A hundred chef’s kisses to him taking the chairs whose presence he demanded to be a personal insult, and extra-large chef’s kiss to this main event. On October 16-18, New Japan Pro Wrestling concluded the 2020 G1 Climax, the company’s thirtieth annual heavyweight tournament to determine the challenger for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship in the main event of their biggest show of the year and send someone home with a big-ass trophy. Most of these matches will probably be pretty good, but coming right out of the G1 where almost all of them just happened, they’re less appealing. @ibushi_kota(6-2) taking on @taichi0319(4-4) is next! Ishii’s playing the role he summed up perfectly to Kenny Omega when he said, “I am that wall.”. This match is crazy as a creative decision and as a decision for these characters to make, and I respect it so much. It’s over Jeff Cobb, and I have conflicting feels about this! This all makes Ishii’s eventual comeback that starts with a vengeful dragon screw even more satisfying to watch. And to make this situation uglier, this all happened shortly after the death of UK wrestler Ryan Smile, in a period where BritWres workers and fans were publicly grieving, and in which an Instagram post by Ospreay shared on Twitter was taken by some to be manipulative. If IWL received new information or changed their opinion on what happened, they didn’t share it with the person who most deserves to know. Both Ibushi and Sanada had matches I’d consider highlights of this G1 (Ibushi’s matches with Suzuki and Ishii and Sanada’s with Naito and Tanahashi) and final block matches that give them opportunities to shine in different ways. Juice smartly focuses on Goto’s injured arm while Goto fights more from underneath, and both wrestlers show plenty of intensity and pull off some interesting counters. These matches are followed by the announcement that Wrestle Kingdom 15 will be another two-night event (I’m guessing to make up for the months of revenue lost or decreased due to the pandemic), The Empire beating Sho and Okada without gaining any new members, and Evil and Yujiro defeating Naito and Bushi to set up yet another Naito vs. The G1 final ends the show on a happier and more promising note. He could still end up doing more cool things in the company, but death by Pimp Juice doesn’t feel like a great sign or a loss he deserves. Takagi and Suzuki go crazy in their second-ever singles match and make it a lot of fun. The experience of watching it gets better as they become less able no-sell each other and it becomes more visibility obvious it is that this is a stupid thing for two people even wrestling people, to do. Isn’t Sanada awesome?” And anyone is entitled to dislike Sanada and deny that he’s awesome, but the Ryogoku crowd clearly answers those questions with a resounding YES, and that’s why this guy gets to be G1 finalist tier now. ‘I will become God’ Kota Ibushi wins second consecutive G1 Climax 【G130】, Ibushi wins second straight G1 as Jay White waits in the wings. This was definitely one of the most exciting 2.99 counts I’ve ever seen, and the Sanada’s own close kickout soon after is amazing too. These groups have great chemistry so far and so do pairings within these groups, so this is a promising start to a feud. The match isn’t much different from Yujiro’s other G1 matches except that he wins and uses his pimp stick. Chono also sat at ringside for Japanese commentary and to present the famous flag and trophy to the winner. There’s also something very “stunted at age 14” about the whole aesthetic.

Ibushi defeated SANADA tonight at Sumo Hall to become the first back-to-back G1 Climax winner since Hiroyoshi Tenzan in 2003 and 2004. In the 30th edition of the Grade One Climax tournament, 20 of New Japan’s finest wrestlers will be split into two groups of ten where they will compete in a round-robin style tournament. Now she writes about pro wrestling for Fanbyte and Deadlock. Evil match, which I’ll talk about more later. When Ibushi was able to get a string of offense on SANADA< the leg that had been badly damaged during the A Block finals came into play, leaving him a weaker base on kicks, and a lower angle of attack on a plancha than SANADA, a move Cold Skull quickly out did to the delight of the crowd. .

The last night of the G1 is pretty much always a one-match show. I’m You, Kota Ibushi, A Square in the Inner Circle: AEW Dynamite Recap, NXT Halloween Havoc Preview and Predictions, Lucky Number 14: WWE Hell in a Cell Recap and Review, Impact Bound For Glory 2020 Review: Demon Warfare When You Least Expect It, The Missing Episode of The Sopranos Where Tony Goes to WWF Raw, Is “Hangman” Adam Page the Voice of a Generation? The Power Struggle card confirms that Naito will defend both titles against Evil on November 7, and in this case, a double defense makes sense because that’s what their feud as been about. And NJPW and RevPro’s lack of response isn’t unexpected; it’s not even unique. Then they said that they’ve come to think “maybe the situation wasn’t as clear as I thought. G1 Climax 30 A Block winner: Kota Ibushi

Also: what happens when this act starts showing up in English-speaking countries? He uses the strategy that’s worked well for him this tournament, both in terms of producing wins and good matches, of targeting one of his opponent’s body parts, in this case Ishii’s taped-up knee. (Part Three: Leaving Your Horse Behind), My Shadow and Me and Not a Whole Lot of Anything Else: AEW Dynamite Recap, Professional Wrestling Does Not Deserve You, WWE Hell in a Cell Preview and Predictions, Self-Care Massages: AEW Dynamite Anniversary Show Recap. These wrestling companies are saying they can’t even be bothered to maybe promote someone in a slightly different way while their name is connected to sexual abuse incidents. This is a lot to say about real life before we get into the creative and kayfabe aspects at play here. A recurring element of their interactions has been kick battles. Sanada works Ibushi’s taped leg (a highlight of this match is the camera pan that shows one of Ibushi’s thighs fully wrapped in athletic tape because he intentionally let someone kick it for like ten cumulative minutes two nights before), but that doesn’t really go anywhere. But this is not even really a story about Ospreay, this is part of the fallout of what can be most generously described as the British wrestling scene’s mishandling of a sexual assault. How Is Pro Wrestling During a Pandemic Going? He didn’t have anything close to the strongest run out of everyone, but his match with Evil was one of the tournament’s best, and it was consistently enjoyable to see Yoshi-Hashi stepping his game up. First, Naito has said he wants to defend the IWGP Heavyweight and IWGP Intercontinental Championships separately. Let’s start with the IRL aspect and move on to kayfabe. Oh my god. They’ve had very athletic matches and it’s always fun to be able to so clearly label something a Handsome Battle, but they don’t seem to have any special chemistry. There’s a sequence with awkward Blade Runner counters that kind of cancel out the really cool one Suzuki did on the previous block show (the Blade Runner can be cool, but there have been so many awkward setups and counters to it over the years), but it doesn’t hurt the match as a whole.

It is an exciting time for New Japan Pro-Wrestling fans as G1 Climax 30 is set to begin. However, unlike past finals, it’s not a display of the best NJPW has to offer.

In a back and forth match that lasted over 35 minutes, Ibushi defeated SANADA after landing two kamigoyes. Returning to Ospreay specifically, unless something like a clear-cut chain of emails or texts emerges that reveals explicitly why Pollyanna stopped getting booked after she alleged that she was raped by another wrestler, this story will probably never get its loose ends tied up. Chaos eight-man tag is fun and chaotic, but even more chaotic is the backstage segment in which the bad guys brag about Douki’s win over Yoshi-Hashi (he pinned him after the tag champs hit Zack Mephisto) and Ishii tries to fight them all in a dark hallway. Gedo is very upset about this loss in a way that might as well be a neon sign over his head saying “I’m going to betray Switchblade Jay White” and Switchblade Jay White has a full, fantastic paranoid breakdown backstage. He’s widely beloved by wrestling fans, and his character has even been encouraged by his personal wrestling god not just to achieve any particular accomplishment, but to become a god. The stakes are clear: if Jay White beats Tomohiro Ishii, he’ll advance to the final, beating Ibushi by tiebreaker. He won’t escape, he won’t lose, he won’t run away. The last night of B Block competition begins with its first of four roll-up or pinning combination victories. Recently there were some developments in this story that got a lot of attention but didn’t say that much. Ibushi’s G1 win is followed by Chono handing him the trophy and nearly making him cry, a promo and backstage talk to the press that are all very normal top babyface fare except for the stuff about becoming God, and a really good challenge from Jay White. Two elements that benefit this match are its finish and the way it handles interference. Sanada’s best wrestling matches are earlier in the tournament, but this is the match in which he looks like the biggest deal. Ibushi seemed a beat slower than we had seen him in striking battles earlier in the tournament, and SANADA inarguably had the more powerful blows, rattling Ibushi with elbows. They can’t even consider pulling an AEW temporarily pulling Sammy Guevara from TV for situations that are much more concerning. . Highlights from “#G1CLIMAX30 FINAL” (Oct 18th) Watch full matches on https://t.co/z1DNREy98D, The G1 Climax 30 Finals is here!

The promotion International Wrestling League, which came forward in June to back up Pollyanna’s story that she was blacklisted and that Ospreay (see the previous hyperlink for receipts and quotes from all this), recently repeated something they had said back in June in a way that made some people think it was new information: that when they were told to unbook Pollyanna, it was by the venue and not Ospreay directly. The Ace ends his G1 in a good mood and Zack ends his with a tantrum, which feels like the way to go after this summer so frequently saw Zack gloating and Tana on the verge of tears. is over, let’s finally move on to the next match, which has no real-life burdens, only kicks. Last month, I wrote about the industry fallout of the rape of UK wrestler Pollyanna and Ospreay’s involvement, which consisted of several documented public and private statements smearing her character between 2017 and as recently as this summer, continuing to book her alleged rapist, and allegedly contributing to Pollyanna being blacklisted from the industry.