After a decade long civil war, a fallen monarchy, a fledgling democracy which still hasn’t been able to form a legal constitution since 2005 and a disastrous fractured political system Nepal’s caste system continues to influence everyday life in Nepal. According to the International Labour Organisation a Dalit worker will receive on average Rs 96 (AU$1.17) for a day’s work, with the mean wage for a female worker Rs 78 (AU$0.95) and Rs 99 (AU$1.21) for a male worker. Nepal lies in an area of endemic iodine deficiency. As a Nepali technically and legally this is also true. If you have met me en route, please don't take offense if your name is not mentioned in my travel blog/journal. Picture: Corinna Lagerberg. Police officials can fail to investigate reports of violence against Dalits and perpetrators of attacks on Dalits often go unpunished. “This is all we have known,” Susmita says. International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD). They are known and respected for what they do within the caste system. Generally, the Parvate/Pahari (hilly) Brahmins are called as Bahuns or Khas Bahuns. Does this system still have an impact on marriages? The laborer is often times highly embarrassed and I nearly have to force them to sit at our table. We ourselves have made the caste system, no one is born as a Dalit or a Brahmin [highest caste].”.

But for the Magars, conforming to the practice of untouchability is about keeping up appearances. There are at least as many poor Brahmins as there are rich in Nepal, the same goes for many of the castes & ethnic groups. So long as the foreigner had money, influence etc. There is strength in numbers so long as you know your role. I’ve often been told “he’s just a builder”. But at least one has a better chance at breaking out of poverty than being forced into it by caste. Picture: Corinna Lagerberg. You might find this Travel Blog a little different to most. It wishes all who read it a happy Bijaya Dashami, the largest religious festival celebrated annually in Nepal. Amazing piece of work here, Dave. I am from Nepal and I personally have been a sheer victim of caste system. It’s almost like a union you are born into! Subscribe & get a FREE copy of my photo-e-book, Over 162,000 monthly readers & 6,281+ subscribers. But it shall take a long time to change people’s mindset. Previous constitutions had barred discrimination based on sex, religion and race. I’ve been meaning to write that for a while. The International Dalit Solidarity Network, a network of international human rights and development agencies that advocate for Dalit rights, is sceptical about the enforcement of the new constitution. From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,, "Related ethnic groups" needing confirmation, Articles using infobox ethnic group with image parameters, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License, 32 lakhs (12.2% of Nepal), as per Nepal Census 2011. “It is difficult because the children cannot come inside [the houses] so they cannot help with cooking or chores.”. Mr Lamichhane has seen the reluctance to abolish the caste system first hand, with young students voluntarily choosing friendship groups and even class seating arrangements based on caste. With little education other than tilling the land for centuries Mr. Ranpal is a respected man of knowledge. Travel Blog journals are not always live as they happen. A search like this is not a picnic. Full guide: » Guide to Bhaktapur city Durbar Square » Guide to Bhaktapur Durbar Square   – Erotic Elephants Temple (Shiva Parvati)   – Basantapur Chowk (Sculptures)   – National Art Gallery / Museum   – The Golden Gate (Sundhoka)   – Taleju Temple (Mul Chowk)   – Naga Pokari – 55 Window Palace   – Siddhi Lakshmi   – Stone Lions   – Pashupatinath Temple (Bhaktapur)   – Vatsala Durga Temple & Taleju Bell   – Chyasalin Mandap Near Durbar Square » Taumadhi Square » Pottery Square » Dattatreya Square Just outside Bhaktapur » Kailashnath Mahadev (Tallest Shiva statue) » Nagarkot. According to the International Labour Organisation. Thanks. Once every generation we see the shackles society remove from this caste way of life. I know, caste system have had worse impact on society than this but that’s the exact reason why I hate this with my life. No matter their education, intellect or even financial well-being: The people of a higher caste and an older generation don’t want to let go of a system that gives them power over others. So the merchant will have nothing to sell. The Pariyar children’s home is a small clay hut. “Numerous reports, statistics and case documents [show] persistent patterns of discrimination against Dalits.”. If I have not written anything here or updated my status on twitter in over two weeks, then someone might like to call the police in said country. Indeed his sisters had arranged marriages to men from Kshatriya (mainly Rana/Ranabhat) families as their Brahmin caste gave kudos and the Kshatriya families could guarantee a much more comfortable life.