I mostly picked up cheap jeans but I decided to "splurge" on the jeans that Kylie Jenner was the model for. When I put them on, more flaws became visible and they became larger. The only thing is, if you've got skinny legs they might fit like Mom jeans. Hey ladies. However, they aren't skinny jeans, so they don't have the sexy fit like Fashion Nova. I always figured they just used like 3 models because those are the only ones that actually fit their image. Completely American apparel.

Maybe I just got a bad pair? I recently bought from fashion nova and i'm not a fan at all. Anyway, my girlfriend is petite, 5'2 and ~110.

Question about fashion nova. I bought a bunch of stuff from them, everything was cool but one dress had a hole in the unfortunate area of the boob. I think so, the fabric is really stretchy and i think that is the main thing that accommodates "curves".

Over $400 in purchases from a grocery store to a place I've never been. The clear packaging wasn't damaged so the hole was there before they packaged it. I can see the stuff is cheaply made but I didn't expect high quality stuff anyway. I’m thinking down to 7 because they’re stretchy? This was a HUGE red flag to me. I wasn't even that harsh in my review. They came with flaws in the fabric (it seemed to easily come apart between the weave, showing the lighter elastic through) which was paper thin to begin with. A community to help you stay stylish without wearing out your wallet!

Overall, the quality is really low for most things. I have a pair of American Apparel riding pants that fit just how I would imagine Fashion Nova jeans fit (super tight, tiny waist, very high waist), but they're not denim and I don't think they're currently selling them.

Do you carry Plus Sizes?

I had plastic surgery and had to replace my wardrobe. You would have to get the legs tapered. Since they are usually 90% cotton (or something like that), they don't stretch much and sometimes are a little loose.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Safiya Nygaard's video where she wore Fashion Nova outfits for a week. I have a pretty straight frame and these things fit like a glove. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The photo shopped models they use are absolutely ridiculous. The denim is definitely thicker. They're really good for curvy frames (see models- they usually have enhanced hour glass figures). For something that ended up costing $40 (including shipping), I think i could find better items elsewhere! I took a look at the fashion nova site because the stuff looks nice, albeit low quality. I think they're very flattering! I like topshop jeans!

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Hello, scam?! :\. I am 99% happy with Fashion Nova, where almost all of my clothes come from. Out of all the jeans I got, they were the worst. In my 10 years with the same CC company I've never been hacked. However, I'm looking for something that is the exact same fit, but with higher quality denim and possibly real front pockets. They're also extremely high waisted and very comfortable fabric because of all the stretch. Odd numbers are juniors sizes which tend to fit a little smaller, in my experience. Look at something else she has and see the sizing and the brand. I kept the dress with the intention of trying to fix. I actually like zaful. I'm not that curvy but their high-waisted pants are definitely "high-waisted" in that they're past your belly button but the back pockets are really flattering for your butt.

No idea how the they that info since my card was with me the entire time so it had to be an online job. I LOVE the jeans. Thanks and sorry if this is in the wrong place! I would fit into a size 7 for one pair but be okay in a size 5 in another... some pairs I was a size 9 too. They just smooth everything out. It fits well and is nice material, my only issue is I need to get it hemmed and to put a panel of lace in the front because I'm not about all that cleavage LOL. I ended up being able to wear most of them though they didn't fit perfectly. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the FrugalFemaleFashion community, Continue browsing in r/FrugalFemaleFashion. Heads up: I went to a fashion nova store in person and their jeans are from several different companies/factories so the numerical sizing is VERYYYY different.. Ex.

Good material and quality. They were a little more than I wanted to spend on this site at $40 (about $50 CAD) which is the most expensive thing I ordered. I've purchased a lot of things and only didn't like/felt mislead by pictures of one shirt. I am worried that an S may be to small for her, can any provide some insight is the S will be alright? If I have a straight frame would they fit nicely or not? The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed.

I couldn't even donate them they were so bad. And I've returned twice and got credits. I really feel like this website is just as bad as Zaful and Romwe it's just more expensive so people think it's better. I've only ordered once and I ordered an adorable jumpsuit.

I had my eye on this hoodie and pant combo.