Boost your fluency with this glossary of 20 of the funniest terms in our collective workout language. Hypertrophy-Specific Nutrition™. A familiar term for those using hormonal substances as performance-enhancing drugs (see: PED) is post-cycle therapy. (4), Usage Example: “I’m sure I have some mad EPOC going on after the wind sprints I did this morning.”. Required fields are marked *. 60–63. (8), Usage Example: “My training partner put my back through hell with the LATT we performed after doing our warm-up sets of barbell rows.”. European journal of applied physiology, 98(4), 402-410. Listened to a presentation at a Glazier clinic from a HS coach. ROD: Recipe Of the Day Want a healthy new recipe to try daily? "Excess postexercise oxygen consumption--magnitude, mechanisms and practical implications". When your workout suddenly feels especially hard because your body has run out of glycogen stores. Essentially, the theory is that food choice is a non-issue so long as you meet your daily caloric and macronutrient (i.e. Welcome to a plateau, a frustrating phase during which you temporarily stop making progress to your goals. Commonly used as part of post-cycle therapy (PCT), selective estrogen receptor modulators are compounds that agonize or antagonize estrogen receptors in tissues. SAD: Standard American Diet: A negative term describing the stereotypical American diet, which is often characterized by high intakes of red and processed meat, added sugars, packaged or fast food, and refined grains. AMRAP: As Many Reps As Possible Often seen in workout write-ups, AMRAP is exactly what it sounds like—do as many reps of a particular move as you can. Fatty acids are chains of hydrocarbons, and when bound to glycerol (as esters) they are denoted as short-, medium-, or long-chain triglycerides, respective of how many carbons are in the fatty acid chains. PSP, HIPAA

Blomstrand E, Eliasson J, Karlsson HK, Köhnke R. Branched-chain amino acids activate key enzymes in protein synthesis after physical exercise. Foods ranking higher on the GI scale exhibit more rapid and steep spikes in blood sugar and usually contain a large amount of added sugar or refined carbohydrates. Maton, Anthea; Jean Hopkins, Charles William McLaughlin, Susan Johnson, Maryanna Quon Warner, David LaHart, Jill D. Wright (1993). Knowing this number can help you monitor how hard your body is working and how many calories you’re burning during a sweat session. ), which stands for “as soon as possible”. Feedback, The World's most comprehensive professionally edited abbreviations and acronyms database, Föreninegn för Utvecklingsfrågor (Swedish development organization), Frank Und Freunde (web design company, Stuttgart, Germany), Frederikshavn Ungdoms Fællesråd (Danish youth council), Forbundet Unge Forskere (Norwegian Association of Young Scientists), Fellow Up Front (military slang; polite form).