This includes the most prominent disc jockeys, living and dead, both in America and abroad. During his time at WMMS, Bass coined the phrase, "Cleveland: The Rock 'n' Roll Capital of the World." She was among the first DJs to put the group's seven-minute opus, "Working Man," into regular rotation.

(Plain Dealer file photo), A DJ at WMMS-FM/100.7 in the 1980s, Stein went on to work in programming at Westwood One and Launch Radio Networks. List of notable or famous disc jockeys from the United States, with bios and photos, including the top disc jockeys born in the United States and even some popular disc jockeys who immigrated to the United States. But after a few years, he wanted to concentrate on being a DJ, so he reached out to an old friend, John Gorman, to come Cleveland as the station's music director.

(Plain Dealer file photo), Dillon got her start in Cleveland radio in 1988 on WMMS-FM/100.7, working on the morning show with Jeff and Flash. The trio moved to WMMS in 1971, laying the groundwork for the station's Buzzard heyday. (Plain Dealer file photo), Maria Farina landed at WMMS in 1986 fresh out of Ohio University and quickly gained popularity. If you're trying to find out the names of famous American disc jockeys then this list is the perfect resource for you. The other DJs in the photo are, from left: Billy Bass, Doc Nemo, Vic Boc and Pat Mack. His most famous client is JohnVelasquez. ), Bass built one of the most versatile careers in the history of Cleveland radio. We had a pretty good run with it in the '70s to the mid-'80s.". He is also the curator and archivist for the Ohio Broadcast Archive and Museum, and now teaches media communications classes at Kent State University and the University of Akron. Interesting Facts and Trivia About Whoopi Goldberg. Host of "Rover's Morning Glory", a syndicated morning talk show that started at WXTM-FM/92.3 in 2003. His father, Herman, created Cleveland's legendary "Upbeat," an "American Bandstand"-style TV musical variety show which aired from 1964-71 and featured live performances of many of the great rock and pop acts of the era, from Simon and Garfunkel to Otis Redding. The show was a blend of music, comedy, news and sports, all with a definitively Cleveland sensibility. He worked a variety of record-industry jobs after that, becoming senior vice president of marketing at Chrysalis Records during the 1980s. As WMMS-FM/100.7 program director from 1973-86, Gorman led the Buzzard troops on a campaign of conquest that transformed an unknown, FM upstart into a rock 'n' roll powerhouse. One of the first black DJs in Cleveland radio, he worked at WIXY-AM/1260, and became one of the WIXY Supermen. Rover is pictured in the middle in the 2009 WMMS promo photo above with partners Dieter and Duji. Who are the top disc jockeys in the world? The Best Singers Who Only Need to Go By One Name. Brian and Joe were the first to broadcast from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's radio station in 1995. The show's big following has spawned an annual summer festival, Roverfest, which has been held in Lorain for the past three years. He came to Cleveland as both a DJ and the Buzzard's program director.

(Billy Bass is at far left in the photo, kickin' it with the WHK crew, circa 1968. Don't Edit. Spero would go on to become one of Cleveland's early progressive-rock DJs, working first at WNCR and then at WMMS.

Since leaving Cleveland in the 1990s, she has worked in radio in various big-city markets, including Philadelphia and Phoenix. Among his books: "Radio Daze: Stories from the Front in Cleveland's FM Air Wars." All rights reserved (About Us). Photo: Courtesy of John Gorman), One of the young DJs legendary WMMS program director John Gorman brought to the Buzzard when he took over again as WMMS chief in the early 1990s. (Plain Dealer file photo), One of Cleveland radio's most popular -- and enduring -- morning teams, Jeff Kinzbach and Ed "Flash" Ferenc were a cornerstone of WMMS-FM/100.7 during its Buzzard heyday. Sanders was instrumental in WMMS' rise. The Funniest Stand Up Comedians Of All Time, The Funniest Canadian Comics & Actors of All Time. (Plain Dealer file photo), Matt Lapczinski, better known as "Matt The Cat," started at WMMS-FM/100.7 in 1974, fresh out of Cleveland State University. He stayed at WMMS until 1992, moving then to WNCX-FM/98.5 and WDOK-FM/102.1. The Funniest Stand Up Comedians Of All Time, The Best Male Talk Show Hosts in TV History. List of famous disc jockeys, with photos, bios, and other information when available. He helped launch progressive-rock radio as a DJ and programmer at both WMMS-FM/100.7 and WNCR-FM/99.5. She worked there until 1999.