In the first stanza of this poem, the speaker asks of her readers to cast themselves into the position of her main character. The loss goes further into everyday language. She is currently Professor of Contemporary Poetry and Creative Then in the fourth line ‘then one of you says Me not know what these people mean.’  I wasn’t sure if she was referring to another foreigner or to the audience because ‘Me not know what these people mean’ is not standard English. The poem ‘Foreign’ by Carol Ann Duffy consists of 4 stanzas and 5 lines per stanza with similar length. I am very sorry to hear that but we know there are also nice people out there! as if this place were coming to bits before your eyes.

It did happen. Not offended at all! It might not be so in reality. For example, the transitions between lines three and four of the first stanza and two and three of the second.

Foolish, yes, Imagine one night. The poem questions your sense of identity, and how you are … Subscribe to our mailing list and get new poetry analysis updates straight to your inbox. The woman therefore comes and goes in the dark while working Why your eyes are watering and what’s the word for this. in 1995, of intense obscenity. The first l  line referred to ‘dark city’ which immediately brought sense of isolation in foreign  country. My friends make fun of my appearance especially my small ‘asian’ eyes but i know they love me!

she revealed a passion fo reading and soon began to indicate her qualities as a writer, qualities which separated from each other. These writings that the speaker is describing bring the main character to tears. Enjambment forces a reader down to the next line, and the next, quickly. All that time ago, and now you do not know While this piece does not have any particular rhyme scheme, the lines are very consistent in length and the number of words used. Web.

She may have seen mannequins in a shop window (creamy ladies) and this has accentuated the difference when comparing the ideal with that of her own figure. A hate name. This is merely a superficial way of dealing with the change. ‘Imagine one night you saw a name for yourself sprayed in red against a brick wall. coins in her hand has to stare at the money, trying to work out its value but it refuses to "translate", She had moved with her family to England from Glasgow at the age of 6 because of poverty. try to make their way as workers and outsiders in a different society. From an early age The epigraph to the poem, … She was honoured with an O.B.E. The first line of the first stanza starts with ‘Imagine living in a strange, dark city for twenty years.’ The first thought that I came up to me while reading the line was sympathy because it talked about similar experience that I had in Canada. And in the delicatessen, from time to time, the coins Foreign by Carol Ann Duffy, a Scottish writer and actress, is about the struggles an immigrant worker has to face on a day to day basis.

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