One of the more viable solutions is to reduce what one throws out by reducing what he takes home on his shopping trips. Because in most cases, little is known about the exact composition of each load of garbage; there is no control over what gets burned. Packaging is used to keep a product fresh, pure, free from contamination and breakage (Martinson, Charles). In considering the implications and issues inherent in the situation of pollution and garbage, one needs to understand how to properly address the problem. 1. The better off we are as a nation, the more secure our natural resources, the more we waste. There are many things which can be packed easily in the paper bags as well and using such bags can lower the pollution to a great amount. If we measure the success rate of controlling pollution caused by the garbage dumps in the world by applying the above techniques mentioned here like re-cycling, reusing and separating the degradable and non degradable material effective changes can be considered. All Rights Reserved. When garbage is dumped in landfill sites, it is basically being stored and reduced by compaction, shredding or decomposition. Packaging is a billion-a-year industry in many countries employing thousands of people. Web. “Air Pollution Control in the flexographic printing industry.” Retrieved Jan. 26, 2007 at:, Thornton, James. Can save raw materials. Type: Audience:  This paper is directed to all concerned individuals and institutions and calls for an awareness and action on this problem. Littering occurs when people are too lazy to throw trash in the right manner. (Thornton, James, 1993).

Credibility: The paper cites facts that will convince readers that this issue needs to be addressed the soonest. You can ask the essay writers anytime to write my essay on garbage pollution and become free from the fear of getting low score in your essay writing assignments. People have gotten used to disposing their trash the “easy way”, which is throwing them wherever they want to throw them. Waste and affluence seem to go hand in hand. ...Garbage Dumping Thesis: The problem on garbage is found in human activity – such as man’s efforts to control nature, overconsumption of manufactured goods, and growing population. Especially developing and undeveloped countries are suffering from the ill consequence of garbage pollution to a high level than the developed one.

REGISTRATION ID:1002858 wasteful and the products of modern convenience such as plastics have rendered the earth a ...Garbage Dumping The problem is the improper waste disposal in Button City. Some raw materials are available only through expensive mining process and pollutants. S.GAYATHRI Several plans have been developed to stop the abuse of earth. You can go even further by letting store managers and manufacturers know why you are refusing overpackaged goods. However, if packaging is a measure of a consumer society, it also characterizes the many problems that arise from our consumer habits. Type: Martinson, Charles. Sometimes people hope that these problems will not touch their lives.

Essay, 5 pages. Turning your compost heap (exposing the buried material to the air) will speed up the composting process and keep the heap from giving off odors. Don’t waste Your Time Searching For a Sample, Get Your Job Done By a Professional Skilled Writer. Essay, 4 pages. R.RANJITHA If you are thinking of recycling and reusing of the things more and more than it could be possible to a certain limit because we cannot recycle and reuse everything and this is sure that above solution is not much effective to cater such a big issue on real grounds.

Then the cost of environmental damage will start being fully factored into public decision making and the cost of lost resources or pollution will be reflected in the price of goods. Source: As much as the global population continues to rise, people have become more One of the main problems with incineration is that, if the incinerator is not highly efficient, the emissions from the burning process and the resulting ashes may pose risks to human health and to the environment. If enough people use their power as consumers to reject overpackaging, the message will get through the manufacturers. Both of these options are not really waste disposal, but rather volume-reduction techniques. Recycling can prevent wastage of natural resources, can prevent pollution, can provide more job opportunities, can save the environment, and can create more useful items. However, residential waste makes up just one-third to one-half of the total waste stream; the rest is produced in manufacturing and industrial processes that provide us with the goods we buy and the services we demand.