It’s a really neat little hack that I’m glad to see still kicking after falling in and out of development multiple times. About as much sense as the dialogue ever makes. If you can get a translation hack, be sure to have a look at this. Can't wait to play this game! Gheb puts the game right where it belongs. Go back to the FE: Genealogy of Holy War section. 3. I'm having trouble with applying the patch to the game. Hey, so remember back when I mentioned that Blademaster had a more infamous hack than The Sun God’s Wrath? This one’s mechanically extremely simple, really, even more so than regular FE, which is hardly a bad thing given the platform its on. That dude on the left… he stands out a bit, doesn’t he? The Fire Emblem series is well known for its innovation and for being one of the first Eastern style tactical role-playing games, with a strong emphasis on Western forms of medieval folklore. This part of the list is reserved for shorter hacks that were actually meant to be short, as well as weird reskins and other such things that I found interesting for some reason. What am I doing with my life? These portraits look… wrong in the GBA engine somehow. Both of these games have some significant issues, but I think they’re noteworthy and might be interesting if you’re willing to shell out the cash. Still, I’m not heartbroken that this one seems to have been dropped in favor of Blitzarre Adventure. There’s a LOT of just watching enemies run around in this one…. These two patches are both pretty similar, and Tequila’s recent translations and fixes for them were released together, so I’m gonna talk about them together. Do you love Sain so much that you wanted him to be the main character of a game? I haven’t gotten super far into it, but it seems like a weird and unique little hack that’s pretty well put together overall. When FEIV first got announced, everyone assumed it was a joke. Chaos Mode is a hack that, instead of telling some unique story or trying to “rebalance” everything, instead throws conventional Fire Emblem gameplay out the window and makes everything ridiculous. It appeared on the scene one day, with no fanfare to announce its coming, already mostly complete aside from some bugs that needed fixing and some dodgy spritework. I know I’ve griped about reskins before, but I’m fond of Lute Emblem anyway not only for taking one of FE8′s best characters and putting her in the spotlight, even adding multiples of her, but also going just a bit beyond normal reskins by giving all the characters new portraits that show them in different clothes that match their new classes better. It’s a fan remake of FE1 (well, technically Book 1 of FE3, but details) with a lot of planned changes that, at least on paper, sound pretty cool. Thank you so much you are the bomb!! I’m serious.). In the same folder as the emulator, create a new folder and name it "Roms". Toast so nutritious it’ll heal all your wounds! Did you ever want to just skip straight past all that war and love and weird plot contrivances and skip straight to the BBQ? (I can’t even begin to warn y’all about every bit of shit going on in this one. Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War (ファイアーエムブレム 聖戦の系譜 Faiā Emuburemu: Seisen no Keifu), is a Japanese Super Famicom tactical role-playing game developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo. The Shin Patch is an interesting take on doing this for FE4, offering such changes as added weapon ranks for certain classes, changes to who can inherit what skills, and basically making it so FE4 isn’t Sword Horse Emblem And Forseti Was There Too. What website did you get your rom from?

FEBinary is technically just a “rebalance” hack of FE4, but in that hack is all sorts of neat shit that significantly mixes up how FE4 plays. FEOnline is one of the few FE4 hacks that’s actually in English, and probably the only one that’s more than just a “rebalance” hack. One little bit of controversy got sparked when Arch said he was replacing all the basically-identical boring dudes with new (mostly female) characters for more class diversity and just generally shuffling classes around a smidge, but if that’s not a dealbreaker then Exalted Legacy might be something to look out for… provided it comes out, anyway. I'd also recommend making sure that the Video -> Bilinear Filtering option is unchecked, because it blurs the image and looks like butt, but that's up to you. (Telling you how to do so is against the rules, so you'll have to find it yourself.). Since it’s not restrained by the limitations of hacking someone else’s work, it can afford to do all sorts of cool shit that would’ve been pretty difficult to get working in a run-of-the-mill FE7 hack. A tutorial for how to patch games can be found HERE. The basic concept of “FE game but with Tales characters instead” isn’t necessarily such a bad one, but a lot of problems arise regardless. Final Score: 9/10. I’m not gonna go down super hard on this one because everyone else already has and the creator has learned from this particular failure, but Corrupt Theocracy is a chaotic jumble of stuff that basically doesn’t work on any level. If you stay on them they'll heal you. It's just so different from any FE game that's come to America. 1. I think that Fire Emblem Genealogy Of The Holy War is a fantastic game and had it gotten a wide release I think you could make the argument it is one of the best games on the SNES! It’s pretty short and a lot more playable than most of the other trash that’ll be on display, so pick it up if you want to experience the disaster for yourself. It’s on the shorter end at 11 Chapters, but at least those 11 Chapters are pretty memorable and full of unique gameplay. Speed Ring (marked village) Most of your enemies are brigands and use axes, so it's no big deal to defeat them with sword users, defeat all of them and continue forward to Jungby. 1 = In the enemy turn after taking Jungby. It’s more technically accomplished than GG, to be fair, and was actually quite impressive in its day, but nowadays the main reason people know about it is the… well, interesting treatment of Linoan, and having a lot of odd cameos from several different games. This one’s not technically cancelled, and admittedly hasn’t been totally quiet for that long, but it’s been ages since it felt like it was going anywhere so it’s going on this part of the list. • New characters: - Midir (arch knight): Joins after conquering Jungby castle. I’m working on a reskin that’s meant to be a mod that’s also unique. Maybe one day it’ll suddenly spring back to life. Please check it out too! It’s mechanically very similar to FE, but with a few weird little differences to make it distinct enough to be its own thing. I guess if your sense of humor never graduated past Family Guy you might find it entertaining, but for normal people it’s just teeth-grindingly miserable. It was released on May 14, 1996 in Japan. Exalted Legacy is a bit unlike the others here in that it’s basically in the very, very early stages still, but even what little has been shown looks promising. The nature of FE4 hacking means that, structurally, it’s very similar to vanilla FE4, but it’s still got some neat stuff all its own, like custom spells, new classes, and the cute portraits that are (mostly) Lamia’s furry characters instead of anything resembling FE4′s old artstyle. It’s interesting enough for what it is, and it’s a shame it didn’t make it. While from a technical perspective these two were quite advanced for their time, that doesn’t really change the fact that they’re pretty inexcusably vile. Villages will give you some info among with some money (remember, the higher the damaged caused to the village, the less money you'll get when you save it). Staff of Ages is another one I’ve barely touched, but it’s getting included because, like Bloodlines, I’ve seen a lot of buzz about it being really good. These portraits are honestly on the upper-end of quality for this thing. Some of these hacks have guides and readmes that have been translated by TheEnd, so pick those up if you’re interested!

I’ve not gotten far into the thing, but it’s a reasonable facsimile of Gen 2, without Gen 2′s dreadful pacing but also without getting to see the results of your pairings from Gen 1, since, well, there is no Gen 1 and there aren’t any pairings. But as the posts got more and more detailed and less and less rambly, it started becoming clear this was a real thing that was actually happening and not just some elaborate hoax. At least somehting petty cool eventually rose from this particular mess. I would greatly appreciate it!! A varied list of weapons for our young Diarmuid Delmud. It was full of incredibly cool and unusual ideas, and looked like it was gonna be THE FE8 hack of all time. GG isn’t really terrible, but it’s a product of its time and ultimately fairly forgettable.

I feel bad for even providing links to it, so please do not click them. For added points, its engine will eventually be released once FE7x is actually finished. If this is your first time playing, I recommend leaving the defence of Chalphy to Arden, in case of emergency (it's important to protect your castles from enemy attack, because they can destroy them and end the game). Part 2 of this list is right here! It’s pretty sad, and unfortunately there’s basically no chance that this one’s getting picked back up again. After some more research, I found the Project Naga Patch and many people say this is the best translation of FE 4. - Quan (duke knight), Ethlyn (troubadour) and Finn (lance knight): Appears at the start of the third turn (lower blue square) (There’s a lot of weak attempts to tackle “adult” subject matter in this one, as well as some pretty tasteless jokes. I’m gonna go on record and say I’m not a huge fan of this one (partially because its creator is kind of a douchebag), but it’s interesting nonetheless. Plus it’s got a playable puppy, so you know it’s a good game! Midnight Sun was a project that managed to slowly push out update after update for year after year, slowly but surely seeming more and more like it would actually cross the finish line.