American television screenwriter, producer and futurist, best known for creating the American science fiction series Star Trek, Source :  "[67] The series was renewed by NBC, first for a full season's order, and then for a second season. [46] He began work on the film Pretty Maids All in a Row, based on a book which he felt was vulgar. [72] The script won a Hugo Award, but the awards board neglected to inform Roddenberry, who found out through correspondence with Asimov.

[25] On June 7, 1956, he resigned from the force to concentrate on his writing career.

[3], Roddenberry majored in police science at Los Angeles City College,[4][n 1] where he began dating Eileen-Anita Rexroat and became interested in aeronautical engineering. – Who’s the richest TV Producer in the world? [75] Roddenberry began to communicate with Star Trek fan Bjo Trimble, who led a fan writing campaign to save the series. The cast included Rock Hudson, Angie Dickinson, Telly Savalas, and Roddy McDowall alongside Star Trek regular James Doohan, and William J. Campbell, who had appeared as a guest in two Star Trek episodes, "The Squire Of Gothos" and "The Trouble With Tribbles". [141] During his time in the LAPD, Roddenberry was known to have had affairs with secretarial staff. Lou Scheimer approached Paramount in 1973 about creating an animated Star Trek series.

Gene Roddenberry was born in El Paso, Texas, His parents were police officer Eugene Edward Roddenberry and Caroline "Glen" Golemon Roddenberry. During the early period, prior to Star Trek, they entered into a romantic liaison that she described as falling in love. At the start of June 1942, he was moved back to Kelly Field for advanced training and made plans to marry Eileen, initially considering a double wedding but the other fiancée changed her mind and the plan was cancelled.

[48], Rod hadn't followed his parents' work on Star Trek, leaving him to question what it was all about after his father's death.

Roddenberry and Barrett remained married until his death in 1991. [211], The majority of the awards and nominations received by Roddenberry throughout his career were related to Star Trek. [22] She was concerned about their interracial relationship becoming public knowledge, and its potential impact on Roddenberry's career.

[55] After post-production, the episode was shown to NBC executives and it was rumored that Star Trek would be broadcast at 8:00 pm on Friday nights. In 1985, he became the first TV writer with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and he was later inducted into both the Science Fiction Hall of Fame and the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame. [159], According to Ronald D. Moore, Roddenberry "felt very strongly that contemporary Earth religions would be gone by the 23rd century".

[133] In contrast, Nimoy and Shatner's memoirs report that after the screening, Roddenberry called his lawyer and demanded a quarter of the scenes be cut; the producers refused. During 1974, Roddenberry reworked the Genesis II concept as a second pilot, Planet Earth, for rival network ABC, with similar less-than-successful results.

He began training at Goodfellow Field (now Goodfellow Air Force Base) in San Angelo, Texas and graduated training in 1942, Class G. He flew combat missions in the Pacific Theatre with the "Bomber Barons" of the 394th Bomb Squadron, 5th Bombardment Wing of the Thirteenth Air Force and on August 2, 1943, Roddenberry was piloting a B-17E Flying Fortress named the "Yankee Doodle", from Espiritu Santo, New Hebrides when mechanical failure caused it to crash on take-off. NARA World War II Army Enlistment Records - Eugene Wesley Roddenberry Commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant on August 5, 1942. Meyer described a meeting with Roddenberry he later regretted, saying: His guys were lined up on one side of the room, and my guys were lined up on the other side of the room, and this was not a meeting in which I felt I'd behaved very well, very diplomatically.

[34], Screen Gems backed Roddenberry's first attempt at creating a pilot. [197] Yvonne Fern's book, Gene Roddenberry: The Last Conversation, detailed a series of conversations she had with Roddenberry over the last months of his life.

"[89] He felt that he was "perceived as the guy who made the show that was an expensive flop. [219][220][221], "Eugene Roddenberry" redirects here. Roddenberry was born on August 19, 1921, in his parents' rented home in El Paso, Texas, the first child of Eugene Edward Roddenberry and Caroline "Glen" (née Golemon) Roddenberry. [14] Eileen disliked his writing career, once telling a friend that she wished he had not changed careers, although she enjoyed the increased money and the other perks that came with it. While at Los Angeles City College, Roddenberry began dating Eileen-Anita Rexroat, who was two years younger. While most of the money for the pilot came from NBC, the remaining costs were covered by Desilu. Roddenberry developed an interest in aeronautical engineering and subsequently obtained a pilot's license. [151], Roddenberry was raised a Southern Baptist;[152] however, as an adult, he rejected religion, and considered himself a humanist. © Copyright Wikipédia authors - This article is under licence CC BY-SA 3.0 . By the time the work on the script was complete, though, those who had approved the project had left Fox and their replacements were not interested in the project.