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68. The character has also had a variety of human hosts besides Corrigan, including Green Lantern Hal Jordan and slain Gotham City officer Crispin Allen. 8. But that doesn't mean, he never relies on his impressive supernatural skill-set, which includes immortality, a healing factor, and the power to turn into mist or even a werewolf. Ugiolos The Harvester Diana Fiel.

She's immune to toxins and can communicate with the dead, either through the spiritual realm or contact with physical remains (even at the bacterial level). 56.

88. 53. [Supernova Photos: Great Images of Star Explosions]. 23. The Deathlok mantle has been passed to a variety of characters, from his original identity as Luther Manning, to multiple other incarnations (including an alternate reality Captain America in the pages of X-Factor), but his grizzled appearance and cybernetic abilities have remained mostly the same, with the occasional high-tech upgrade. Whether you are playing Dungeons and Dragons or Magic The Gathering, you will most likely encounter necromancers from time to time. "Lord Chalawan was a large, powerful and aggressive crocodile made invulnerable by the magic of his crystal tooth. 91. One of the most bizarre members of (the already bizarre) mutant group X-Statix, Dead Girl (a.k.a., Moonbeam) is a double whammy in undead terms -- she's part zombie and part ghost. Stoxor The Decrepit But a safeguard locks the door, and he's completely atomized as result. Horrified at his transformation, King vows never to feed on another living soul, instead gaining his sustenance from blood banks, corpses, and animals.

Shexor Grimm


19. He's also able to leave his spectral form for brief periods, with the power to posses any living creature to do his bidding.