Dolphy Texture Pack For Geometry Dash On Android!! The icon unlocked for typing 'Lenny' in the vault references a Lenny face, a popular meme created using Unicode characters. Define Light - Infinite This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. UFO 19 and later releases have larger domes compared to those released prior. Prior to Update 2.1, the requirement to collect the "Supporter" icon included going to settings and tapping the "Rate" button.

The Icon Kit is a feature that allows players to change their appearance in Geometry Dash, Geometry Dash Lite, Geometry Dash Meltdown, Geometry Dash World and Geometry Dash SubZero. DeathEffect08.png|(Available in World) Buy in the Shop for 7000 mana orbs The ship unlocked for collecting 800 user coins bears a resemblance to the Jet Star from, The ship unlocked for collecting 75 secret coins resembles Porygon from the, One of the spiders available from the community shop resembles Stakataka from the, The waves unlocked for acquiring 2,500 stars and typing "Ahead" into the vault resemble a Metroid, main enemies of the, The icon unlocked for beating Jumper resembles Ogmo, the main character of the game, The icon unlocked by completing Hexagon Force in Normal Mode resembles a Creeper, a popularized aggressive and explosive mob from the game, The icon unlocked for obtaining 60 user coins resembles BamBam, a boom from the game, The robot unlocked for collecting 100 user coins appears to be a helmet that resembles Master Chief from, The icon unlocked upon gaining 3000 stars appears to be a direct reference to, One of the icons available in the secret shop resembles Kratos from, One of the robots available in the community shop resembles Zero from the, The icon unlocked for collecting all three coins on Deadlocked loosely appears to be a spin-off on. Canal De JMK De La Rosa: -No modifiques el texture pack

Provide links to some popular texture packs which are used by popular GD youtubers, as they will be asked about.