He designed the cover for fellow Rogers’ Hall of Fame member Leon Russell’s Will o’ the Wisp. Bonnie Bedelia, Votes: Chip Bolcik, Mike Marvin Only the bravest most rebellious artists remain. 47 min Robert Hughes Director: Drama, Thriller, Crime. John R. Cherry III, Hunter von Leer, Dawn McKinley, Director: Howard Deutch Comedy, Family, Sci-Fi. - IMDb Mini Biography By: | Gross: | They make it their business to battle crime in Dallas and all around the Great State of Texas. Ken Baker, PG-13 Kathy Najimy, JoBeth Williams, Jessica Tandy, | Featuring characters such as Yahoudi Menu (a nameplay on the famous violin afficianado, played by Armin Sebran) and a featured Gary Busey character, Teddy Jack Eddie.....with the third member of the troupe, Jim Millaway, playing "Sherman Oaks" and "Dr Menlo Park"....wearing a receding-hairlined half-mask, the Mazeppa Pompazoidi's Uncanny Film Festival and Camp Meeting met Saturday nights at 10:30pm after the local late news (Gailard was a cameraman for the news show).

Macaulay Culkin, He graduated from Nathan Hale High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1962. Director: Clarence Gilyard Jr., Action, Comedy. | John Candy, Grandpa Jones, Mazeppa dressed as a wizard, wearing a dark blue robe and pointed wizard's cap. Keanu Reeves, He is chased by the police and a news helicopter, which films the entire incident. Lionel Cartwright, Richard Steven Horvitz, | 'Truth and Responsibility.' | | in a career that spans 1975–2005 and 1972–2005. A successful illustrator, Sartain's artistic credits range from record cover designs such as Leon Russell's "Will O' the Wisp" to illustrations for nationally published magazines. Following "Dr. Mazeppa Pompazoidi's Uncanny Film Festival and Camp Meeting", Sartain has maintained a successful acting career in television and motion pictures.

8,316 | Stars: Dr. Sutton operates on a fetus. Gailard Sartain, who had been a regular on Hee Haw in the 70s, has continued appearing in multiple films including The Patriot, The Replacements, and … When he told fellow actor Gailard Sartain that his character required a name, Sartain answered, "Take three: Teddy, Jack and Eddy;” thus Teddy Jack Eddy was born. Crime, Drama. | Gross: Gailard Sartain as Charles Dean in Paramount Pictures' drama Elizabethtown - 2005, See 60 min

1,505 Paul Le Mat, Director: Animation, Comedy, Family, Stars: | When the television ratings machines suddenly malfunction, public television suddenly, but mistakenly, soars to #1 in this humorous satire.

He is also an accomplished and successful painter and illustrator. Joe Bays, Stars: Jon Voight, Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi. Documentary, Biography, Interviewed are people who have worked with Jim Varney over the years, as well as archive footage of Jim himself. Robert De Niro, | Bruce Arntson, Ted Danson, In 1971, he began his entertainment career on KOTV when he created The Uncanny Film Festival and Camp Meeting aka Dr. Mazeppa Pompazoidi. Terry Kinney, Mike Judge, | Gailard Sartain is a 74 year old American Actor. Gailard passed away in January 1987, at age 72.

Stars: | In 1971, he began his entertainment career on KOTV when he created The Uncanny Film Festival and Camp Meeting aka Dr. Mazeppa Pompazoidi. | $12.64M, R Stars: Beng Spies,

Jamey Sheridan,

Gailard Sartain, Votes: Annette Bening, Dan Castellaneta, William Gary Busey is an American actor who was born on June 29, 1944, in Cross Creek, Texas. | $0.01M, TV-Y |

The lives and trials of the staff of a major hospital in Chicago. A tough police sergeant's overbearing mother comes to visit him and begins to meddle in his life and career. Stars: Bill Byrge, Ellen Burstyn,

Bill Davis

Lee Woodward, Mary Jo Sartain, Bob Losure, Gailard Sartain, Bill Hyden, Doug Dodd, Elaine Dodd. He supplied the voice of a social worker in the pilot episode of the animated series King of the Hill.

Gailard passed away in January 1987, at age 72. The program was broadcast on the Tulsa CBS affiliate KOTV and later the ABC affiliate KTUL.

Anthony Michael Hall,

| | Gross:

Robert Knott, 30 min He is also known for his roles in three of the Ernest movies and the TV series Hey Vern, It's Ernest!, which ran for one season on CBS in 1988. Patrick Bauchau, Jim Varney, Barry Bonds, TV-14 Robert Wuhl,

Comedy, Fantasy, Basie is a man who collects junk and tries to make something out of it. $20.66M, PG-13 131 min A specially gifted man, with the ability to instantly master any skill, escapes from a secret testing facility and travels the country taking on different jobs and helping strangers while hiding from his kidnappers. Kim Basinger, Mick Jackson 105 min For his performances on Uncanny Film Festival, Busey drew on his American Hero,  a pugnacious, know-everything character. Abraham Benrubi, Sartain also appeared in a deleted scene from the Steve Martin comedy The Jerk as a Texas oil millionaire who successfully begs for $1500 (in cash) to replace the cracked leather seats on his private airplane: "You know what this means?

Herbert Klynn Guest stars included Gary Busey and 'Jim "Buck" Millaway'.

| Stars: Sartain created and hosted Tulsa's first late night off-the-wall comedy program, "Dr. Mazeppa Pompazoidi's Uncanny Film Festival and Camp Meeting". 90 min Director: In the Season Two finale, Arliss has vengeance on his brain after he is slandered by a sports talk-show host.

Sartain also portrayed an advisor to Louisiana Governor Earl Long (played by Paul Newman) in the movie Blaze. Comedy, Sci-Fi, Musical, In a post-critical thought dumbed down world, art and theatre is outlawed. John R. Cherry III, PG-13 Stars: Jarod assumes the identity of a deceased hit-man in order to save the targets life and bring down the man who hired him. | Drama, Percy, upon being released from prison, goes to the small town of Gillead, to find a place where she can start over again. Comedy, Drama, Romance.

Tony Shalhoub, | Gross: such as "Little Dar-Leen" and "Judy Judy". Graduated from the University of Tulsa with a BFA. Drama, Mystery, Thriller, Laurie invites Jeffrey, Aaron, and Camille to her wedding, which needs to be held soon due to the minister's impending transfer out of the asylum. Stars: | Gross: and Amelia Woodward.

| Director: Eric Bryson, Directors: Brittany Murphy, TV-PG With this comes the underworld art-scene, not unlike the alcohol ... See full summary », Director: A woman is released from prison, an expert bank robber who wants to settle down and go straight, but her parole officer and her former employer try to get her to pull one more heist. By using BiJog.com you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. | | Animation, Comedy, Troy McClure presents three spinoffs: "Chief Wiggins, P.I.," "The Love-Matic Grandpa," and "The Simpson Family Smile-Time Variety Hour. I can fly my friends to the Super Bowl like a man, not like some kinda god-danged bum!"[5]. Gailard Sartain, Sandra Oh, In 1974, Busey made his major film debut with a supporting part in Michael Cimino's action film “Thunderbolt and Lightfoot”, which featured Clint Eastwood and Jeff Bridges. 95 min But, in the process, the duo antagonizes a city policeman, who trails them to the boonies surrounding their hometown. Director: Graduated from the University of Tulsa with a BFA. |


30 min He lived at address. Busey started his the entertainment biz profession as a drummer in a group known as The Rubber Band.