He tries to make a go of it but frankly, it's a different place for him. The episode in which the corpse shows up sitting in the back row at his own funeral, with Bach's marvelously macabre "Toccata in D Minor" as the stinger, is pure genius. Title: Marshal Raylan Givens is reassigned from Miami to his childhood home in the poor, rural coal mining towns of eastern Kentucky. He shares ditzy receptionist Darby with fastidious dentist Bruce and anxious pediatrician Francine. Tiger and Bubba (Charles Lampkin, Robert Harper) tell Frank the story of the contribution of the Glorious Kingdom Church to the mystery that is the Rev. Frank's introduction to men's social clubs begins with a wild night with Tiger (Charles Lampkin), followed by lunch with a fellow Brown alumnus (Ron O'Neal), whose own club is a little more reserved---and restricted. Very underrated, very unappreciated and quite ahead of its time.

Anxious to take a more active role in running Chez Louisiane, Frank (Tim Reid) learns how not to buy lobsters, and to never cross Mrs. Bertha Griffin-Lamour (Virginia Capers). Share Remove Report.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Have A Blessed Day! Homer: Phill Lewis. Genial and altogether charming, the series won Emmys and awards from the NAACP and the Television Critics Association, but too few viewers took to its offbeat rhythms and t. An acclaimed, stylish dramedy about a Boston professor who inherits a Creole restaurant in New Orleans and begins to rediscover his roots as he adjusts to life in a new environment. When the bar is used as a movie set, Tiger (Charles Lampkin) lands a minor role and Frank (Tim Reid) gets a major invite: a tete-a-tete lunch with the female lead (Pam Grier) in her trailer. Bubba: Robert Harper.

Please contact me with any questions - hungup84@yahoo.com. Chick: Tom La Grua. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Frank goes there and was going to go back and sell the restaurant to the employees, but Miss Marie feels that the restaurant is his legacy, so she has a curse placed on him that would take effect when he returns to Boston. Shorty (Don Yesso) rescues a Southern belle (Lise Cutter) from two overzealous admirers, and receives a black eye---and a houseguest---in return. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. A man named Varden drinks too much at the Chez and dies in a car accident. Arnold: Hakeem. Because it was sensitive, intelligent and enormously funny, that's why.

The one bright spot is Hannah Griffin, whom Frank has the hots for but unfortunately for him, she's enganged. This series took place in an apartment building numbered 227.