Either way, not messing with this Teddy. The first thing you might notice as you approach is the pile of furniture laying at the bottom. Ever wish someone would just walk up and hand you a fat stack of cash? Fallout 76 is the online prequel to the Fallout franchise. It's uh, rather telling to say the least. Schreier also was clear to point out that while he has called the game online of sorts, it is not an MMO, telling fans on Twitter: "I just know it's not strictly single-player.". According to the wiki page from Fandom, a Vault-Tec terminal in the Citadel (from Fallout 3) lists Vault 76 as a "control" vault, with 500 occupants. Secrets Revealed Objectives.

The sheer cliff might look impassable, but sharp eyes can locate a few footholds as well as a set of wooden ladders leading upwards. Bethesda just unveiled Fallout 76, a new game that's incredibly light on details. Work together, or not, to survive. Just across the river in Flatwoods, you might notice a small camp set up with a lady that's passed on sitting near the long burnt-out fire. It's a Fat Man hidden on a monorail track. Despite recent controversies surrounding Bethesda's multiplayer Fallout mashup, insatiable hordes of enthusiastic survivors are nonetheless blazing a trail through West Virginia in fine fashion, uncovering what secrets the bombs have buried beneath the rubble. Poor guy. You can encounter several variations of this guy, but the easiest way to see him is to complete the event at Landview Lighthouse, just east of Vault 76. Leap onto the hanging crate to claim the small cache of loot and treat yourself to the heartbreaking tale of lost, or perhaps misplaced love scrawled across the note.

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Head north and just a little bit west from the Whitespring Golf Resort to check him out, just keep an eye out for a vehicle parked nearby.

You might find them playing spin the bottle, or clutched into the hands of a skeletal limb outstretched from a pile of rubble, for instance. Take a short hike northeast from Camp McClintock if you'd like to get a load of this one, just look for the big metal tower. Take these, and then drop down onto the rail itself and follow it along until you've got your eyes on the prize. It could be a new and rare breed of irradiated wildlife, or it could just be something really, really weird. Scorchbeasts are pretty much the big bads of Fallout 76.