Playground Sessions has a nice modern looking website. They also have a support page with articles and support through facebook and twitter. You can also access to all the premium courses that we have mentioned in the section: What Is the FlowKey Curriculum? Among other piano learning software, Playground Session excels in functionality and exercise flexibility. Outside of songs and the basic lessons, there isn’t much offered in Yousician for additional learning resources. The looping controls on playground are much better than flowkey and yousician. The way that flowkey's tutorials walk you through ‎every step is something that beginner or relearning musicians find extremely ‎helpful.‎Relearning an instrument can sometimes be just as hard as learning for the ‎first time. This category was owned by Piano Marvel. There is a growing number of piano teachers joining the 21st century and utilizing technology to benefit their students. Follow the link to the FlowKey homepage (given in the email), enter the code, and enjoy free piano lessons! The flowkey approach has great instruction early on but has a low number of learning exercises. Playground session is co-founded by Quincy Jones, who is a living icon of popular music. Some pretty mixed reviews on the app however.

The best keyboard for learning should have a hammer mechanism (full-weight) and 88 keys, but you can plug in every digital piano with USB or MIDI connection. It also has 18 levels of music exceeding far beyond anyone else! It also has metronome, loop function, but Playground Session goes further. Piano Marvel gives you full control of the tempo of all songs and exercises. To use FlowKey, you need a digital device such as your smartphone (android or iPhone), PC, tablet, iPad, or laptop and a digital or acoustic piano. It is currently in beta at the time of this review which indicates that there are still some bugs to work out. When you purchase a song you like, it will be added to your library. YOU SHOULD KNOW: With a Playground Session premium account (monthly, or annual subscription), you have access to 5 new songs every month (and all classical songs are for free). In this Playground Session review, I’m going to answer all these questions. No custom music features are available with Playground Sessions. Piano Marvel is the only system that allows you to create and upload your own music to practice in Piano Marvel! It does allow scoring through a microphone, but the accuracy leaves much to be desired if you are playing a more advanced song. Though the songs can be fun to play for a little while, we found the library to be pretty limiting. Note that a MIDI enabled piano is required in order to be scored however. It attempts to get students playing fun music faster.

If you will still have some questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below this article. Although it's common for muscle memory kick in when someone who ‎hasn't played in years sits down at a piano and lets their fingers naturally find ‎the right keys, but this might take some plunking around a few bad notes first. We would love to see Piano Marvel make finding and navigating their music a little easier, however. Isn’t it too expensive? Installation of Yousician is a bit confusing. In order to get to the part you want to loop you have to look for the section first, then turn looping on, then select the measures you want. The look is a little bit cluttered. >> Click To Discover 11 Best Piano Courses For Adults In 2020 <<. These theory courses are: FlowKey offers two of its courses for free online. Playground Sessions is one of your best chances to stay engaged when learning piano online without losing out on any important piano curriculum. Playground Sessions has a boot camp which is designed to teach basic technical skills. Read Also: Best 5 Piano Learning Apps Reviewed And Compared.

You need to pass each level to unlock the next stage. ‎You can also select the Continue Without an Instrument option to make all of ‎your lessons conducted entirely on the app itself with no external instrument ‎required.‎Depending on what level you're at, you might start out learning songs or ‎playing through the basics.