An Astrophysicist ExplanationThis Video is not meant to earn money!Voice Explanation: Dr.Neil deGrasse TysonAudio and Video Editing: Karthik SubramanianInspiration: Cosmos A Space-Time OdysseyHosted By: Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, Director of Hayden Planetarium, American Museum of Natural History, New York.Thanks and Credits : NASA, Hubble Telescope \u0026 to all Astronomers for giving newer dimensions to life! A single period activity that can be used to include discussion of: Location of Polaris; Apparent motion of stars; Rate of earth's rotation.

Analyzing Star Trails Students examine and analyze a star trail photo taken by an earth science student in New York State. Educators: Create FREE classroom games to help students study. The large architectural structure of the universe which consists of more than 100 billion galaxies, dark matter, dark energy.. Galactic Address Worksheet Great worksheet detailing our address in the universe. The Virgo Supercluster, including the Local Group, is made of an estimated 100 galaxy groups and clusters.7.Address is too overwhelming?? 0000001005 00000 n ETC...creates a foam \\ bubble like megastructure.9. The entire Galaxy stands stable because of Dark Matter's Gravitational influence.5. x�b```a``� �V�" �� We roughly say Un-Observable as light did not exist or light from those regions has reached Earth yet. Click for more info. xref

0000003348 00000 n We call our selves along with the group of at least 47 galaxies including the Giant Neighbour The Andromeda, The Milky Way, The Triangulum along with the rest of all other small dwarf galaxies as The Galactic Group. 0000001319 00000 n Neil deGrasse Tyson Cosmos - Our Cosmic AddressOur Cosmic Address By Neil deGrasse Tyson | An Astrophysicist Explanation | Neil deGrasse Tyson Folder Icon i made:Download Link: ADDRESS COSMOS:Earth | SOLAR SYSTEM | Local Interstellar Cloud | Milky Way Galaxy | Local Galactic Group | Virgo Supercluster | Local Superclusters | UNIVERSE | END OF THE UNIVERSEWhy should one know Our Cosmic Address?Cosmic Perspective: Our planet is a tiny speck in a void of interplanetary space. Beyond which lies the un-observable universe. Educators: Create FREE classroom games to help students study. Students create a business card after researching their location in space and determining their Galactic Address. On pages 2&3, students mark their location on the maps and pictures provided with an X and describe it in the Galactic Address box. 0000006290 00000 n 33 mps megaparsecs across in diameter. You may choose to have students cut out the maps and ‘Galactic Addresses’ and staple Take to the starry skies with this worksheet that explores the three basic types of galaxies. Initially, Earth was believed to be the center of the Universe, which consisted only of those planets visible with the naked eye and an outlying sphere of fixed stars. The entire Solar system is held by the Sun's gravity. Still we call it Dark!Disclaimer:For Educational Purpose Only! �,WA��ۿ���#�tS{6oj�R�)~�g\x�' �2*�5���B���qhL'��cxtH�X�/��C��M��ظ��RoHjy�c�gv��� �Q�A��& �0 ��":