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How To, Repair and Maintenance, tires, tire pressure. 0000031961 00000 n 0000315633 00000 n inside a tire), a change in temperature will result in a proportional change in pressure. Notice how much taller the sidewall is at higher pressures (1/2” taller) and how much larger the contact patch is at lower pressures. #244190

On a hot, humid day it can be over 3%. If I make contact with the wall and bend a wheel or throw the car into the corner on a rough track I might expect to get a flat tire.

Tires that have heavy duty inner tubes can be run a little flatter and a little softer if you’re looking to maximize your grip. However, you can run most tires between 8 psi to 16 psi. Sure. 0000239239 00000 n 0000018631 00000 n 0000062744 00000 n 0000062471 00000 n %PDF-1.4 %���� �Cq�� J�B�Ʋ=�c+�a�������������ߒ���.�|�`zL0:o ���Apr^� Xgң+��u��~[Ν�h[�,.�6�mp/�Y$�'�}��=�~��g� *P 0000180065 00000 n 0000017631 00000 n 0000024845 00000 n So what does this all boil down to? 0000243923 00000 n 0000008780 00000 n Either check it before bed after you’ve been parked for a couple of hours, or check it first thing in the morning. Not too hard, not too soft. That’s something to consider, too. We'll take it from there. Know what this dashboard indicator light means so you can stop tire problems before they start.

The idea is more rubber touching the track surface equates to more available grip. 0000134511 00000 n If you’re off by just a few pounds the bike will not be nearly as safe – or handle as well. 0000024657 00000 n Not sure how?

Why at night or in the morning?

On the other hand, the contact patch and sidewall stiffness (spring rate) of a radial tire can be changed significantly by adjusting air pressure.

A tubed tire will deal with being very soft better than a tubeless setup, but you definitely don’t want to ride those super soft tires on pavement. If you use the same gauge on your tires all the time, you’ll know if there’s any variation at all.

It is not cold. Pressure ratings of between 15 and 16 psi are really best used exclusively in the world of enduro and with FIM and DOT approved knobby tires.

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Check your tire pressure every day when you are on a long trip. It helps absorb bumps and irregularities in the road. However, once we get on the track, these pressures must be adjusted for a much different set of conditions.

0000022909 00000 n Some bikes are more sensitive to tire pressure than others.

Where P=the pressure of the gas, V=the volume of the gas, T=the temperature of the gas, n = the quantity of gas and R is the gas constant of proportionality.

If flat tires are a common occurrence during race nights then something must be changed to eliminate the problem. My number one consideration when choosing tire pressures is to avoid a flat tire. This time the roll-out measured 85-1/2”. If I do the same thing week after week I should expect the same results. 0000051997 00000 n A gauge that isn’t man-handled or abused will last for years (personal experience has proven that repeatedly dropping the gauge or using it to measure pressures higher than its max scale will render it useless in short order).

I then increased the air pressure to 40 psi. Dunlop DT3 Flat Track tires are all 'Tube Type' and require the use of an inner tube, and rim band if tube-type rim. H�\P�j�0��+t�=,��Г1��B}д��Jjhl�8��}eg�B�$43��۾����S0f��� װ%�0����q�����?h����Ɇό�%���N_�p>l1���>� ���DB/:���Wڥ��wy���G����Ì ר &�gdRP(�������k�̷NL>��� About | Contact | Disclosures | Blog. 0000003095 00000 n h�b``�g``�����*�ˀ The information can be very helpful when it comes to determining the pressures for the night’s race. 0000004681 00000 n There are a lot of people that advocate the use of nitrogen instead of air to pressurize tires. When it comes to keeping track of air pressure there is really only one piece of equipment that is required and that is a pressure gauge. xref Hard pack and flat tracker riders regularly bump things up front to 13 – 14 psi.

Store 0000004154 00000 n When you’re off road and riding those knobbies, you’ll want to air down a lot. A kind-of soft tire can be squirmy and squirrelly, and make you think something is wrong with your bike. 0000023956 00000 n

The roll-out of a tire is different than its circumference and is affected by pressure (and also by the loading on the tire). All of our Flat-Trac Tire Test Systems measure a broad range of tire behavior by controlling the speed, load, inflation pressure, and true tire … Ask RideApart: Are There Motorcycle Snow Tires? Dirt Bike Tire Pressure for Hard Pack. 0000000016 00000 n 415 0 obj <> endobj xref Just because I have the same size tires on the rear of the car doesn’t mean I have zero inches of stagger.