He is used to living loose at home and only eats meat. Need gone with cage needing the the room as child growing up will accept reasonable offer close to what I want. 7 x Ferrets plus double hutch. But scans can be done between 28-40 days.

If we have a suitable kit in the litter they will then be reserved for you straight away. We are giving them away with a big, new cage (we will dismantle it for you to take) and 3x hammocks and 1x litter, 1x ferret kibble, 1x carry box, 2x cage bo, Two lovely boys ready for a new home. DOWNLOAD HERE NO Visits at this time due to COVID-19 Open to kit pick-up ONLY.

Only 4 left! Two six month old male ferrets with large cage. Re listed due to time wasters.

Whether you've got a cute kitten or a faithful hound, we know how important your pets are to you and your family. take breeding lightly. Ferrets are highly intelligent and relish having a nice selection of things to spend their time doing. Large ferret Hutch and 3 Jill ferrets/ polecats . (You can ask the pet shop where their ferrets are bred and do your own research.) Raising kits properly takes a huge amount of time, energy and money. Find Ferrets for sale via Pets4Homes. if you are new to ferrets research them before deciding to get one as a pet. If you would like a Folly Bridge kit to join your family please get in touch using the contact us page and let us know which litter you are interested in and what colour and sex you would like. Polecat jill, 8 month old, been down many holes this year.

In the week they have been here we have toilet trained them too! Read Ferrets For Dummies!

Ferrets are highly intelligent, social animals and require a lot of time and attention. This advert is located in and around We do not hold kits unless a deposit has been paid. Make lovely pets or workers , parents work . For their safety and protection, ferrets should be caged when they are unable to be supervised.

Longfield, Kent. FERRETS WANTED #1 . Reason for sale, I have 7 ferrets and want a hawk, Polecats & Grey Hounds for sale Modern Slavery Statement & Ferrets kits for sale silver white brown Born telephone removed weeks old Ready for new homes 4 available 3 hobs 1 Jill. Whites £30 each both Hob & Jill

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