Whenever completing a story quest, the next time conversation is started with a companion, they will talk about the quest. Last News: However, his package is "escort" instead of "follow", so he can't be taken places like a normal companion can be.

The series has seen plenty of titles at this point that varies wildly from the last. He's a former raider, current resident of the city of Megaton, and optional companion should players have an evil enough karma. In Fallout 3 there are a total of eight permanent companions who can join you on your journey through the Wastes and you can have up to two companions following you at the same time, Dogmeat plus either Sergeant R-L3 or a human. Jericho is found wandering around town in Megaton and requires you to pay him 1,000 caps for you to travel together. Companions will drop any weapons they had currently equipped if said weapon breaks. Companions only heal when they are behind cover. Yet another way is to tell the companion to wait, which appears to replenish the companion's health and remove the poisoning.

Giving invalid faction apparel to a companion will result in that companion immediately dropping the item (see Bugs for errors that occur with this); it is not returned, but must be picked up from the ground. Companions are not considered "essential" non-player characters, so they will die if their health is fully depleted. Some companions will use any weapon if you give it to them (provided they have appropriate ammunition for it). If all else fails, you can use, Regardless of hiring Dogmeat as a companion, at the end of. Next News: There is a way to get all 6 humanoid companions - check Fallout: New Vegas exploits for the details. She will also accept apparel specific to the White Glove Society, and giving her the items White Glove Society attire or formal wear, will result in her teaching the unarmed move Scribe Counter. If he doesn’t join you here, he will appear in the lobby of the Museum of History. Heure : Oct. 20, 2020 De : Fallout 3 journey throughout the Capital Wasteland is rife with a variety of colorful characters. By using this website you constitute acceptance Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. All companions in the base game initially had a basic concept design made by, Several remaining resources point to the game having at one point allowing the ability to have multiple humanoid companions. For the more nobly-inclined or militaristic players, Cross can make a perfect companion, as she's only available for those with undoubtedly good karma. Fallout 3 journey throughout the Capital Wasteland is rife with a variety of colorful characters. Unlike in previous Fallout games, companions don't gain experience and notoriety independently but are scaled to the level of the player character.