For step vans and van conversions there is a larger 18L flat reservoir (installs vertically or horizontally internally) that can be filled by hose, by pump from your main water tank, or the unit can even be connected directly to your main tank. How do we know? 1.0 out of 5 stars 2. The S6 is universal for all makes and model golf carts, including both gas and electric. RED DOT AC UNIT 12V WALL MOUNT R-6840-0P. This is a bonus we provide for purchasing through us. The hotter the environment the larger the drop. Continental US Shipping $95. Roof Mounted or Under Bench Air Conditioner. Light Weight – Weighing in at only 25lbs you’ll be less top heavy and save on payload. Quantity: Only 2 available Buy Now. It’s form factor is so low it will even fit underneath roof racks or solar panels. Fresair can handle the majority of cooling situations but it has its limitations when humidity is very high. $717.00 $ 717. Specifications. If you plan on traveling to tropical areas, Fresair will help reduce the load on your traditional AC units but it cannot safely reduce the temperature in extreme climates. The unit itself is very slimline at only 3.7″ tall but packs a punch with four adjustable vents and, our latest smart control panel safeguarding the system. Q. Will both of the golf cart reservoir systems get me through a round of golf? – The internal control panel has four directional air-craft style vents to direct air where you need it. Run it all day! A. Or, just connect directly to your main fresh water tank. Fresairs 12v roof mounted air conditioner for golf carts is revolutionizing cooling for owners and fleet managers alike. It not only looks great but is also a completely green technology, even filtering dust and pollen out of the air keeping the driver’s well being our top priority. Just fill up the water reservoir, turn on the unit and go! Your annual cost to keep your Fresair system running optimum should be around $100, contact your authorized Fresair dealer for quote.

This depends on the outside temperature but you should see 20’-40’ reduction from the ambient temperature to the air emitting out of the vents. Reservoirs – With two reservoir options, an 8L under-seat battery sized (check you have space) or a 5L hidden reservoir with a remote fill spout (usually mounted under wheel well).

At peak usage Fresair will use under 1L of water per hour.

No, all that is required is tap water. 1,495.00. The unit itself is very slimline at only 3.7″ tall but packs a punch with four adjustable vents and our latest smart control panel safeguarding the system. The Cruise N Comfort MES-12 and MES-24 are True 12 Volt DC powered self contained, water cooled marine air conditioners that are designed for use in either fresh or salt water. Q. Spread air between a kitchen and sleeping area. Programmable Control Panel with 4 Adjustable Vents. With an extremely low power consumption of <10A/h on maximum setting, a low sleek roof-top profile of 3.7”, lightweight at 25lbs, cool running and quiet, the Fresair S6 is ideally suited for golf cart air conditioning.


Light Weight – Weighing in at only 25lbs you’ll be less top heavy. Runs Cool – No heat venting from the unit, runs cool even in direct sunlight, you can even install a rooftop tent above it and maintain comfort for all. The harness runs towards the back of the roof and generally to the left down the rear left roof support strut and into the body of the cart. It’s a balance between using high-power and noisy compressors vs a quiet 12v/water system.