She even treed a squirrel during one of our runs! Because of their size they are able to live in apartments and they are perfect for those looking for an active family companion.

It will bark to let you know of an intruder so makes a good watchdog. I have a rottie dalmation mix….wonderful girl dog! The Doctor Poe Drop Rate, Copyright © Champion Tae Kwon Do Academy • 2016, The Fortune Cookie Chronicles Chapter Summaries. He’s been our little girl’s best bud and the family protector from the start. Ucla Digital Humanities Reddit,

A Doberman Pit Bull mix is a hybrid dog breed and it’s a cross between two best breeds the Pit Bull and Doberman Pinscher. They were quite the duet when they both joined in together! Indeed, if you have a critter problem in your backyard, this dog may be a strong ally.It's not too surprising that the Mountain Feist has a strong prey drive. They also can be playful and affectionate with their family.

As a companion dog it is cheerful, loving, devoted to its family and likes to be close to them at all times. The Pug is naturally a cuddler that loves its owners and loves attention. Both great dogs, but you did have to keep them buzy. A member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, he has been a dog lover since he was 13 years old.

It has a great deal of energy and stamina so do not be surprised when that little dog can go for a long time.

If you aren’t looking for a competitive sporting dog, they also make excellent fetch partners. Looking for a Mountain Feist Name? They are not to be confused with the Black Mouth Cur, that looks similar with the black melanistic mark on their face. It loves to be active like this.

Even so, they’re very athletic and agile like their parents. It does not like being left alone for long periods. The muscular back legs have hocks that are a little bent and its feet are compact with thick pads and toes that are arched. Otherwise doing it too often damages its natural oils. As ranches were traded out for city living and men went off to fight in the war, numbers of these dogs dwindled, and the breed was nearly lost – by 1940, this dog was ridiculously rare.

We rescued a pup from Kentucky, they guessed Catahoula leopard dog and lab… nope! They are great squirrel dogs. Feists need at least 30 minutes of exercise every day, whether through walks, jogs through the neighborhood or hikes in the park. It sheds an average amount so there will be some loose hair around the home to clean up too.

The Great Dane Pitbull mix, is a large cross breed between the Great Dane and the American Pit Bull Terrier. If you’re now sold on the Mountain Cur and can’t wait to get your hands on one, try looking on the AKCs recommended breeder page for breeders near you.

10 Adorable Pitbull Mixes breed You Need To See Right Now, Pit Bull + German Shepherd = Pit Shepherd. She is smaller than a pure bred Cur, Roxy is 18 months old weighing in at 39.30 lbs.

LOVES attention and follows close behind at all times. He’s treated like one of my kids. Most protective dog I’ve ever had. Bio Poem Powerpoint, It has a medium length neck that is strong and a chest that is quite deep. All Things Dogs Copyright © 2020 - All Rights Reserved. However, on average, a Mountain Cur has a lifespan of around 16 years of age. Your email address will not be published. Others disagree with this theory saying this is not really a breed of dog but a type, a working dog that can therefore have obvious differences amongst them but still be a skilled hunter, be pliable and be robust. We rescued a dog from Texas that has a very unusual vocalization, which I call yodeling. The word cur is actually an old word that refers to a dog of an unknown breed. My heart belongs to my Rottie who left me much too soon. When hunting it is focused, driven, has good endurance and in its element.

Very quick learner yet very stubborn too. Her expertise is in dog nutrition, senior dog care, especially critical care medicine and internal medicine.Be kind. Being an intelligent working breed, they also like constructive games and tasks to keep their minds sharp. Due to their hunting instincts, they may occasionally be known to chase and/or become aggressive towards other animals. Once you have found a breeder you are happy to work with and have a puppy or dog chosen and on its way home there are initial costs to deal with next.

Hi, we adopted a rescue a few months ago and were told he’s a mix of lab/great dane/Australian cattle dog. Fish In A Tree Chapter 22,

They are are carefree and Continue Reading →.

Basenji American Pit Bull Terrier Mix.

Take A Break From Synonym, The Dachshund & Yorkshire Terrier: The “Dorkie” 2. Interest in the Mountain Cur has boomed in past ten years. Why Was Movin' On Cancelled, We couldn’t be more happy with him. The UKC also has a list of registered breeders, but these are not vetted before they are allowed to register.

Even if you’re not planning on hunting with the dog, you should expect to take your four-legged friend on a long walk or a jog every day. Jon Carin Net Worth, The coat is smooth and short and common colors are light brown, red, white, black and blue. The actual amount can change from one Feist to another as it depends on things like its health, age, specific size, metabolism and activity level.

Overall, Feists have an alert and outgoing look. Please use the contact page and send it via email!

Thank you. The Mountain Feist does need good socialization to get along with children well. All 16 Cur dogs are recognized as individual breeds have their own organisations associated with them.

They also love to play in the park and jog through the neighborhood.

Most Mountain Feist can live with other dogs without problems though there is usually some dominance shifting until they learn their pecking order! These are solid, healthy little dogs for the most part, but some can develop hip dysplasia and allergy problems. Due to their treeing history, they make excellent flyball dogs.

A good quality dry dog food and canine treats will be another annual cost of $130. Health basics like vaccinations, check ups, flea and tick prevention and then medical emergency savings or pet insurance will be about $460 a year.