no possbility to negotiate that "i didn't know". It only knows what is available at the moment each time the Plunder finder tool is run.

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I just got temp banned, asumably for this. It will be be safe for my regular account? Same thing goes for the sniping tool. For the functionality it claims to have, it would need to visit neighbors and check all their GBs on its own, in the background. You are not allowed to send requests to the server. I have been plundered twice by a neighbor, exactly 12 and 17s after the production. With the exception of the stress and quick-talking antics of an auctioneer, online auctions are almost identical to their in-person counterparts in that items are listed, described and eventually awarded to the highest bidder. The websites I see that a lot of people point to, like forge-db, as gathering the same data are actually only pulling data from the leaderboard, vs actually visiting a city etc. And the loot thing was already available but with some work, I used to use this to find whether my Crow's nest was worth a BG charge. An argument could be made that having the tool and not using some of the features would be considered 'safe', but I would rather not risk my account :(. Most police auctions feature typically impounded or unclaimed motor vehicles that local police departments will auction off to the highest bidder.

Sounds to me like this tool sure as hell limits your clicks as you would only have to click on these specific neighbors to plunder them. If you were plundered literally seconds after your city produced, there is a more than strong possibility it was not because of Plunder Finder. For more information click here.

Military Report – Army unit inventory, military bonuses and Alcatraz estimations. A set of tools to manage your Forege of Empires city.

Plunder Finder – Search through your neighborhood for available plunder. LEARN MORE.

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Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. This tool however seems to do that (from the description and images anyway). For example, you can’t see a neighbors available productions for plunder/sabotage, and you can’t use the negotiation helper in GBG. Battlegrounds – See who from your guild is actively fighting.

THIS expansion is actively sending requests to the servers of FoE to get informations like these.

The tools have been in development for the last 8 months with a large group of beta users while we were creating them for the community, and have never had any issue. Literally what the FoE-Helper do. I would be careful with this, I played tribal wars (another one of InnoGames games) for a long time and they were banning players left and right for using tools like these. Also on the motor vehicle front, many retired police cars that are still in fine working order will also be auctioned off to civilians who can use them for transportation. As they are developed by third parties, we cannot control their content or what they do, we can't provide a definitive answer that it is ok to use, as the tool/site could change what it does at anytime. So you should never be able to know if for example the goods are 5 or 10 or whatever. Inno is notorious for not taking a stance on anything at all. So Foe Helper claiming he's "Working with Inno" isnt a valid option.

Especially credit card info saved in chrome and other websites data!
In this screenshot, you can see that a neighbor's aviary is producing two FP. We collect and process your personal information for the following purposes: Analytics, Necessary, Quality.

This tool makes it possible to calculate the number of points that a player must put on his GB to secure the first 5 places following a rate (arc bonus). Illegal, not even a gray-area. It is not allowed to use click-bots or scripts that minimize your manual clicks. Thanks for this.. Accept ; Decline; Customize; Home.

There will never be a clear „Yes this tool is ok“ answer from inno, as the developers of the tools can always make changes that would add something illegal to said tool.
We’ve released new feature entitled, Plunder Finder, that will allow you to scan your Forge of Empires neighboring cities to identify buildings that are ripe for the plundering. Which categories would you like to hear about? So the answer given by Inno is all we will ever get (which I totally understand, they can’t know what the developers will add later and they have to play it safe), WHile I agree that Foe tools overdid with plunder tool, since this is not something that a player without the addon is able to ever see within game, the snipe thing is totally fine, as it only does the math for the player from available info that is visible once you open someone's GB. REGISTER MY TOOLS Login to register your tools for extended warranty and redeem bonus offers. GraysOnline, Australia's trusted home for online auctions is your go-to destination for all things police auctions.

the policies clearly states that all 3rd party programs can get you banned. I think there is ulterior motive here... now there is a second helper tool? There is the FoE-Helper, which only uses the information that is already being sent by the game and is therefore in a legal grey area that would not lead to a ban from Inno. Is anybody using this?. and both look at city data for thousands of players which is allowed and considered a view, not an action on behalf of a user. It only knows what is available at the moment each time the Plunder finder tool is run. I know a player who got a 2 hour ban for using it.,components.site_layout.hero.slogan_html. I have reported him. power tools is getting ppl banned - confirmed on my worlds.

InnoGames already have internal tools to …

Power tool skins, kits, combos & accessories. It would be almost trivial for Inno to spot accounts that are using this as no player would be able to replicate the number of queries that this tool fires off in a short period of time.

So basically the exact same response as for FOE Helper.

Incidents – See current and upcoming incidents in your city. I'm gonna check this out now, looks cool. Press J to jump to the feed. FOE-TOOLS by test3r Tools used for 04/26/20 Added Space Carrier GB and added more level data.

Someone does.

Yo anyone have an idea of the legality of this extension? The tool usually take a few minutes to run while gathering up a bunch of data. Power Tools – Limited Release. It’s forbidden. FoE Helper shows you how much defense a neighbour has.

Profit Finder – Scan your neighborhood and friends lists for Great Building spots that will net you a profit. Because it only has access to Forge of empires maybe.. lol?

EDIT: This thing is awesome, especially the Profit Finder and Plunder Finder. If you encounter any problems while using a Third Party tool/plugin, we're not responsible for any consequences, or damage they may cause, including but not limited to; harming your device(s), fetching your personal or account data or actions against your account .

All of the tools that they built do not violate TOS, they are just culling information on top of the platform and working within the parameters that Inno set. The FoE-Helper is legal because they do not send any requests to FoE and are just reading the informations you get from the game. Posts from individuals who do not represent InnoGames do not count. Though cars are the items you're most likely to find at a police auction, a whole range of other items often make it onto the bill to be auctioned off. This is that usual vague response that doesn't exactly clear things up. FOEpowertoosl caused me to be banned from the game sssooooooooooooooooooooooo don't use it.