But Nai's feelings for her were sincere all along. Jeongmal kamsahamnida. Thankyou. Dear valued customer, https://justanothermuse.com. Btw, Neko, you subbed so many projects, have you got your own personal favourites? Do u know if anyone subbing Spa Noi roy lan view.

Two episodes are subbed. I’ve watched most of your subbed work, and rewatched them too; I love them. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. Thank you,Lyn.

But the last I checked Morrasoom Sawaat the links don’t work anymore. What are your thoughts on Sean and Esther, neko? That one is Thippy’s project! I’m looking for the lakorn talay rissaya 2019. Sampatan Huajai will be subbed by Thippy https://www.facebook.com/athippycreation/.

Still enjorying your work. He also started living at her house, which made her more furious and she wanted to eliminate him from her family. English Subs for James' program 'Live, Like, Love' are now available for Episodes 1 to 7 (please turn on closed captions). he pulled out the character of Nai very well he was very supportive caring and helpful towards everyone in the show. Tapi perasaan Nai untuknya tulus selama ini. If there any errors appear, please reload the page first. Thank you , Hie please provide the eng subs for Padiwarada please. Hi. thanks from an american. Its really hard to find Thai drama’s in eng sub, I am a newbie here and appreciate all the hard work. Thank you much. Can you please provide eng sub for “Nang Barb”.. Does any1 know Marn Kammathep 2013 eng sub is it available. The Evolution of Strong Female Leads In Dramaland: Part 2.

Thippy has done the subtitles for Raraerng Fai and it’s on the Oh Sweet Haven website. I love your work, and have enjoyed your subbed projects. If you like Push in rom-com like me, soon we’ll get to see him pairing with Esther in U-Prince Series! Can you please sub Rabum Marn I really love thai drama the series. Just wanted to know if you are going to add the completed dramas after khum mae onto your neko2play site, Go to lakorn galaxy page on FB and look at post of bitter kisses and vote I am also gonna vote for this lakorn.

I pay for viewing Asian videos through sites like Viki and Netflix, so I am thrilled that I can watch lakorns for free. 8 months ago | 10.5K views [eng sub] game sanaeha episode 14 end part 2/5. Nang Barb ( Log Out /  Thanks NEKO! Although the plot was similar to a theme that is common to a number of Thai dramas, it was sooo different and fun. I was watching a Japanese movie recently ( grandkids love the high school ones, and this was one of them) when, as it ended, the subber’s printing (watermark) came on thanking you for watching the movie, hoping you enjoyed it and referring to his own site for more wonderful dramas and movies. But I had a field day! The following Game Sanaeha Episode 14 English SUB has been released. So if all else fails…as I have been made aware with the awful experience that happened to Neko earlier this year, storage of completed works can be difficult for our wonderful subbers who provide our entertainment. Posted in [ENG SUB] เกมเสน่หา Game Sanaeha Tagged เกมเสน่หา, เกมเสน่หา eng sub, เกมเสน่หา Game Sanaeha, ep 1, ep 10, ep 11, ep 12, ep 13, ep 2, ep 3, ep 4, ep 5, ep 6, ep 7, ep 8, ep 9, Game Sanaeha, Game Sanaeha eng sub By thailakorn2 Leave a comment For downloading this video, please login first.

So far only the first episode is subbed. Where can i watch Jao Jom with eng. If errors re-appear then report to us. hiya ,just want to thank you for all the hard work you put on for overseas viewers ..

This is what keeps me going ^^ Thank you! I think it’s mostly from server3 which I’m slowly doing away with already. I am rather curious, Which part of “NO SUBBING REQUEST WILL BE ENTERTAINED!” do you not understand? Like NEKO. bjs.

it was such a nice drama. heellumination. I know you guys don’t do requests, we English viewers appreciate your work and to give donations if can, but this is a question (due to what is stated on google when search, that you do have this drama) which is, parakit rak series 2 meu brap jao hua jai. And that’s why I thank the world for subbers! I know it’s heresy!!! https://ohsweethaven.com/2019/06/15/lub-luang-jai/, Thank you for your hard work, very grateful for all the work that you do. I also definitely second Kame’s request to hear from you Neko…….as if you have nothing else to do. I was wondering if you’d be willing to sub Por Yung Lung Mai Wahng? Search. ♥️, Neko can you sub Dork Kaew Gah Lhong? ~~ Adapted from the novel "Buang Sanaeha" by Arita. There are other sites where “Sud Sai Paan” is available with eng subs. Or perhaps just don’t care! thank you for all your subbing lakorn especially 2020 series .. im so excited waiting for new update .. thanks you very very much for all your hardworks .. Hi Neko I want say thank you and you Rock girl because of you I start watching g tahi drama and enjoy it literary enjoy it because I u understand through your magic sub what they saying big hug and kisses to you 1❤❤❤.

That’s love. thank you.. Can you sub Look Mai Klai Ton, please??

please bring back Gypso and Push loveteam ^_^.. i wanna be a sup’tar is the best!!!! There’s quite a few fans writing in about other lakorns and I don’t want to disrupt her too much by asking too many times, because I’m sure she hasn’t forgotten. Thank you!

Stay safe everyone! And please, please take me along with you if whenever you got disturbed by anything and decide to change your site. Hi; I must again express my sincere gratitiude to the hours of enjoyment you are providing for me. Try searching for “Padivarada” eng subs as there are sites that spell it that way. Appreciate the good work you are doing, it would be a pleasure if you would sub ATM 2. hi! It was a sheer delight to awaken to your message Ross. Hi, how can I find Ngao Asoke 2016 with english sub ? Please sub raeng tawan I really like this drama….there is no subtitle for this drama in internet…, please upload sub for Tong Neu Gao..such a nice lakorn, I agree that’s a good one. Perhaps that would help. I saw your post on Telegram and I felt sad that all your videos are already deleted on Telegram coz it’s a lot easier for me to watch online using Telegram. I got Massaya with Andrew Gregson, and followed him in in the other videos. Maraming salamat! Within two years Muanchanok (Nok) studied abroad, her parents got divorced. but I still thank them for starting my journey and for Chinese dramas. To show my gratitude and support, I don’t mind if your site or Muse site has ads, if it will earn you for that ads, I will gladly support you as I support those Youtubers watching theirs vlogs without skipping the ads.

anyone here knows here i can watch Prao/Proud 2014 with engsub? Hi! eh? I won’t be considering any older lakorn until I’m done with those two! So now neko2play have become my own backup site instead. Log in. , I want to express my thanks for all your efforts so that we can watch so many good lakorns..allwyas stay healthy and all my best wishes..from greece, Hi beloved subbing team, You`re the BEST!!! Sorry again for not respecting your wishes on not requesting subs! But it’s nice to know that there’s supporters around! Dramacool will always be the first to have the episode so please Bookmark and add us on Facebook for update!!! We all know that they are all video grabbers who illegally re uploads your hard work and take the credit solely for them. heellumination. I was deflated that fans are like 10 years ahead of me with Viki & chums with her awesome store of subbed Thai productions & there I was shortchanged through ignorance. I first found the cute name neko meow meow when I saw synopsis for Morrasoom Sawaat and liked the storyline, it also became the beginning of watching Weir. You have my support love lots and keep safe. Hi Iowa’s wondering when u click on a movie when u press play it sends you to a different site with porn on it I love your site but I don’t like that thanks. Can you make a subtitle of love song love series and others series?? Anyway we only upload our own subbed lakorn project! it’s on OhSweetHaven’s website with eng sub. Please help us to describe the issue so we can fix it asap. Hai Neko. ( Log Out /  Just Google Raeng Ngao 1 English sub. Pleng Tawan, Please do not misunderstand. Thanks! Dia juga mulai tinggal di rumahnya, yang membuatnya lebih marah dan dia ingin menyingkirkannya dari keluarganya. I was first recommended Jam Loey Rak on youtube & henceforth all I followed were the old stories which were subbed there – and for a long time I thought that’s all there is! heellumination. Hi, Neko

Kiaora from Aotearoa (NZ). Do you know if anyone has a complete English sub for Raeng Ngao 2001? I hope you sub Mia Noi 2019, thank you na, Please sub the drama “duang jai nai fai nhao” Follow.

Any idea where i can find Bangkok Rak Stories: Pae Tarng english subbed? !change the color of main menu its very difficult to see the items I miss this couple too! Please help us to describe the issue so we can fix it asap. xxxx, One more reason to thank Neko. heellumination. But I don’t think it will be anytime soon!

24:34 [eng sub] game sanaeha episode 11 part 5/5. why is the facebook page of alwaymeena not accessible ? I am sincerely grateful for nekomeowmeow.com and Always grumpy cat who’s not always grumpy. Sorry that you are seeing those. Thank you! As I’m writing this request , I’m really wishing that this request will be realized very very soon . Edit Translation, Within two years Muanchanok (Nok) studied abroad, her parents got divorced.

And then in the comments someone called Viki was mentioned & I was thinking who is this popular girl her name’s popping up everywhere but her site’s all blocked? New episodes are shown every Friday at 8.00 pm on 7-11 Thailand's YouTube channel. I’m a newcomer for Lakorn but really enjoying your pages. it was released in 2016. i hope you will sub it :)….. please sub Nam Sor Sai (2017)! Please provide the english sub of PHOR KRUA HUA PA.. man who was enjoying a top position in her father's company. Hello All I can say is shame on them! Hello, I checked the profile of Gae Saelin and I found out that it is a troll account and immediately reported that account on Facebook. It’s amazing that they would keep on asking those reuploader site for more eps and thanking them for re-uploading it! Thanks so much!

Thanks for the english sub. Tq, [youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=videoseries&w=640&h=390], please subb Nai Leh Saneha plesae @NEKO^^MEOWMEOW, Hi neko_meow_meow.. can you sub Buang Atitharn & Nang Ai.. kop khun mak mak kha <3, Hello can you make a sub for True Love Next Door The Final Answer? But Nai's feelings for her were sincere all along. I know you have lots of dramas , movies bla bla bla but this lakorn has been released two years or maybe three years ago , why isn’t there anyone to work in this drama and make us happy !

padiwarada was subbed long time ago.. ahhh but i forgot who subs them.. God bless.. Like those kind of comments are discouraging to the subbers and if you can’t wait, go watch the raws or learn Thai and help us to speed up instead. I and so many others on YouTube are dying to see this show with english subs.

I am rather curious, Which part of “NO SUBBING REQUEST WILL BE ENTERTAINED!” do you not understand? [eng sub] game sanaeha episode 14 end part 5/5. Lakkhanai (Nai), a distant relative of Nok's mother, who grew up along with her, is a very capable.