If you aren’t buying it from a licensed pharmacy, it is likely fake. If you are ready to stop using Xanax, your doctor will likely create a tapering schedule to gradually wean you off the drug. Withdrawal syndrome refers to a set of symptoms occurring in discontinuation or dosage reduction of some types of medications and recreational drugs. Because of its strength, very little of it needs to be used for the illicit production of fake Xanax, which is why many illicit drug manufacturers have turned to using it. Hamilton, NJ 08619. There are three scores or horizontal lines on these gg249 white bars. Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250, Admissions: 866.605.0532 Very Well Mind. Click here for more information. Blood tests of the victims revealed fentanyl in each of their systems, though they only reported the use of alcohol, cocaine, and Xanax. Hand-outs have been provided detailing general principles such as hand washing, covering your nose and mouth when coughing, and refraining from touching your eyes and/or face. Call today – all calls are 100% free and confidential. Using GG 249 can bring about a variety of side effects. All efforts are guided by and in adherence to the recommendations distributed by the CDC. It is not safe to quit the drug cold turkey, as life-threatening withdrawal symptoms like seizures can occur. Residential Drug Rehab Center Jacksonville FL, Inpatient Drug Rehab Center Jacksonville FL, Partial Hospitalization Program PHP Jacksonville, Intensive Outpatient Program IOP Jacksonville, Outpatient Drug Rehab Center Jacksonville FL, Tides Edge Drug and Alcohol Detox Center Jacksonville FL, Men’s Drug Addiction Rehab Program Jacksonville, Women’s Drug Addiction Rehab Program Jacksonville, Executive Drug Rehab Program Jacksonville, First Responder Drug Rehab Program Jacksonville, College Student Rehab Program Jacksonville, Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center Jacksonville FL, Depression Treatment Program Jacksonville, Social Anxiety Disorder Treatment Program Jacksonville, Women’s Rehab Program Near Jacksonville, FL, Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program Near Jacksonville FL, Heroin Addiction Treatment Program Near Jacksonville, FL, Alcohol Rehab Center for Virginia Residents, Alcohol Rehab Center for Georgia Residents. Counterfeit Xanax is typically cheaper, and widely accessible on the dark net with just a click of a button. Depending on the strength of the prescription, there are also different colors. Illicit distributors are aiming to make a profit. The pills looked just like real Xanax, though they were not. Retrieved October 2018 from https://healthresearchfunding.org/20-profound-xanax-addiction-statistics/, (March 2018). Consequently, patients on this medication for extended periods of time should slowly taper the medication under a doctor’s supervision rather than abruptly stopping the medication. It should be noted that symptoms such as seizures can occur in more severe cases of withdrawal. Fentanyl is a dangerous and sometimes deadly drug that is 50 times more potent than morphine sold by neighborhood dealers. Retrieved October 2018 from https://drugfree.org/drug/xanax/, (September 2018). These lines divide the. A string of hospitalizations in San Francisco in 2015 and 2016 revealed the dangers of consuming fake Xanax laced with fentanyl. Buying those fake Xanax bars outside of the medical system can lead to serious health problems. It only takes one counterfeit pill to jeopardize your health. – A GG249 pill fake will most times taste differently and have excessive powder and/or pieces of tablets at the bottom of the container (from abraded, crushed or broken bars). 1.All staff has received infection control and prevention training. When done correctly, uncomfortable and potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms will be minimized. Xanax is a prescription sedative that contains alprazolam. Since 2015, stories have surfaced about drug dealers who order alprazolam powder from China that they can press into pills and then resell for a high profit. Once addicted to Xanax, people may take 30 to 50 pills per day. Next, you move on to rehab. One of the best ways to determine if Xanax if fake is to put is in alcohol. All intakes are screened for COVID-19 and patients are being supervised by medical staff around the clock.

Xanax is also frequently mixed with other depressant drugs and alcohol by people who are seeking an even greater high. One way to identify fake Xanax is by evaluating the source. It is a prescription medication, although it has become a commonly misused street drug as well. Screwed up thought process, but nevertheless that’s the world of illicit drug dealing.”. What are Fake Xanax Bars? Fentanyl is a strong nervous system depressant with a potency that surpasses heroin and morphine. Multiple users died, and many others ended up in the emergency room after consuming what they believed was only Xanax.

Beaches Recovery is a 90-bed addiction treatment center located on the beautiful beaches of Jacksonville, Florida. Fake Xanax is often sold in areas where access to prescription or real Xanax is limited. The effects  of this drug may be felt within 30 minutes and can last for around 6 hours. Partnership for Drug-Free Kids. The drug is typically sold as pills or tablets but can also be injected.

Don’t withdraw alone – Stay safe and comfortable with a medical team. We’re open everyday 24/7 This number 4 is written differently on the fake GG249 white bars and the real ones. Despite the well-documented risks associated with consuming nonprescription and fake Xanax, growing numbers of people around the world continue to purchase it. It’s a benzodiazepine that treats anxiety and panic disorders. Jacksonville Florida Addiction Treatment Center. Xanax is highly addictive, so its use is closely monitored when prescribed by a doctor.

We would like to take the time to inform you of our facility’s preventative measures we have put in place at both of our facilities. GG 249 works for people suffering from anxiety and panic disorders because it begins to relieve their anxious feelings and settle their minds soon after taking the drug .

What are the dangers of this product? Signs of taking a fake counterfeit Alprazolam bar include: Limp body Retrieved October 2018 from https://www.verywellmind.com/what-is-xanax-22007, (August 2018). However, dealers have cut the alprazolam with fentanyl, which is an opioid. Health care professionals have recognized Xanax as one of the most addictive legal drugs available.

[email protected] Misuse of the drug can lead to addiction, overdose, and even death. The fake Xanax containing fentanyl came to the attention of San Francisco doctors in mid-October 2015, when a man in his 20s and a woman in her 30s were taken to … DISCLAIMER: The topics and articles published on this website including text, graphics, videos info graph and other material are for informational purposes only and should not be substituted for professional medical advice.

Medical professionals warn that it is dangerous to buy Xanax online or from distributors other than licensed pharmacies. GG249 Pill is a white rectangular medication that has been identified as Alprazolam 2mg supplied by Sandz Pharmaceuticals Inc.. Alprazolam is used in the treatment of anxiety; tinnitus; depression; panic disorder; borderline personality disorder (and more), and belongs to the drug class benzodiazepines. Mixing even small amounts of alcohol with such drugs, as many people using Xanax recreationally do, can be fatal. In summary, the safety of our patients, their families, and our employees is our top priority, and we will remain steadfast in our efforts to reduce any risk associated with COVID-19 and keep everyone save and healthy. Find addiction treatment help today at Beaches Recovery!

Oftentimes, the only way they can tell it is fake is by running tests to determine exactly what chemicals are in the pills. But what do you do when you have an addiction?

But because they look like the real thing, you won’t know what you’re getting. Evidence-Based Addiction Counseling Techniques. If you take a counterfeit pill at your typical dose, the fentanyl in it can lead to a deadly fentanyl overdose. They’re often cheaper than the actual medication.